Rather new...help with confusing reading

  • I've posed this question about 5 times in the last few weeks. This was a strange result to me but ended as every single one has ended...any insights as to what it means?

    Question: What will happen between Steve and myself, what will the outcome be?

    Cross of truth

    1 - The tower

    2 - four of pentacles

    3 - three of pentacles

    4 - The hanging man

    5 - The empress

    Does anyone need more details on the relationship situation? Thank you!

  • I dont know much about this spread and the question each card is anwering ,or its position.I just tried a quick tarot spread myself and I got the tower for both of you which always suggests great change ,a sort of dislocation from the present situation.things will or are changing in the realationship,suddenly.it is for your ggreater good most likely.I also got ace of wans so some action leading to this will soon be initiated, maybe by him. He knows how to manifest what he wants so it seems he is more in charge of the situation than you are.for you in the advice postion lot of pentacles.Seens like concentarting on your work and especially working with others will help you.Your efforts will be recognized....I got 3 pentacles too! something you must be doing right.

    If this makes sense I can try again, or hopefully someone else will see your post and answer you.

    Love and Light

  • Thank you 🙂 There are so many things right about this relationship and a few things wrong that bother me...but are they that important in the big picture? I don't know. I have been alone a long while and I'm worried that is skewing my view on things.

    1 is present

    2 is desire

    3 is helpful

    4 is opposing

    5 is outcome

  • btw...your reading is right on!

  • thanks for the validation. I did another reading today for the near future and I get a sense of lot of past issues holding you back ;4 cups and 8cups. If you move on instead of the opposing hanged man situaation your cards suggested then the outcome could be ,in your spread empress which is a position of feminine power, and in my spread Knight wands. i am getting a feeling from the other cards today, that what you can look forward to is some excitement and light hearted fun, a willingness to travel,be adventurous (page wands) will make you happy (ace cups).So take the relationship as it comes. Im afraid I did not get anything to suggest a long term commitment.On the other hand the cards suggested you suspend judgement.maybe things will move very soon so you dont really have to do much to decide.

    hope this helps

  • Thank you again 🙂

    Very interesting. I have been judging him in a way. He is amazing, yet I have concerns. He's extremely smart and has that stereotypical kind of almost obnoxious NY personality going on. I am fun and lively, but much more laid back in personality. He intimidates me. I worry he is going to be controlling maybe or his personality will bowl me over? He lives in NY and I live in Wisconsin.

    I have a recently broken heart holding me back. He is a recent widow, so we are both holding back. And my body is holding me back. I've lost weight and am not comfortable with my body as it is. It worries me that I could be a rebound or he one for me. We've known each and have been friends for 3 years. Now it's changed into a very strong attraction.

    I have a road trip planned this summer. We have never met and we are going to meet at a dude ranch for a mini vacation in NY, 1300 miles. (the road trip will be wildly fun with my best friend)...other trips are getting talked about as my best girl friend is also getting out and exploring the world...so lots of fun planned.

    Hope this all makes sense 🙂 Thank you for your reading. I understand the card meanings but have not been able to put them together like you do.

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