Can Someone Do a Relationship Reading, Please

  • I miss my ex badly. We just started talking again yesterday. We are about to have 2 children together.

    I need to know if we will reconcile or if I will get over him and meet somebody else. Thank you.

  • I have a detailed spread I did for you. If you would like the details let me know, I have copied it down.

  • I would love to see the spread, luv2laf. Thank you.

  • Hello there GeminChick,

    I pulled a Celtic Cross Spread for you yesterday before I read another post with you explaining your situation. Yesterday I started to interpret the cards and post them, but my intuition urged me to wait. So later when I read your experience with this man it was clearer for me, but also explained a little of what you were feeling about reconciling with him, and what is at the base of your feelings, maybe, it is personal to you so please take what you want from this and leave the rest unless it is what you feel. I think so quickly when I say the card, but tend to write a little confusing, so read this as a whole reading not step by step please. I am learning to read, this is how I have the opportunity to do so, thank you for allowing me to do this.

    I used the King of Pentacles for your significator (you).

    I asked the spirit if this was the card to be used and took the whole deck in my hand and opened it a little to peak, and there he was, I was thinking about the question you asked, "will you and your ex reunite," and the King of pentacles also states a reunion, so my intuition said to go with this card, also a card for Gemini, in some books.

    Covering you is the Queen of cups, I read this as pregnant, this confirms as well that you will be having discussions about a union, marriage or merger, and you will want this very much. You may even initiate the action towards getting it, or be very willful about what you want.

    The king of Cups is at the base of the reading, he may be a Cancer,

    It looks like you want someone to spend time with, make love to, or share your life with; and/or be self sustaining or solvent in the work you've chosen to do, this also is reflected in the Queen of cups as she is saying that there is anxiety because you are not seeing the whole picture, a dicordant home life or business environment is also indicated, the other cards will also confirm this.

    The 10 of cup's energy is still felt, but is on the way out, but is still in the picture and may have been for a long time, I see love, marriage, emotional contentment. A budding romance or renewed love bond will evoke great feelings of love or devotion. I also see that your troubles stem from having too many irons in the fire, and feeling that there's no help or visible means of support in sight.

    You will "inherit" sustenance, support, and full cooperation in all of your affairs.

    The 10 of pentacles is above you, You'll be troubled by your inability to establish or cement the type of relationship you want to have with another. A misunderstanding, falling out, or argument with a friend or employer could also be indicated. There will be no love life at this time, (your only bond with be a psychic bond) because all of your activities will be geared to daily living, family ties, or your home. You'll be grateful for the resolving of arguments.

    This is before you, The Lovers, The unexpected, a fortunate adjustment in your love life; a call from a admirer.( Also you may be feeling trapped in a dead end situation or marriage, as indicated by the other card that I will read later on. It looks like a separation from a loved one is going to cause a great feelings of frustration or alienation.)

    ( I'm sorry, but I just read what I see, and also feel bad but compelled to reveal the truth as I see it.)

    This is you, the 6 of pentacles, You will be wishing or hoping a lover will call or come by

    You want what's rightfully or legally yourst to be given back or to be reinstated in your profession or status.

    Even if you come together, you will experience a sense of separate-ness and will feel as it the distance is increasing.

    Luck will be with you in bringing things out into the open and discussing them.

    Others and the effect they have on you, the 9 of swords, You will be separated from one you love, but a lot of what you fear is not the case at all, and in a very short time you will be reunited. but on another level there maybe another woman in the picture, the Queen of cups (Scorpio). You may have bouts with inconsolable depression or nostalgia over a lover who is gone... so much so that you will feel like a zombie, or become so wrapped up in your work you won't feel anything, the High Priestess comfirms this in the outcome, and on the bottom of the deck was the Hanged Man emplies; You will experience suffering or martydom in your marriage and in your career because you can't have the one you really love, and/or are bound by financial restrictions. You will be waiting to see what a lover will do. This could also indicate a sudden flight from home but not a permanent one.

    You in the environment of the future and how your surroundings will affect you. The 2 of cups, There will be no union or total commitment with the one you love or want to be with until you resolve an inner dispute first (like getting clear on what it is that you need or want).Your affections will be torn between two. One is old and one is new and you will have to leave one... probably the new.

    No matter what you'r feeling now, you will soon experience a feeling of great joy, upliftment, love, or concord with another.

    Communicate your needs, then let go and see what happens.

    You will soon have a a very warm reunion, reconciliation, or resoving of arguments with someone you love or care for. But in time I see you backing out, refraining, or withdrawing from this relationship.

    The High Priestess, You will putting love, or the one you love, out of your thoughts in order to avoid emotional entanglement. or the pangs of desire. You will be at a crossroad and will wonder if you are going to come together or split up once and for all., but you'll have to wait before the answer will be revealed because only time will tell.

    You will " inherit " a sense of self- worth and a learning experience.

    This was a difficult reading, and was pulled only once, when I did not know the details of your situation, but I am still reading it as is. I can pull a current one for you any time, as things change.

    Congratulations on the little baby in you, this is such a special time for you, and I would love to see you feeling all that the 10 of cups can give you , love and contentment, no matter what these men do in our lives. Have some ice cream! Lots of caring and thinking of you and your little one from me.

  • I have not heard from you, and am thinking that maybe I made a mistake by doing this reading as you are in such a vulnerable stage in your life. I have only tried to help, but feel that I should maybe take another view when writing these cards for other's as I do not feel that I have helped. If this is accurate, then please send me a note either way if you are able. I am learning and this is important for me to get feedback, even if you want to tell me off. Sincerely, Luv2laf.

  • Hi Luv2laf, sorry for the delay. I didn't see this until today, months later, and it was oddly accurate. Can you please do a current reading? My ex and I are still working on things, and I am still not sure if we will ever really get back together. He says we will, but he won't give me a time frame or let me know what would help speed up the process. I'm very confused about where we stand right now because he says he cares, but doesn't show it very well. Thank you for all of your help.

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