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  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm going to be closing this thread.

    So no more questions after this one.

    If you guys still want me to answer questions, post on a new thread or send me an email.

  • Danceur,

    I asked the cards what you can expect with work:

    The Precipice card flipped over. It means that you will have to be a bit careful for now. You may be overthinking things and wound up making a mistake instead. Don't force any more issues than is needed.

    Musician + Bouquet + Sceptre

    Hera as your Goddess card.

    For once, it's a really positive message. Not really sure if there is a love blossoming, but there are emotional bonds growing for sure. Higher respect, and a bit more fun. The warning the cards are making is for you not to try and change things so much anymore. I think right now you have come at a good time where things have calmed down. No more negotiations or demands are needed for now. Enjoy this phase and relax a bit.

    I think the reason you fall for these unavailable men is because you fear commitment. Yes, I know you want someone to be fully committed to you, but you are more afraid of the pain and the the wait that comes with finding someone suitable.

    I can really relate because my whole love life (if there ever was any) was like that. Yet, when you look more closely at your life, you notice you attract people that you never suspected-- who might've been better for you, but that you were to hung up on the ones that you could not get. Because we want what we can't have. The challenge, the excitement, and that heart pounding feeling of them coming near you. We want those that have more problems because we get to work out those troubles with them while forgetting our own. We don't have to worry about revealing our true selves, or being judged so badly since they are just as bad.

  • Hello Aprilca,

    Wondering where the relationship is headed to?

    Competitiveness + Solution + Idea

    With Freya as your Goddess card.

    Nice cards. It seems like you both are mentally compatible, as that's what is mostly growing from this relationship. Between the two of you, you guys can shoot for the moon if you both put your minds together. A super genius is what is created when you both are together.

    This will be the basis of your relationship here on out. That you both will be a major help to each other. Proper advice and mental stimulation from each other is on the forefront of this relationship.

    It's a very rewarding growth.

    Will we get engaged this year?


  • wow ...your message is quite old. Are you still there? Are you still practicing doing readings? Or did you give up or life kicked into high
    gear and sent you into the physical world more.

  • @badgerwoman
    @ElAl last visited this forum 12 months ago.

  • yes, i see that. new here and trying to figure out everything. someone told me to post to old messages anyway if I liked ...that maybe they would still see them at some time and respond or even pop back in.
    good to know you are back or at least checking in. nice to meet you

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