Health reading for my mum please

  • My mother has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and has started on medication.She reacts in extremely emotional and angry outbursts these days. Any advice from a psychic perspective, will be welcome. Just want to know how to help her through this.


  • I get this is both external and internal around her head. Focus on the crown. Feel its unrelated to blood pressure med. Also, I keep seeing the ram-- arien energy. perhaps, she is an aries. ? be yourself and don't take it personally.

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  • Laie4

    Thank you so much for reading for her.I will keep your advice in mind.She's a taurean and is being very stubborn at the moment!I have sent healing prayers and energy towards her crown.

    Thanks again and God bless!

  • Hi suramya

    lol-- had to go back and read what I wrote .... if I were to decipher the message the external stuff could be, in part, arien planetary energy hitting her natal chart and sort of frizzing her out, like short circuiting. idk .... : ) I just gave it to you and hope it helps. Definate about the crown tho'. So good for you in assisting her! Hope things get back on track. Blessings!