How Can I Win My Libra Ex Back?

  • This gets long, and I apologize. I dated a Libra for 2.5 years. Things moved very quickly, and we now have one child together...and another one on the way.

    The beginning was perfect...seriously, completely perfect. It was like no other relationship I had ever been in. As soon as things got serious, he changed a lot. He would become cold and distant at times. A week after he told me he loved me, he said he needed a break. The day we moved in together, he stopped saying "I love you" again and didn't say it for 5 months -in fact, he insisted he no longer loved me but still said we had a great relationship and wanted to stay together. When he finally said it again, he told me that he had loved me the whole time and didn't know why he kept saying he didn't.

    I'm a Gemini. I understand that people can unintentionally be fickle and flaky. That's why I was able to put up with this for so long. He was really a jerk at times, though - and it literally took him months to admit he was wrong and apologize for things that he did throughout the relationship.

    Anyway, we had a very bad breakup. Very, very bad and full of drama. The police even got involved because he was so angry and loud that somebody called.

    After the breakup, we didn't talk for 3 months and became involved in a big legal mess for custody. He made it his mission to make my life very stressful, spying on me online and literally sending every little thing I did to his lawyer to use against me in court. I'm talking super small stuff. I testified against him at one point in time, which was hard (regarding the night the police came). I just felt that I had to because he was fighting so hard against me. During this time, I still cared very much and wanted him back - I can handle a lot of drama in relationships and if I care about you, I will forgive easily. If I don't, watch out. Ha.

    We saw each other for the first time in 3 months yesterday, at an event for our child. We sat together and began talking as if nothing had happened - very surprising, considering how quickly this man had erased me from his life after he left and how cruel he had been during the court stuff (some of which is still going on). He was very nice and walked me to my car, even offering to help carry some of our child's stuff. When we got there, he noticed I had some trash in my trunk. He took the trash without being asked and said goodbye.

    I texted him shortly after with a question about our child. He responded, and I kept it brief and thanked him. A few minutes after that, he texted and asked if I had his game. I told him he had taken all the video games with him when he moved out. He said, "No, it's a computer game". ex NEVER played computer games...and I didn't even know he owned this game. I told him he could come get it whenever. He said, "Okay, I'll come soon" (I assumed "soon" meant in a week or so". He was literally at my house 5 minutes later.

    We talked for 45 minutes and then he left for work. We were texting shortly after that, and then I called him (because I knew he was driving to work and couldn't text). On the phone, he said, "I'd like to sit down and have a talk about the last few months and how we both feel about everything". I said, "Okay, with our counselor?" (we had seen a counselor a couple times, though it didn't help at all). He said, "No, I want to have a candid talk with you one on one and put everything on the table so we're all on the same page". I agreed, but I was shocked...because my Libra NEVER EVER EVER wanted to discuss important issues. That's part of what caused so many problems in our relationship. And I told him that. He said, "Yes, but this situation constitutes a sit down talk so we're on the same page".

    That was yesterday. We are supposed to meet up and talk soon when our child is with a babysitter or family member (so we won't be interrupted). I really miss my ex, even though he was a total jerk at times. We are about to have 2 children together, so I would really like to fix this. Is it a good sign that he wants to talk about stuff? Is this fixable? Any specific things I should ask during our talk, and is it okay to say that I hope we can reconcile one day?

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