Pisces female falling for Aquarius male?

  • I just recently ended a turmoil non existent relationship with a cancer male. 2 long years and no commitment to be in a relationship, turns out i just met an aquarius male and he is such a breath of fresh air, fun, exciting and HOT!!!! very handsome.... Wondering if we are compatible? Any pisces ever dated an aquarius guy or an aquarius dated a pisces???

  • Run as far as you can from the aquarian. They do not commit no matter what.

  • I'm a pisces male currently dating (although its almost over) an Aquarian female.

    Things were going well for almost a year when I wanted a little bit more committment - we are in a long distance relationship which doesn't help. She would be emotionally distant anyway, and when I would want her to open up she would freeze.

    She's been pulling away for a while now - no doubt as a precursor to breaking up for good even though I was a good bf to her for most of that time, and during the first year it was a fairly "hot" relationship despite the distance. I've been fighting to keep her, but I've tired and fed up with the situation now as she wont even try to work it out with me.

    It might work for you and your Aquarian - but from what I understand, the two signs will be in a battle at times as Pisces wants emotion and openness, and the Aquarius wants to remain emotionally detached.

    Good luck with whatever you choose

  • Hi Guppygirl! my mum is pisces and was married to my step father who is an aquarius for 15 years they had a terrible time mostly due to my step fathers violent drunk behaviour they divorced many years ago but these days seem to be fairly good friends and not just for the sake of my brother and sister but it is true that they can be emotionless at times.

    I'm an Aries and had a very very bad previous 5 year relationship with an an Aquarius.

    For the past year been in a relationship with another Aquarius on occassion he can be a little distant but in general he is kind ,loving,supportive actually very romantic too. It is also a long distance relationship but for the time being its fine and we are both independant souls.


    I come from a family of mostly pisceans and have many friends who are also pisces emotional yes they are that( much like myself i have cancer rising) however openness.. i've yet to come across a pisces thats open! thats not an attack its just a personal observation.

    One major problem with Air (and Fire) signs is lack of Challenge thats not to say you cant date one or even settle down with one. maybe you could set a challenge to your gf and see if it will rekindle the spark?

    Maybe we put too much into the star sign and not enough into the person at times. I will admit that personaly i adore Aquarians i love oddities of all kinds lol! but remember its a person you are dating if you dont get along its not cos you fell out with the sign they were born under! Even so on other levels in your chart you could be very compatable.

    Blessings and hope all goes well whatever happens!

  • Oh I understand its a person in there, not just a manifestation of a star sign.

    For the most part our relationship has been great, we've a similar sense of wacky humour, like doing the same things, similar views on politics, religion etc... which makes it easier.

    As for me being open - yes I am a private person most of the time, and only let a select few "in", but I kinda wanted back what I was putting in and thats a source of friction for me. My gf also suffers from self esteem issues at times which is affecting this situation if only she would properly express herself which she has big problems doing (her words on the self expression part).

    I dont want it to be over, but I will let her go if we cant resolve this. I'm seeing her this weekend so you never know.

  • HI Pisces13381

    Sorry the last paragraph was intended for Guppy girl. As for your gf's self esteem issues and expressing herself only she can do this, it cant be forced i understand how frustrasting it could be but maybe find a way of gently doing it so that it seems she is naturally doing this herself.

    There maybe issues very deep ones that she really isnt ready to talk about yet .Self esteem is usualy taken by others and takes time to rebuild i know i've been there.

    Maybe when you meet up at the week end go somewhere relaxing like a park or a place of nature maybe surprise her with a picnic i know it sounds old fashioned

    but little surprises and compliments do wonders for Aquarians and she may come out of her shell a little . What she needs right now is a good friend so plese be that as much as anything else.

    I hope all goes well for you keep me posted if you like. : )

  • i have dated for one year i am 2/25 he is 1/28. at first i wanted his attention. it didn't work. when i started not expecting anything he would call and ask me out. so i leave the relationship like that. when i don't call he his blowing up my phone. i can do what ever i want when ever i want when he wants attention and love than he will call. for now that works for both of us. as far as long term commitment we will have to wait and see??????

  • I have dated 2 Pisces, and I would do it again. It's so emotionally intense, and if the aquarius can handle that aspect of it, then it's good, just keep the sex coming. That is what i remembered the most about my relationships with the fish, the sex was very intense, and very emotional, like drowning in a sea of love. They're even a good intellectual compatibility, a pisces is great with cranking out ideas that keep the aquarius intrigued, which is wonderful, because we need to be mentally stimulated before anything else can fall into place.

  • I'm Aquarius and just haven't had much luck w/other Aquarians. Have several Pisces friends. I enjoy Pisces people. Although one of my friends can be quite wishy-washy. Will do the opposite of what they say (although I know them so well that I know what they'll end up doing anyway.)

  • Find out what sign his moon is in. My aquarius boyfriend's moon is in scorpio, and he is very clingy and attentive.

  • I am a Pisces and have been in a very successful relationship with an Aquarius male for over a year now. When I first met him I scoured the internet looking and looking (with not a whole lot of success I may add) for successful Pisces/Aqua relationships. In the end it didn't matter...we are absolutely perfectly matched and I love him and have no doubt that he loves me too. We have a wonderful relationship. He's honest, caring, communicative, faithful, very considerate of my feelings...and he's become one of my best friends to boot....he's amazing and there's no doubt in my mind that I've met the person I will most likely very happily spend the rest of my life with.

  • This is BS! Well, I'm an aquarius female and I think I'm awesome! I'm a very honest, almost blunt, truthful person. But, aquarians needs spontenaety and tons of love. We love love.... and, if we don't get it, then we start looking for something else to feel the gap just like most people, regardless of signs. But, the only way we would cheat is if our relationship was real crappy. Like, really crappy.

  • Don't you think that if the relationship is so crappy to consider cheating, then the right thing would be to end the relationship before adding the betrayal of cheating to make it even more crappy. Just a thought, not making any judgement.

  • My advice to you is get to know him better before jumping into anything serious. There's nothing wrong with a not so platonic friendship. If more sparks from a healthy friendship then that could be something worth waiting for.

  • Speaking as an Aquarian female I was married to a Pisces male for over 20 years. It ended because of his infidelity. Are all Pisceans likely to cheat? Hardly.

    While your star signs may give some helpful insights into whether or not you're compatiable, you can't expect to base your life's relationships around them. Far too many other influencing factors to just sterotype folks based on their star signs.

  • I'm an Aquarius female and I find it very hard to find compatibility with any sign. I've been called aloof, non caring (even though that's not what my heart is feeling) and too blunt for most guys. I'm a fatalist to a fault. I just let the chips fall where they may and think that the outcome is the way it's suppose to be. I'm terrible at instigating interaction.. Not because I think I'm all that but because I feel like if someone wants to spend time with me then they will do so and it won't be for forced. I'm recently divorced because my husband did not care for my care free ways and soon I suffocated in the relationship. NOW, iver really gone and done it... Seeing an Aquarius male.. Out of town, Surgeon... And it's like looking in a mirror. All right, already... I get it. It's teaching me to be more proactive in a relationship.bi do most of the instigating but he soon takes over and does the rest. I think I like it that way but I'm confused about the not calling or texting in the interim that I don't see him... Can someone please advise?????? Oh, we've been at this for a year now. No commitment. We both have children. We have hometown ties to each other AND emotionally I'm still stoic a little to guard myself... Should I start letting "my freak flag fly" or what??? This is becoming too conservative for me.... URGH!!!!

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