Practice with Tarot Cards

  • Marishkaa, 😄

    Do you think it is a right decision?

    For friendship, yes. For a relationship, no.

    What will be in future between us?

    The Sleeper card fell. I think if there is a relationship, it will not be for a long time.

    Economy + Manipulation + Bridge

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    It seems like some obstacles will come in the way. Perhaps, your own personalities will get in the way, as one of you will want get the upper hand here. It seems like after a while, maybe a few more months (Gaia's month is October) You both will finally come to relate better and try something out. Be careful as your friends and family may not so keen on this relationship.

    How will the relationship develop.

    Fountain + Volcano + Disillusion

    With Venus as your Goddess

    Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to deteriorate. I think one or both of you will want to stop talking online and meet up. To walk, to touch, but that it's not going to go as planned or as expected. You both may not be happy with each other.

    Get out of those clouds for a while. Though I think that you will have hope even if you both do not wish to continue seeing each other.

    I added him to my friends. do you think he was glad to see it?

    It excited him, but he was already expecting you to.

    what will be if i send it?

    Nothing bad, nothing good. Your friendship would continue.

    Do you think we can someday move the relationship in real world?


    or they will end soon?


    do you think maybe the cards really show the attitude to the girl in his heart(he doesn't communicate with her)?


    and not to me... ?

    You are included too. It seems that his feelings for the other girl are tainting his feelings for you.

    to get involved with him more?

    Yes, as you both have much to say to each other still.

    should i keep a distance because he may hurt?

    The cards were balanced. It seems like you neither have a choice, or will decide with your heart. Even if it hurts, I see you continuing talking to him.

  • Hi El,

    It is good to see back here! Thanks for the reading.. Since my last question, he initiated the contact. It is just weird when you are slowly getting over someone and then he pops in again.. I'm confused as to what he wants from me. What does he really want this time? Do you see us being in a relationship in the future? IS he not the same person you're seeing that I will get involved with down the line? I thought he was fancying someone else that explains why he hasn't been contacting me as he used to. Sorry for so many questions.


  • Elthe, thank you thousand times!

    We are in a quarrel now, i did something silly and he told me that he isn't jealous, well i know it is probably true but maybe he lied a little bit? He think i am silly?

    Elthe what will he do, if i ignore him, not try to get in contact with him?

    Will he forget me soon and that is all?

  • hello EIAI,

    i hope you're doing well and it's really nice to see you're still here! when i opened the forum page, to see that you still had this thread active made me really happy.

    as you can guess, i have a few questions i'd like you to ask the cards for me.

    for the past few months, two guys from my past with whom i had unresolved relationships with contacted me again. you know a bit about one of them because you did a few readings about him for me in the past. the other one contacted me yesterday for the first time in 4 years to ask me if i would like to come to if he would threw a party. to say that i was surprised would be big understatement 😄 i made up an excuse not to go, because for me it's pretty much water under the bridge with him.

    what i'd like to ask the cards for me is this, why am i attracting this much blast-from-the-past lately? what should i make of these? are these just about these men's way of getting over their ex-girlfriends (from what i gathered from their facebooks they both broke up with their girlfriends shortly before they contacted me) or is there anything else going on that i'm not aware of?

    i know these are a lot of questions but i'm pretty much stumped with these two.

    thanks so much in advance! xx

  • Hello Elthe! Please disregard my previous questions, because things changed. Finally our relationship deteriorated(. He told me that he is married (i don't know if it is true or he is lying). And i decided to finish it all.

    So i would like to know now please, what he feels about my decision? What he wants towards me? Will he try to communicate with me?Thank you.

    And what do cards think was it a right decision to stop?

  • and who is he? (the boy from internet, i feel that he makes up so much about him).

  • Hi Elthmoth,

    How are things going hey?

    I have finished my course, and i enjoyed it very much, I still think this is a way for me to help in some way, raise more awareness and help people talk about death dying, us here in uk are really awful for that.

    I have emailed tutor to see if any way i can help with that, also i want to volunteer at the Hospice.?

    The back and forth, i get it's finally gone now.

    I Know Emotionally and mentally where and who i am, im so happy to be here at last.

    What type of creative side, i was wonder painting? or the poetry?

    I had a few days of work holiday, day before that some petty stuff went on, i thought then this is right time for me to plan look for way out of this, i have finally had enough, it's not give me challenges i need, im not giving as much as i do have to offer.

    I have to work full time, as it just me, i know i cant go head first with out seeing plan first, i have every intention of doing that.

    I done a lot make me proud me this wend,, and the palpitations have ceased,, i think with my energy, im not doing enough exercise to express that?

    Love light Scully

  • Hello again EIAI!

    please i want to know what I. thinks about me and what he plans toward me if any?We talked a lot (it seems that he lied about wife), and i thought that maybe his attitude has changed. But now there is again finish. he wanted my photo but i refused to give it and he said he will not talk, so i decided to stop it all, do you think it is right?

  • and what to do next with this boy )? Thank you!

  • Hi El!

    Thank you for your readings. Hope you are doing well. Oh I completely understand about wanting to run off into the woods and never come back. I wanna do that too sometimes 😛

    Actually I don’t consider myself an active person. Many of the activities I do are for stress relief. I’ve not tried Tai Chi – I think it’s difficult to hold the stances so long, especially since my joints are not doing so well. But I would think it has the same calming effect that pilates does. I get that things are very hectic for you now, but I do hope you get time to draw and do what you love. We all need to do things that we love doing and to have activities that soothe us – in this busy, crazy world we live in.

    Not sure how to use crystals. I did go to a pranic healer a few years ago and he used them. Seemed to work.

    You are definitely right. I do want to feel attractive and that I can still attract guys. Haha, that’s really hard to admit 😛 I do feel things are shifting, and I am looking at prospective men but since no one is stepping forward, it’s hard to consider anything other than ‘he’s cute’.

    It’s almost like I need to see a viable prospect before it can effect a real change, before I can really start moving on from B. It’s nice to have a little crush but B is still ‘the guy’ – he will be, unless there’s a new guy – know what I mean?

    And I hate that that's the case, since I'm missing B alone, on my own - although I’m doing really good, all things considered.

    Argh, it sure seems from your reading that it’s not a good idea to get involved with P – if that were possible. I still have that little crush though – and it seems he is stealing glances at me? Or maybe it’s just all in my head, wanting to feel that I can catch his eye.

    And a totally random encounter – a guy came up to me on the pretext of scouting talents for his event. I kept turning him down, because I’m so not the type. But he starts telling me about himself, where he works, what he does, says he wants to get to know me. That he saw me from afar and he felt he needed to approach me. He didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. He seemed really sincere and we had a 10min chat in the middle of the mall. He wanted to trade numbers but I’m little too wary for that – even though he seems nice. He gave me his card, said he hoped I’d call and that he would love to have coffee sometime.

    Haha, it put a smile on my face. Stuff like that never happens to me. He was very nervous around me – it was kinda sweet. I might have suggested coffee had we both not been in a rush at that point. But I’m not the type to go out with guys who aren’t in my social circle. What I liked was that he seemed sincere. But since I probably won't call him, I hope that if it's meant to be more than the 10min conversation, we’ll run into each other again. And if I had averted a creepy guy masquerading as a nice one (LOL) then good for me too 😛

    What do you think? Between liking P, and still missing B and then this random guy out of nowhere, whom I won’t call. What is happening here, what is the Universe trying to tell me?

    Oh and I turned down the job. At first I thought it was THE opportunity. They were willing to offer some flexibility in hours so that I could still do my after work activities. But when the offer came, they retracted this. I sensed some rigidity – and I’m really looking for a flexible work culture. So I turned it down. That means I’m still stuck in my work place. I think I know what you mean – that I am gaining something out of being here. I am starting to feel that, and I’m also paying more attention to the quality of the work, but the quantity is overwhelming. I feel overwhelmed. There isn’t enough time to do all my work – unless I start to work overtime again – and I don’t want to. There isn't enough time for me to learn more and gain expertise in the areas I'm responsible for. For the moment, I just do what I can and that’s all. But it's not going to be enough. And more work is coming in.


  • Larajj,

    .do u think I ll b lucky enough to find such opportunities and people?


    One thing is that you have to go out and look for them-- both opportunity and people. You have to show yourself and prove to the world how talented you are. You have to go out and take every opportunity to make your dream come true and to find influential people. One warning though is to be careful of the kind of people you attract. Some people may look like they can get you places, but they may not be so influential.

  • Deisi,

    The cards say that you may meet a lot of potential lovers, but may not date any of them. It seems like you will be single by the end of this year.

  • Hello EIAI, i am glad to see you here again!Hope everything if fine!

    I am so embarrassed because of relations with this boy.

    Right now there is no communication with him. Please may i ask you what he thinks about the quarrel that happened recently? Is he missing me and also feel sad that there is no talk between us. Does he want to bring the communication back.

  • Arieslass,

    What does he really want this time?

    Negotiation + Bouquet + Guru

    With Artemis as your Goddess card

    Oh! It seems like he does want to start something. I think it’s that he’s been having a hard time lately. He’s remembering how he used to at least shake off this bad time, and it was with you perhaps. He just wants to pass his time and forget his problems, and he thinks you can help. The Bouquet card signals an affair to me, so he may just be looking for a sexual relationship with you.

    Artemis’s advice is to keep a cool and collected head. Be on the look out.

    Do you see us being in a relationship in the future?


    IS he not the same person you're seeing that I will get involved with down the line?

    The Two Paths flipped over.

    I think you have the potential to change this. There is someone else coming into your life, but if you want this man to be him than you can certainly be with him.

    Is he with someone else?

  • Marishkaa,

    Please may i ask you what he thinks about the quarrel that happened recently?

    Fulfilment + Economy + Pitcher

    With Artemis as your Goddess card.

    He feels that it may have gotten a little out of control, but that things have finally gotten better in a weird way. He feels that he has helped you realize something as you may not be showing him that you have been realistic in your conversations.

    Is he missing me and also feel sad that there is no talk between us?


    Does he want to bring the communication back.


  • sad, (((but thank you, it is not good to have illusions...Well at least how do you think does he think about me badly? that i am weak?

  • Hello Cyll,

    It's been really long since I've seen you, too.

    Been wondering about you.

    How have you been?

    what i'd like to ask the cards for me is this, why am i attracting this much blast-from-the-past lately?

    Sword + Passion + Sacrifice

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    There seems to be some unresolved issues with your old flames. For each, did you end it on a sour note? A bad discussion or that you left them because you felt something was wrong? It seems they are coming back because you may need to resolve these things. Perhaps to answer some questions. Why you did what you did, and why they did what they did.

    Though it will be tough as shown by Kali, but this is just another part of a new phase you're entering.

    what should i make of these?

    To prove that you are not the same person you once were. They may be trying to take advantage of the moment or what you had in the past.

    are these just about these men's way of getting over their ex-girlfriends (from what i gathered from their facebooks they both broke up with their girlfriends shortly before they contacted me)?


    or is there anything else going on that i'm not aware of?


  • thanks so much, ElAl. i haven't been around much because i feel like i have gotten the answers to the things that i was looking for answers back then, and there isn't much to do, especially about the guy i have been asking questions about to you back then. basically, i'm trying to let things go and run them their course, since it looks like it's what he wants me to do.

    but, these guys keep coming out of the woodwork 🙂 i guess you can say that the things ended on a sour note with the two of them but i made my peace with it and i just don't understand why they can't. and it's been such a long time (4 years!) and i haven't seen either of them since. it just feels so weird to me they would contact me now, when they didn't back then. anyway..

    i have another question, if you feel up to it, of course.

    what do the cards see coming for me in the future relationship-wise?

    because i really don't like what's coming back and i'd rather look ahead.

    thank you so much for the reading and listening. xx

  • Thank you, El. When you see another man coming into my life, relationship wise, is it better to be with him or with this man I like? And I think the answer to the question if he has someone else was cut off when you post it :). Will I see him some time this year? Can I ask you about the prospect growth of my current job? Will I get promoted/ raise? What advice you can give me?



  • Angel Healing Message for today:

    Blessings + Enchantment + Balance

    There are plenty of times when we have no control over life, but sometimes when we let go of the reigns and trust in the higher powers, we get more than we could ask for. We get exactly what we NEED. It'll seem like a miracle from above, but it's because we allow the Angels to do their job. They take care of us and provide us with the best path.

    Still, it's hard to let things go with stressful situations. During those times, the Angels ask for us to be creative. Haven't taken a bubble bath in months? Now is the time. Haven't red a new fantasy novel or romance novel? It's a good time to head into that books Universe. And it's okay so long as we find a balance.

    Obviously when we get away from things that upset us for five minutes we almost immediately get better. Enjoy your time away from the problems. After five minutes they will still be there, but now that we are refreshed, we can come back and tackle them.

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