TheCaptain, Two Questions

  • Hey, you've helped me before so I thought you could help me again.

    Alright, well, I'm an aspiring actress and a writer. I have taken a few acting classes, have been on a few TV shows, a few commercials, in a magazine, on the radio, in a calendar, and a few other things. My sisters and I even have agents. Do you see any success coming towards that any time soon? Like, do you see me booking an acting job soon? Being a TV/Film actress is my dream and I've been told that I have some talent with it.

    Also, being a writer, I have been told I have talent with that. I'm currently studying to become a English (with a concentration in Creative Writing) major and am writing a book with my sisters that we're sending around to publishers to see if they would want to pick it up. Do you see any success there any time soon?

    Like I've said before, I'm not giving up on any of these dreams.

  • I feel your sisters will find work before you. I feel like you are in between the ages the people in the business are looking for at the moment. It may be a while longer before you find success - and I feel you may do something else in between - but I do feel you making it in front of the cameras in some way later on down the track.

    You have to be careful with splitting your goals - putting your focus into both writing and acting means you halve your energy for each one. Try concentrating on just one for now and putting all your time and effort into it. I think it is the writing you should focus on at the moment because I feel the acting is further off in the future. I think with the writing, you would do better on your own than collaborating with your sisters as I feel that they will give it up soon for their acting careers.

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  • No I feel you have to make your own unique mark in the world.

  • PS Who was born first in this set of quads?

  • Also who LOOKS the oldest?

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  • Yes I had a feeling your sisters were 'younger than you, if not by much. My feeling was that your younger sisters would find acting work first and that you are meant to carve out your own individual path, separate from them. This 'split' would be the sign that you are meant to break away. It is in your own best interests to pursue your own concerns. I don't feel you will be as successful in a group.

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  • There are more ways to get noticed than just looking for it.

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