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  • Hi Eltmoth,

    I hope the baby all that's going well.

    I have the strongest gut feel this is for me as do voluntary and as possible career change, i feel so positive about that, like i just know it feels right?


    Are you doubting yourself? The cards show that you may be thinking about getting into something else. Regardless, you are doing something to help people and that is fantastic.

    I do help people, i just had this momentary doubt, as i always thought learning disabilities, but i never felt so positive sure about that. as i do with end of life care.

    At work right now, there is a opportune time to act up to a higher role, which is senior role,. I know i can do it, but again i feel yes look good on your c.v. but im looking to get out there, and that what i should be focusing on, not more within my work place?

    I spent weekend thinking about it, this what i feel

    I made a decision not to go for the acting up role, for two reasons. I know certain person's will try to hang me if i do a higher field,? when i do it will be somewhere new as to a new fresh start?

    I also mention re friends again, having none,

    I just went backwards again, i forgot what i said to my self when i had my birthday.

    I just need to take my time have no expectations, go out do what makes me happy, just join in it take time, you know your tad fussy types you like.

    I had to stop comparing me to others, that's soul destroying at best of times.

    I have set up to join one thing on regular basis that way you get meet same people.?


    This is a new start for me, and i have to be happy with in me,,

  • Hi EL

    Beautiful & Interesting cards. Is this a man I will meet or a returning man? My BF of 3.5 yr told me 1 mo ago he didn't want to be in a relationship now, he wanted to spend his time w his guy friends. Cards indicate I should keep my mind open, I don't consciously have a perfect man in mind but will remember this when the time comes.


  • Hey El,

    I’m not here as often for the moment as I’m really busy at work. Hope you’ve been well. How’s everything with the baby? Guess you’re really busy too.

    There was one day I was really stressed and I started feeling dizzy all over again. Saw a doctor and he says it could be an inner ear issue – something has knocked the balance off. The pills he gave made me more dizzy and I stopped taking them – even though I was supposed to finish the course of medication. I seem a lot better now – but I think it’ll keep flaring up when I get stressed..

    I’m not trying to make things seem ok though. Just trying to allow some flow and acceptance, until I find another job opportunity. Because if I allow the frustration to build, it’s a vicious cycle of my body not being able to cope with the stress and then dizziness sets in etc. It does make me anxious to feel they might ‘try’ something soon. Like make me do more. It’s hard to stick to your guns here – seems many of them do not respect others’ boundaries. They make you feel like it’s wrong to set limits..

    Besides dancing, I also do pilates. It helps with stress a great deal. I think you have an interesting way to cope with stress. I never thought there are such vids on youtube – where you can watch people play video games. Are you in a band – you love to sing? Does that relieve stress for you? Wow you draw! I really wish I could draw.

    Oh can I ask you about this colleague of mine? We had an office game, where we drew lots and picked out other’s names, then we were their secret pal for the week. Give each other gifts and all. And then we revealed it today. My colleague and I drew each other. I had a feeling it was him, but I didn’t believe it. When it came our turn to guess, I picked other people (against my instincts). In the end, it was revealed to be him. He’s kinda cool, funny and fun-loving, but for some reason, I feel tense around him. Like I can’t trust him. And I think he doesn’t really like me either. He’s a Scorpio too, like me. Think I don’t get along with male Scorpios. What can you tell me about him?

    Is it really true when there’s a planetary shift that it affects people physically?

    What do the cards have to say about love opportunities – for me?

    B is still on my mind, although it's less intense. I still miss him. Maybe the glancing back is part of the moving forward?

  • hello el,i have never had a reading from you but i have seen your work in this forum and its great,.....i hope you can help me here....i am currently pursuing an engineering degree and am in my final year but what i really want to do is to follow my passion for the arts and enter the entertainment field...and for some weird reason,i feel a strong attraction to the us and to south korea eventhough these countries are far away from mine...i am planning on going to the us for my grad studies in a year or so.and ,i would actually like to enter the entertainment field(acting/singing) in these,my question will i be able to go to a foreign country for my grad studies? if i will be able to enter the entertainment field in usa and south korea? if i do,will i be successful?.....can you also tell me about love opportunities for me now or in the near future?...

    these questions have really been on my mind since it affects my career and future....i really hope you can help me...thank you and blessed be.

  • Hi El,

    I went back and read your reading again, if the cards says there are plenty of men out there, do you think I'll meet someone this year? if so, will it be at work or somewhere else?. There's this guy at work who seems to be hot and cold towards me, maybe it is just his personality. Does he not like me? Anyway, I'm planning to take an exam this year. Do you think I'll pass it? Thanks.



  • Hello EIAI.

    I would like to ask again about job please. What advice could the cards give me concerning job search.What must i do?

    And one more question about A. Do you think he will call me and we will meet in July? If yes, how will everything go.

    Thank you for your time!

  • EIAI , please what I. thinks about me? what does he want concerning me?

    This is again the boy from internet. Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    Are you still doing readings on this thread?

    If so I'm wondering is it possible in your own time of course to see if you are able to pick up anything for me please.

    I would like to know will I get work in the field I'd like soon?

    Will I be moving house any time soon?

    and will i meet 'The One' anytime soon?

    Thank you

    Crystal d.o.b= 23/11/77

  • EIAI, one more question. Sorry for so many questions....but did I. (the boy from, internet) hear my singing? If yes, what is his attitude to it? He told that he doesn't like it when people sing unprofessionally, and he told me that he didn't listen, but i doubt it. Probably he listened, and didn't like it?Thank you!

  • Hey everyone,

    Here is today's Healing with the Angels message:

    Guardian Angel + Surrender and Release + Dreams

    No what, we are never alone. Someone is always there with us: through the hard times; through the good times. Even if we are alone among each other, there is always someone with us-- with you. They are our Angels, and there are our guides.

    They wish for us to know that they are there and they are always listening. Talk to them! Let them know your problems. They certainly already know what you're going through, but they want you to let these thoughts, these worries out.

    When we finally learn to confide in them, they will help us with our problems and even help in removing them from our lives. This is especially true to the worries and our problems that keep us imprisoned and trapped. They want us to be free.

    Worries and doubt will always be there for us, but not to control our lives.

    When we are finally free, we can move on and follow our paths. The paths that we want--that we have always dreamt. Isn't nice to sleep without worries?

    And sorry everyone for missing so much.

    My baby niece is fine, but she's been getting sick due to the side effects of her vaccinations.

    The heat over hear is unbearable too, so I can't stay too long on the computer.

    Will see if I can do all the readings today!

    Here we gooooo!

  • Arieslass,

    Did he at one point saw me as someone he would like to spend the rest of his life with?


    like someone he can commit himself and have serious relationship with?


    I guess, even being friends with him is no longer possible as well?

    No. Maybe down the line you both will connect again. If you want a friendship you simply need to extend your hand and wait for your friend.

  • Sorry Arieslass.

    Didn't see you had posted other questions.

    do you think I'll meet someone this year?

    You may meet someone, but it will not flourish this year. It may be a slow friendship, but one that you will like.

    if so, will it be at work?


    or somewhere else?

    Yes. I got the wheel so it says somewhere where you can see a lot of people. Possibly online. Someone who has your same interests or spends as much time where you like to go.

    Does he not like me?

    It seems that he does. Is he perhaps shy? It seems that when he has opportunities to talk he doesn't really take them as he doesn't know what talk about or how people will react.

    Anyway, I'm planning to take an exam this year. Do you think I'll pass it?

    Yes. Believe in yourself. We know you can do it!

  • Hello Marishkaa,

    It's no problem at all. The more questions, the more practice!

    Maybe it could be just any international company?

    The Confession card flipped over so you're certainly going to be talking and communicating, but I don't think you'll get it at an international company. Maybe you could be at a newspaper or magazine? It seems like somewhere where you need to be quick and be able to talk yourself in and out of things.

    can you please ask the cards will i use english in my future job?


    I would like to ask again about job please. What advice could the cards give me concerning job search.What must i do?

    Choice + Two Paths + Recognition

    With Isis as your Goddess card.

    I think the cards are saying that you have so many options open. It may be that you are sticking to only one type of job, but that you should not do that. Apply for many, as you certainly need experience. Being a jack-of-all trades isn't such a bad thing. Do you know what it is you want to do in your future career. Maybe that's why you should see what's out there.

    Still, you need to be honest with yourself. Your confidence levels aren't so high, and you need to be a shinning star. Don't hide away or get scared off. You are a bright star and can do almost any job. Show it on your resume. Get out there and don't give up!

    And one more question about A. Do you think he will call me?

    The cards were negative either way. I think that even if he wanted to he wouldn't be able to. He might've lost your number?

    and we will meet in July? If yes, how will everything go.

    There is a good possibility that you will.

    It seems like you will have preconceived notion of how everything will go, but though things may be exciting, it will not last. You will find that you both may not exactly be the most compatible of people for a love relationship. Don't think too much on him says Artemis. She tells you be light and play it cool.

    please what I. thinks about me?

    Ambition + Promotion + Challenge

    With Isis as your Goddess card

    He has a good view of you. You are smart, mature, and you seem to take care of yourself. It seems like you are perfect at times, but he sees through you. You may be hiding something or keeping something from him.

    what does he want concerning me?

    Knight + Disillusion + Fulfillment

    With Venus as your Goddess card

    Wow, really emotion related cards. I would say that he wants to stop putting up a wall from you. He doesn't know what are all about, but that you are as weary of him as he is of you. He doesn't like this as it seems he really does like you. He would like to be closer to you.

    but did I. (the boy from, internet) hear my singing?


    If yes, what is his attitude to it?

    He seems to have enjoyed

    He told that he doesn't like it when people sing unprofessionally, and he told me that he didn't listen, but i doubt it. Probably he listened, and didn't like it?

    You're right that he listened, but that he just doesn't want to tell the truth for some reason. I asked the cards twice and they said he did like your singing. You might've enchanted him. 😄

  • Meandkids,

    Yes, I am doing readings. I just need patience from everyone as I'm not always here in a timely manner.

    I would like to know will I get work in the field I'd like soon?

    No. It seems like you still need to rest after your accident. Regain your strength the cards say.

    Will I be moving house any time soon?


    and will i meet 'The One' anytime soon?

    The cards were positive either way. I guess it depends what do you want in the "One" and how you are attracting him. It seems like you seem closed off a bit from pursuing serious relationships. Either you are too controlling or too willing to conform. It seems like you need to look deep inside and figure out your fears. Love and respect yourself first so you can find the "one" within yourself first.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Yes, I do think counseling can start to help. Even if he doesn't want to get help, you should get it.

  • hey el,welcome back..its nice to see your wisdom here again...but i guess,you kinda skipped me..anyway,welcome back

  • EltheMoth, I was wondering if you see me relocating in the next 8 months or so?

    April 21, 1973

  • Scully,

    "This is a new start for me, and i have to be happy with in me"

    Beautiful! Yes, I agree.

    You know what, your going back and forward is common. When we keep advancing and moving on with our lives, we sometimes have doubts. What you do --looking back-- is normal. It's only when that doubt overtakes us and keep us from moving forward is when we must be on the look out.

    And how have you been lately? How is your new course of study going?

    If you have gut feelings about doing something, do them! I think it's the Universe directing your energy so you can have a taste of all the options out there for you.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your work.

    Visitor + Volcano + The Fall

    With Venus as your Goddess card.

    It seems like you need a fresh start in your work life. The cards, I feel, are telling you to pursue something that you like. The only warning is not to through yourself headfirst into a new career. You need time to think and plan.

    I see from the cards that there may be a creative side from you that you need to let out. You may be a bit frustrated physically so it's time to get some running done.

  • Amused,

    Is this a man I will meet?

    Cards are negative either way.

    Here I can guess that it's someone already connected to you that you may have never considered. It may be unexpected how you get with him.

    or a returning man?


  • Hi would I be able to get a reading on love and career life?


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