Who Is Around Me?

  • It's very common for those who have loved us to linger around us and that which is familiar to them until they get their 'bearings'.

  • Captain- It's a shame he doesn't realize how beautiful it is on the other side. But, I can understand why he'd rather not cross over if he prefers to be alone. He did not pass recently, so it seems strange that he has been around all this time. Chrissicat's question about her cats that passed reminded me- do any of my dogs that have passed come around?

  • There is no such thing as 'time' on the other side.

    Yes your dogs do visit you, more after they died than now.

  • OK. Thanks!

  • it's just that somehow since he died I feel that there were 'unsaid words' between us, and after hearing what his relative said and actually remembering that around nine or so years before he'd dies he'd asked one of his friends to bring me to visit him now I am wondering

  • and I wish that I could work out why after all the years we had been apart, he wanted to see me as well as it seems strange- we'd sort of arranged to keep away from each other to give us time to move on- and give his marriage a chance, I missed him then, and now but thought it was for the best, even if my own feelings still are unchanged until his cousin told me I thought his were it's sort of bugging me

  • He simply wanted to make things right between you, to be friends.

  • Thankyou

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