The Harsh Truth about the Pisces

  • Horoscopes usually say that Pisces are hard to understand. They are not. It’s just that they are so sensitive that people can’t believe it. They are deathly afraid of being perceived as a bad person. So much that they will unwittingly hurt people just to not look bad. Also, they will cut you off at the slightest criticism. Meanwhile they always play the victim attitude, the perpetual silence and shyness, and their disconnect from reality. They disappear when you least expect it. Then once you are over it, they return out of the blue with a sad story and a weird explanation for their disappearance. They are always in some silly situation in life that they need someone to comfort and agree with them over. They are always confused and scared of something. Always not doing right by their friends or partners because of how sad they are.

    You can never get really excited or angry about anything for fear of startling them. Never be unpredictable. You must always behave yourself around a Pisces. Anything you do that’s unexpected will create skepticism in you. If you do make a mistake, their sudden silences and disappearance can hurt you and make you feel thrown away but they themselves run from criticism no matter how much they messed something up. Their perception of who they are is so different from how everyone else perceives them. You always have to play along with their strange view of reality. You have to step into their dreamland and play the role they have allotted to you.

    They flirt hard and lead people on and don't mean it. Then get frightened when someone takes their flirting seriously and expects something. When they do really like you they are still very quiet, vague, and boring and it’s hard sometimes to know where you stand.

    The only way to deal with a Pisces is to just smile and nod at everything and tell them how awesome their views are. You have to plan all your outings and meetings together yourself. If they suggest something, you still have to take the initiative to make it happen. They are very passive. So you have to take control but do it in a very nice and soft way. Don't be bossy. Make sure you have other friends to hang out with and other things to do for those times they disappear.

    If you value being frank, bold, forthright, and you aren’t the type to hold your tongue, or water down your feelings, then don’t make a Pisces one of your closest friends and certainly don’t date one.

  • that description is very fitting of a cancerian person, and to a much lesser extent, scorpio. water signs are very difficult to deal because they are such fragile people. I think that in order for them to evolve, they really need to sit with themselves and do more introspection than the average person can do, or else, their feelings and emotions will overwhelm them.

    I'm a Gemini with a few water signs in my horoscope (Scorpio Moon, Cancer Venus), so I understand where they come from and often sympathize and find it endearing. Luckily, I have a lot of earth signs to balance that (Taurean ascendant, Mars in Capricorn). I've recently been involved with a Cancer male, with a lot of water influence (Pisces Moon, Cancer venus, cancer Mercury) and it has been a tumultuous relationship to say the least. Like you said, i've found myself always tiptoeing around their emotions, afraid of what to say, do or even think that might hurt him or be interpreted as betrayal, distance, too much logic, etc. and yet at the same time, had to deal with his insecurities, issues and baggage on my own - while dealing with a very explosive temper, a sharp tongue, a nonchalant and often indifferent attitude.

    Water signs can be very selfish, emotionally manipulative, controlling, domineering and they can sniff you up, use what they acquired of instinct, emotion, intuition against you when you least expect it. You always need to prove yourself to them (especially if you're the outgoing, fun, extroverted type) and they are actually sometimes jealous if you're better than them in some aspects (professionally, physically, etc.)

    Of course, I am talking out of my personal experience and we cannot generalize. You're lucky if you meet a water sign person with lots of earth and fire or even air influence, or if they have secluded themselves to really overcome their issues.

    a cancerian friend of mine actually withdrew from the entire world (just going to work) for two whole years to sort out his emotions, process his feelings and reflect on his life and outlook and came out a much better person - I can say he is an evolved cancerian, where he maintained a lot of healthy aspects of that sign, while reducing the negative aspects.

    We all have negatives and positives, the trick is to sort ourselves out and really look into who we are, love ourselves, embrace our weaknesses and imperfections (actually to love them), accept that with love comes pain as a by product, as it is still a risk, and THEN jump into a relationship with someone. Otherwise, you'll burden the other party with your insecurities, baggage and issues and bring each other down.

    I learned that the hard way - actually still learning that lesson. Sagittarians are lovely people, dated one for 6 years. your biggest downfall (in my opinion) is the aloof distance and nativity - the first because you hate being pinned down, and the second because you're optimistic and assume the best in others. please be careful of the last part, some might take advantage of you! 😞

  • Although Cancers and Pisces have many similarities. There are some differences. Both are easily hurt and easily fooled but cancers are more forgiving than the Pisces. If you offend a Pisces it's very difficult gaining their forgiveness. Pisces disappear and cut off communication for a long time until they are good and ready to come back if ever. At least Cancers will open the doors for you to apologize as long as your apologies are real.

    Also cancers deal with reality. There have a realistic view of the world even when they are trying to change it. Pisces however live in their own dream world. Pisces have a difficult time understanding how they appear to others because they believe more in their dream world self and status that they have created for themselves. You have to figure out who they are in their dream world and treat them that way.

  • Ws,

    There are two kinds of Pisces...the guppies and the barracudas. I am a Pisces, my husband Pisces, my mom, dad and sister. Both my husband and I forgive others easily, we want peace. My mother and father are more difficult. My mother rarely forgives and can be father too. Very suspicious and guarded...we all however do live in our dream worlds. Me more than my husband, who will call me on it...

    And I have been dealing with a very unforgiving cancerian, who won't even allow an apology. Even when we were talking, I was the one who to be humble and makep you got that part wrong...

  • And I am very a gentle way. But I have a lot of Aries in my chart...but my moon is in description of a Pisces sound like a cancer....I wonder if the have their moon or asc in cancer....

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