When will I find love.

  • i have been patient even took over a year off from my last didaster of a relationship to get my head screwed on properly. During that time i had a man string me along and i finally hardened up and dropped him. he is a high scool sweetheart that I never imagined would try to hurt me emotionally, but he tried. Three months ago i met jeef a leo born on 8/14/1961. I was born on 3/5/1960. he started out the relationship wanting a commitment fro me noy to date anyone else. i agreed thinking I finally met me last lovehe looked so good on paper and we always had a great time filled with laughter and passion. it didnt take much time to realize he out me in a time slot for seeing me on Saturday eveneing from7pm until Sunday morning at 10am. he wouldmalways wake up witht the statement he has to jump in the showe he had lots to do giving my que it was time for me to leave.H always would make me drive to his apartment and never come to my much cleaner, more comfortable house, He never met my mom in these three months but I met his small family including his 17 year old son. We never went out together and he was vervy negligent of having anyhting for me to eat or drink at this apartment I would bring my own. Its my fault for accepting this bad behavior, but he sold mre a bunch of lies on commitment and a future. I just ended it today because he could seem me do to allergies i told him to treat all week and he didnt. i got fed up with the situation, If I don;t see him at my alloted slot i won't see him for two weks and i am supposed to sit at home on the weekend with nothing to look foreard too. All my girlfriends have men in ther life that actually like being with them, so the only thing I could do is break it off with him and make my self available to meet other men that would give me a more fufilling relationship. Did I do the right thing by cutting off jeff/ did he have feelings for me/ will i ever meet a man that makes me feel good about myself? Please help this has been going on too long and a deep commited relationship is all i desire. Please let me know if there is anyone in my future. much thabks and gratitude to anyone who responds.


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