Who Is Around Me?

  • I tdon't feel like I'm being haunted or that I'm surrounded by a malevolent presence, but I feel a strong presence around me. Who is it? I'd just like to know. Thanks!

  • I am getting a male presence, older, a 'father' figure.

  • I definitely feel like it's an older man. Can you see what he looks like?

  • Balding, (and what's left is grey hair), tall, a little stooped. A curious look on his face as if he is always liking to learn things.

  • Could you find out his name? I'm still not really sure who he is. Thanks!

  • I think he is one of your grandfathers (or great-grandfathers) - name starting with P.

  • My great-grandfathers died before I was born and my grandfathers both died when I was very young. That's why I wasn't sure who it was at first. Thanks for finding out!

  • To finish that post- I realized it's probably my maternal grandfather. I was thinking of old pictures of my paternal grandpa and he has most of his hair. But, my other grandfather was bald and greying.

  • Do you know why he would be feeling concerned for you at this time?

  • I'm not sure why he would be concerned about me in particular. My family is going through a lot right now. He used to help my parents out financially, when he could. Right now, we are all struggling. There is a possibility we may lose our house because of back taxes that are owed. I did have some issues in school last year that led to me develop a severe case of depression. It hasn't been quite as bad since I began praying and meditating regularly. Other than that, I'm not sure what he would be concerned about. Did he give any indication why he was concerned about me? Is there anything he wants to tell me?

  • Also, has he mentioned any other names/initials,etc?

  • I agree. Usually when you feel that presence it's a relative trying to communicate or protect. May be trying to communicate something even if it's just to let you know he's there and on your side.

  • Yes he is worried about your family's finances - he has tried to contact other family members but they don't sense him like you do or brush it off. He is trying to give some advice to stop making (what he sees as) reckless purchases and save the money instead. He keeps saying "Save, save, save. You don't need to buy so much that you don't need". He feels you are the more sensible one in the family.

    No he hasn't mentioned any other names.

  • Thanks Captain! I'll take his advice to heart. I feel like he wants me to pass it along to my parents.

  • Did he not like being around people very much? Because it feels like he is on his own now, hovering around the family instead of moving into the light.

  • From what I remember about him, he didn't really like family get togethers. He enjoyed going on long solitary drives. I remember being at a few family events with him and he didn't seem to enjoy it much. When you mentioned that he is the one who comes around, for some reason I got the feeling that he wasn't in the light. I'm not sure if this is because he is concerned about the family or if there is another reason for it. At his funeral Mass, I remember one of the kneelers breaking for what seemed like no reason; it was as if someone had kicked it. No one was in the pew. I've often wondered if he was angry about something or if something was unresolved.

  • might be a silly question, but could a much loved and missed ex boyfriend become a spirit guide ? (We split because his brother brought him a wife from his own country, when it was allowed to bring in brides wed by proxy)and maybe a few kitties ? I've seen the girls occasionally, and I do wonder as it's usually a time when I'm a bit down and they were there when hubby had cancer too. When they were still in the fur they used to come and sit close to me when my back was bad and when I was having trouble with my mother-in-law, would they be wanting to continue as I thought they should have moved on by now ?and I hear songs we used to listen to and those I played when we were together

  • MH83, he does feel very anti-social to me, preferring to be alone. That is partly why he is still hanging around - he senses a great many people waiting for him in the light. He doesn't yet realize how beautiful it is over there.

  • Chrissicat, I feel the kitties were spirit companions, not guides. Has your ex passed on?

  • yes, his cousin told me he passed on November 2010- apparently he never lost his feelings for me according to another relative- as well

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