• Ok, I need some help interpreting a reading I got. It was a 3 card spread, and what I was thinking about when I was shuffling was the woman I love (but am not in a relationship with). Here's the tricky part: she's the one who was doing my reading, so I couldn't tell her what I was thinking about and told her just wanted a general reading, so her interpretation was not informed. The cards I got were the heirophant for my past, the ace of wands for my present, and a reversed sun card for my future. Any help/ hints/ interpretations are much appreciated.

  • Hi dethblight, how about this interpretation:

    Past, Hierophant ; (romance)

    Romance will enter your life, but the relationship won't get off the ground because you want an elevated love and will not settle for less. You will sacrifice love altogether rather than have a relationship that isn't right.

    Or, complications merging with another on a personal matter.

    Your feelings of anxiety will cause you to turn within to find the answers that you need, and if that dousn't work, you will seek the aid of others in an effort to find a solution.

    The present: ( Romance) Ace of wands, ( Fire. );

    You want a new beginning or fresh start in love.

    You will be analyzing your relationships, taking another look at your possibilities, and your outlook will be good.

    Youv'e got to make a move or take the first step.

    Future: Reversed Sun, (Romance)

    You will be putting on a facade, keeping up the illusion of gaity or well-being when there really is none, because the thing you really want, the essential ingredient or heart's desire is missing.

    The future lookes uncertain.

    Others may interpret this as ; Hierophant; a blessing,

    the Ace of wands;a live in or marriage,

    the Sun; a child ,but also freedom.

    I am learning, so this hopefully won't confuse you. All the best to you.

  • thank you, that was helpful!

    anyone else have a take on this?

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