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  • Hello Scully,

    I'm doing fine, but busy lately.

    I still think this is a way for me to help in some way, raise more awareness and help people talk about death dying, us here in the uk are really awful for that.

    -- I think a lot of modern societies have this issue where dealing with death is not really important. It's simply to feel some sympathy for the person and hope they get better and past the death of a loved one or even we are near death ourselves. You are such a great person for extending your hand to help people through such tragedies.

    I have emailed tutor to see if any way i can help with that, also i want to volunteer at the Hospice.?

    I asked the cards if you may get an opportunity to volunteer.

    It's balanced. I think that you need to find someone else to help you find volunteer opportunites. Or you can go out by yourself and try to find somewhere to volunteer.

    What type of creative side, i was wonder painting? or the poetry?

    Any number of creative activities that you are interested in are good. I asked the cards and for me they showed something close to home. Perhaps starting a small garden, planting, or eve decorationg your home.

    I done a lot make me proud me this wend,, and the palpitations have ceased,, I think with my energy, im not doing enough exercise to express that?

    The cards say that you are. Congratulations! It seems like you are entering a new period of your life. It looks very bright.

  • Hello Danceur,

    The Crystals I'm just wondering if they could work with work more. You may need a big crystal for that though. 😄

    and it seems he is stealing glances at me?

    I would have to lean more with no. It seems like right now if he's looking at you it's because he wants to start a friendship. There is something about you he wondering so he wants to know.

    Or maybe it’s just all in my head, wanting to feel that I can catch his eye


    I've always gotten the impression that your a very beautiful woman. So don't feel like you can't attract men or that you're crazy because you think they are looking at you. You do, it's just you have to look back in order to really find out if they are interested. 🙂

    What do you think? Between liking P, and still missing B and then this random guy out of nowhere, whom I won’t call. What is happening here, what is the Universe trying to tell me?

    You are in an internal battle. It's the Past versus the Present versus the future. (laughs) B, even though you gone through h ell and back it seems he's still your safety net. You go back to those wonderful times and it's comforting, but it's undoing your progress. The men that are coming into your life, you don't have to be with them, but they should be more like stepping stones. The kind you use to finally cross the river and head on to a new path.

    Adaptability + Individuality + Musician

    With Gaia as your Goddess card.

    This is referring to your love life so it seems it's going to get progressively better. You are being shown options, and you are to follow which is better. The promise of good times, laughter and joy is here.

    Yet, Gaia says that you may be stubborn. You are cloaking yourself in a protective veil so as to not get hurt. You can not let go of the love you once cherished so much, and are willing to fight for it. She asks that you must find a balance. Look at both situations and take the useful from each of them.


    It's good that you actually took your time and evaluated how the job could be. The fact that they actually exposed themselves was great.

    With your current job, have they already placed you in your new position? For now it seems that you have to work with it. The way that you say that you can do what you can and no more is good i know that you are already overburden so don't try to compensate for anything.

    Musician + Individuality + Adaptability ( I swear I shuffled these cards)

    With Hera as your Goddess card.

    It seems that the cards are telling you to go with the flow. What you don't like let it go and let it play out by itself. There does not need to be any anger or fighting. This will be the mode of your work and you will come to get used to it. Just keep searching for other jobs and take steps to find better.

    All the best.

  • Marishkaa,

    does he think about me badly?

    Yes, he thinks you need more friends

    that i am weak?


  • Hello Cylll,

    what do the cards see coming for me in the future relationship-wise?

    I asked for the next three months:

    The Principles card flipped over. It tells that you may well be working on your boundaries. It is about what you are looking for and what you are willing to do to get it. It will be a bit of a slow period.

    Rebel + Fulfillment + Wedding

    With Lilith as your Goddess card.

    You love life will still be a bit of a mess for the coming months. You will be trying to make sense of it all while hanging upside down. It's okay, you may well be using more logic than your emotions to figure things out. Having your head in the game is a good idea, but you forget what your heart is saying. It may be answering your questions. It may telling you that it wants more than you have.

    By the end, you may decide that it's better to settle for someone who is just good enough or who is simply more friend than lover.

    Lilith's advice is for you to take control. Not of the other person, or the situation, but what you feel and think. Really evaluate what is important for you in a partner and commit to it. Above all, it you yourself that you have be able to respect in order to get someone that will do the same.

    All the best. Hope to see you soon. 🙂

  • Sorry Arielass,

    I didn't mean to mislead you.

    That last question I meant to erase since I was going to ask, but something told me not go poking around.

    When you see another man coming into my life, relationship wise, is it better to be with him

    Yes, but physically you won't like what you get.

    or with this man I like?

    No, there is too much fighting and manipulation in order to get each other's attention or the upper hand. You won't feel in control and will not see another way to deal with things.

    Will I see him some time this year?


    Can I ask you about the prospect growth of my current job?

    Yes. 🙂

    Will I get promoted/ raise?

    There is a good possibility that you will, but you have to commit to your job a tad more.

    What advice you can give me?

    Instinct + Palace + Achievement

    With Venus as your Goddess card

    Do you love your job? It seems like it's kind of the best place for you at the moment. You need to kind of show of your love for it and how good you are at your work. Setting a realistic goal and achieving it will help you out tremendously. Don't stop, but keep succeeding!

  • Hi EL how are you? I wanted to see if you can give me reading on this "N" girl as to lately I been seeing stuff about her being with another man but still claiming shes with mine. Is she doing all this on purpose? will my bf find out?


  • SagittariusGurl,

    Before I start your reading, may I recommend a book?

    It's called "Women who Love too much: when you keep wishing and hoping he'll change" By Robin Norwood. Please, I beg you to read it if you do not go and look for counseling or therapy. If you're in the US you can get it from the library.

    Is she doing all this on purpose?

    No. She seems to be doing it because she can; because that's the way they are.

    will my bf find out?

    No, as people are always talking. He doesn't listen.

  • Hello, El,

    I hope you are doing readings for people you've not done readings for before. I met a man on a dating site several months ago. We chatted on the site, texted each other, and talked on the phone. We seemed to hit it off, but couldn't schedule a live meeting because of various issues in our lives. He hasn't called in about 2 weeks now. Will he call again? or should I forget him?

    thank you,


  • THank you I will look it up in the library when I get a chance. Can i get a reading concerning a job. I found a job doing housekeeping it isn't what I like but it keeps the money coming to pay my bills but its just the weekends. Do you see if I will be able to get more days besides the weekends? Or will I find another job? Thanks again

  • Hello Lola,

    I'm always happy to do a reading for new and returning people. 🙂

    Will he call again?

    Has he always been the one to call you first? I see that there is a slight possibility that he could, but he would have to feel good enough to do so. As in he has something to brag about in order for him to call

    or should I forget him?

    The Recharge card fell. Tells that right now the Universe is separating you both because you need some time to yourself. You need to focus on yourself some more and be happy by yourself.

    Don't worry about him, he'll be fine.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Do you see if I will be able to get more days besides the weekends?

    The cards are showing that the level of work may determine that. If you're good at it, then they may keep calling you to do more work, but in the meantime, I think right now they may not be in need of many people to work.

    Or will I find another job?

    Yes, but it may still not be the kind that you like.

  • EltheMoth, me again:), another question: what are his feelings for me? i think i know but i need confirmation.

  • Moonalisa,

    What are his feelings for me?

    Fortuna + Idea + Stone

    (don't know why I added three extra cards: Altar + Visitor + Responsibility)

    With Hecate as your Goddess card.

    The first word that came up was "safety." As if you remind him of something he once had, and he wants to continue it. He's very comfortable with you and it seems like you both are best friends, but it doesn't get past more than that.

    A lot of loyalty is also signaled here, so he seems like a person you can count on.

  • Thank you Elthe, so you do not see any romantic feelings here. 🙂

    Will it evolve somehow?

  • Will it evolve somehow?


    Fulfillment + Solution + Commitment

    It seems very promising that your love for each other will grow. It may not be soon, but just cultivate this relationship and it will grow beautifully.


  • THANK YOU! it is such an uplifting message. 🙂 You really made my day EltheMoth. 🙂

  • Thanks El at this moment I don't care what kind of job is it anymore as long as it gets mt bills paid there is no problem.

  • thanks El, i'll keep you posted! xx all best!

  • Hi Elthemoth would I be able to get a reading. Will I find a job soon and about love. thanks

  • Hi El!

    Yeah I’ll really need a mega crystal:P Just one of those days when things feel very bleak. Don’t know what came over me. Maybe it’s the planets again…haha. You gave good advice. I feel angry and somehow I need to let that go and just go with the flow. There’s a lot of anxiety about not being able to cope – and others not understanding that I’m overloaded.

    I wrote my team leader an email saying I refuse to take on anything extra unless they re-assign part of my current duties, and shared why I feel overloaded. The email had a tone of frustration, but I also tried not to seem overly emotional – because she’s rather cold, as a person.

    I will find out soon what’s her response. I just think it’s unfair what they’re doing. And I’m really losing my patience. And losing faith and feeling trapped. It’s like an anxiety attack.

    Oh El, you are too kind. Hmm, I’m not unattractive, but I guess I’ve never been very comfortable with the way I look. I feel flattered, albeit shy, when people compliment me. But then it’s hard to feel attractive when no one approaches me. I’ve been single most of my life, and when I’m in a relationship, he ends up breaking my heart. I end up feeling like there’s something wrong with me. I really am left on the shelf thus far. On one hand, I’d really love to be with someone great. On the other hand, I’m totally wary of getting to know people. Of letting someone in closer. The older I get, and the longer I remain on my own, the bigger the phobia is getting. I love my freedom and space a lot, but deep down, I feel lonely – and yet I cling to my aloneness.

    My gal friend and I were invited for dinner with the people from the dance group after class yesterday. Normally we just go off on our own because we don’t ‘belong’ to the group. The leader seems very interested to get to know us. He texted me after we parted ways - asking if I drink and if it’d be ok if they invited me (no mention of my friend?) out for drinks and dinner sometime. I said dinner is ok but I don’t drink. I must admit it felt a little weird and I must have reacted like nobody ever asks me out (not that far from the truth).

    I guess they’re curious about me but I’m really quite socially inapt. I don’t mind getting to know them – but slowly- as long as their intentions are honorable. I take time to warm up to people. I like to come and go as I please, and I feel irritated when people try to ‘push’ friendship on me.

    What does he think of me? I guess I also feel wary because I don’t want to spoil a good thing here. I love being able to go for classes with them. I’d almost like to remain as the anonymous one.

    I am inclined to agree with your assessment - I do believe P is not interested ‘that’ way - although he still comes up to me to say hey. I don’t mind being friends if he can find a way to break the ice.

    And you are totally right about seeing B as a safety net insofar as love relationships are concerned. But I am also starting to feel anger about the situation with him. Rational anger. About the way he treated me. At myself for offering friendship, of cherishing his – when he doesn’t value mine and seems to have forgotten me entirely. It’s part of the grieving I suppose. And I guess I blame the planets too (hee) – cos all this anger about work and B, it’s all happening at the same time. Something about pushing back against injustice…

    I feel like he’s avoiding me, even though I’ve kept a distance and stopped contacting him after I revealed my feelings in May. He’s only cordial when we happen to bump into each other. He surrounds himself with others, shares good times and laughter with them. And I'll just happen to see them from afar. It hurts, knowing that I was once the only one he chose to be around and now he acts like I'm inconsequential and that he hardly knows me. I've gotten good at looking like it doesn't bother me that I'm being excluded - but it does hurt. And it makes me sad, because I don’t deserve that.

    But it’s good I’m finally starting to confront the not so wonderful aspects of our ‘relationship’ and of him. About how he's taken me for granted. Is it a certainty now that he’s laid everything to rest and doesn’t want to talk about anything anymore?

    I just can’t help but feel he doesn’t like me anymore, as a person, as someone he once valued, as someone who is learning from him. I do cherish the love I have for him, and it is very hard to let go of it. But I have to believe there is a wonderful guy out there for me and I hope I will be able to channel this love to someone else – someone more deserving.

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