Taurus woman currently cursing out fate and/or karma because of a Cancer man

  • Galathea83---To embrance is to except what is......May it be friendship, or just simply co-worker bond. No one is saying to have a relationship, just to merely not run and hide. Like some of us Taurus Female do is hide ourselves....As you state you feel like you have your "Teddy Bear". Your obliously are comfortable being around him, so empower yourself to be strong, so that when an if he approaches you.....You have your i dotted & t's crossed....not to come in between his relationship.....

    T7--I adore you to...!!!!!

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  • TW8 - EXACTLY!!! You said that so well!!

  • Galathea83, Hi I'm a fellow Taurus that started a relationship at the work place with a Cancer male. At least your cancer male clued you into the fact that he was romantically involved. Mine hid it the whole time..in fact still denies it even AFTER i confronted him with her name, address, phone number, daughters name, facebook page with pictures of them two all over the place etc. He finally confessed after I threatened to contact her, but now (2 months later) he denies that they were together. They are HUGE MANIPULATORS!!!

    I digress... Anyway, back to you! lol. One thing I have learned about these Cancer men is that they are extremely attracted to us! And even if they are in a relationship with someone that can and are often still drawn to us. We're not innocent here though, we definitely keep the attraction going. I guarantee you, if you are short with him and appear to have moved on from wanting his friendship. He will become angry (which is really hurt) and upset and try harder to get you to talk to him like old times again. But then eventually he will move in when he sees he's not getting anywhere with you.

    I personally wouldn't knowingly get involved with a man in a relationship. But that's only because i know if he cheats with me..he could cheat on me. I would never trust him 100%. With that being said, there are some lessons in life that we have to learn through experience. Only you know what feels right in your gut/soul to do. Don't neglect your instincts/intuition. These Cancers can be very charming so I understand your feelings. Trust yourself.

  • excuse ALL the typos! I was typing with emotion! lol

  • Yes Galathea83..Mizgator's right about many of thing she wrote (Hi Mizgator!)..It's true..we Cancers are magnetically attracted to you Taurian females. It's factual. He (your ex-friend/stationed co-worker) is one who probably does love his gf..but you are just a dreamy person to his world of sentimental being..Your talk, your walk, your inner-self's morality..all ooze feminity..which WE CANCER MALES ARE ATTRACTED TO...I also do believe fate is simultaneously at work though..all the encounters within him..dejavu-seating-places..all indicate that there is mysterious force involved.I don't know.

    I would definately suggest you just be patient & do not go wondering about his intentions..just play it cool..be neutrally friendly - do what is expected by him of you - and that doesn't mean 'fall for his heart-pounding kisses'...but more-so to keep your morality in check. Keep living your life. Go for your career ambitions regardless of his reappearing & fickle gestures. I'm A Cancer Male. I know us. And I can almost guarantee that he set-up that quest regarding your job offer "at his specific firm" to be successful..that was just too "tushay" (don't know about the other times - but yeah - fishy - maybe a powerful force beyond human-understand..could be God). Not that his manipulative in a sense..he can't resist you..you're a good girl, you're a strong attraction to his persona..he can't leave you alone..knowing you are solely his friend gives him a thrill that he has someone special like you..basically he values you.

    All in all..you can now get some experience playing the field a bit WITH HIM...not to be so shut off of emotions extensively..but however don't let your heart become very tainted into his mind games..someone who blogged here mentioned that by exposing your private info to him..it gives him ability to take you for granted. This guy probably wants you. Have the patience that you Taureans are known to have - and you should figure him out - but remember we have tenacity as well - so it's best to jumpstart him a lil' (if you know in your gut that is - which only you know - if you want him) by your actions..e.g to be very precise and not ponder on exposing your thought-processes to him..something like say pretensively "you've started seeing someone".. but at the opportune-time..when the convo maybe starts to take a turn into such topics..whether on your/his part of starting it.

    Don't stress. Enjoy the flow. Just remember to keep in mind what you really want w/ him okay? Peace.

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