Captain i need your insight please

  • Hi Captain,

    My dog has been seriously ill these past couple of days , he wasnt resonding, walking around or eating , i rushed him to the vet and he gave him medication but he didnt respond to that so i had to take him back and keep him in for 2 nights the vet has done a blood test and that came back clear we are baffled as to what it could be , i sent him healing energy and picked up it was on his right side somewhere but i couldnt actually pin point the problem either , i was wondering if you would be able to help me by tapping into his energy . I would really appreaciate your insight .

    Many thanks in advance love and light Loap:)

  • Can you post a photo of your dog? I am picking up a few complaints though most of them are minor and a photo might help me find the illness down.

    Has he been checked for ticks? Also check his ears.

  • Hi Captain ,

    I asked the vet could it be a tick or an ear infection as my dog has had ear infections in the past , i also told him everything that has happend around the house like we had wasps flying around i thought maybe one of those might have stung him , or did he eat a poisoinus plant or anything along those lines but the vet is at a loss to explain what might have caused this . He said the next step is to do a body scan for cancer if he doesnt gain a full recovery .

  • Captain

    Sorry I forgot to add that my dog had blood in his urine and the doctor thought it could be his prostate as we never had him desexed but he wasnt responding to medication he wasnt sure on that either he wants to see my dogs stools but he hasnt eaten for the last few days so it might take a while for him to do a number 2 as he is eating little amounts and he was also drooling from the mouth the vet said this is a sign of extreme dehydration .

  • Sorry Captain my brain is well and truly fried today , no my dog has never been checked for ticks only fleas he had a bad infestation of fleas after christmas i told the vet and he said no this wouldnt have caused it either, i am going to ask him about the ticks as i just googled it and some of the symptons my dog had are the same increased temperature and vomiting a foam looking substance . .

  • I am feeling that your dog is very exhausted and depressed from whatever is causing his illness and that he just wants it to be over - not fighting it. The sooner the problem is solved, the better or he may completely lose his will to live. I am feeling this is not something internally based at all (though it could cause internal problems) - it's something on the skin or close to the surface.

  • Hi Captain ,

    Thanks for your insight , i will ask the vet about his skin and the tick i really appreacitate all of your your help ,you are spot on he is totally exhausted and doesnt look very happy he is not even wagging his tail much any more i am extremly concerned for his well being . I pray the answer comes soon i will keep you posted .

    L&L Loap:)

  • I would have thought the vet would automatically check for ticks?

  • So would i Captain , but he didnt mention ticks i mentioned that my dog had an outbreak of fleas and could this have caused it , and he said no, i honestly didnt think of ticks as i was so distressed when i was at the vet trying to comprehend everything that was happening .

  • Hi Captain, I am new to this thread but am curious if you can explain something to me!! I was having a reading with my psychic the other day and she was behaving a bit oddly for her....she got up twice, went to the window (empty desert and mountain view) and looked out like something was drawing her there. She finally said she felt "Bill's energy" trying to tell her something....(Bill is my ex.....we haven't been together for over a year, though we have an unbreakable connection that has lasted for over 30 we are together or not)

    Have you ever felt anything like this or can you explain why his energy would be coming to her like could she have known it was him and not someone else? She felt he was distressed and confused....and now I am!! We have not spoken for over a year and it has to be that way as far as I know....thanks for any help or insight you can give into this! Blessings to you.

  • LibraLuli, since you are new, you don't know how things work here. But this is LivingonaPrayer's personal thread. If you want an answer, you must start your own thread by clicking on the "create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will reply to you there.

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    I hope you and the Captain will not mind my butting in. I am sorry about your dog and I wanted to tell you that if he will not drink by himself, you need to find a way of getting water down his throat. I used to have a dog and that is what we would do when she was sick and would not drink... The tick theory makes a lot of sense. I wish you all the best and hope the vet will find out what is wrong with him soon. It is a beautiful dog.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Dear LivingonaPrayer,

    I love dogs and I have a Jack Russell and he just follows

    me around all the time.

    If I stay out too long my husband says he keeps checking the door.

    Your dog sure looks like in pain. I feel his pain and sad for him.

    I prayed to St Francis of Assisi (Saint for animals) today to help your dog.

    Bless him and you!

  • Dear LivingonaPrayer

    I also put his picture in my altar. Maybe it will help speed his recovery

  • Hi LOAP, He just looks so sad. I pick-up a lot of love for you from him in the picture.

  • Hi all ,

    Thankyou so much for your well wishes for Doogie my dog , he is slowly coming better he is eating alot more , its been a week today since he got sick and he is still not 100 % but there have been great improvments.

    Captain ,

    The vet said that it defently wasnt a tick that caused this he is still baffled and said again about scanning the body for cancer . Its been a week today since this happened and still we can not tell if my dogs Stools are long and skinny or normal looking as he hasnt empptied his bowels properly its only been in little blobs and it is very black , i told the vet this and he said constipation wouldnt have caused this either . Its really frustrating , i think i am going to go elsewhere if he gets really sick again .

    Love and light 2 all Loap:)

  • If the vet didn't check for ticks, how does it know it wasn't the cause? I have seen some terrible vets who don't seem to think it matters if an animal gets sick or dies except that they make money out of it.

    I still think it was some sort of bite. But there is also a certain kind of plant that is very toxic to dogs and grows in back yards. I forget what it is called. I know it was around Sysney but not sure if you have it in your area. I just feel like your dog is not sick from the inside if you know what I mean.

  • Aspca dot org has a list of all plants toxic to dogs. He may also have ingested snail or rat bait or even fertilizer or fruit stones from fruit trees.

  • How odd that my other post got some sort of advertisement stuck in it? Is this a new way for this site to make money?

  • HI dear friend, I have never scanned an animal before but I gave it a go, hope Captain doesn't mind me butting in. I am getting a red alert at a spot above where his right front leg joins the body, above the thigh part. Not good with dog anatomy sorry. it is not a big spot or area. I asked for an image and a snake or reptile (lizard maybe) jumped out at me. Your poor doggy has very red eyes as well. I hope your vet finds a solution soon. The pain is like a dull thudding one and your dog is waiting for it to be taken out, like pulling out a thorn.

    Hugs, will be watching for developments


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