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  • Thanks El I have really need to do something am frustrated with all this that I don't know what to do and of course I need to find someone to talk to that doesn't judge for everything that I have do. My sister in law was telling to talk to her pastors wife that she's a psychologist and really I don't know if to do it cause they are different religion than me.

  • Woohoo! Finally, they caved and gave you a raise!

    Congrats, Danceur!

    I asked the cards about your raise.

    You know the feeling I get is that they really would like you to stay. I got a lot of balanced cards though.

    Competitiveness + Choice + Adaptability.

    I think that your feeling is right about them trying to take advantage of you after this. Here is where you're going to have to put your foot down and make them aware of your limits. It's a tug-of-rope. So long as they keep to their side and you to yours it will be fine. Just don't let them cross it, and don't allow them to think that you owe them everything. You've worked hard and you should be proud of yourself for making it this far.

    I think you are right about your parents. I thought it would be them looking after you, but if there are financial issues, on their part, it does seem like you are looking out for them.

    Though I don't agree with you making everything seem 'ok.' I think you have been doing this all along and that's what has started your dizziness. Do you have another outlet other than dancing? Painting? When I feel I'm losing my mind I tend to play video games or take to watching people play them on Youtube. It's weird, but it helps with the stress. I like drawing, which I would modestly like to compare it to your love of dancing, but during those times I feel I'm not good at what I'm doing or trying to convey, that's when I take to playing games.

    Oh love... and B... Have these feelings. After all Venus is retrograde and it's expected.

    Maybe it's a planetary shift that you are feeling tired? I've been like that too for the past few weeks. I think Pluto squared by Uranus along with a lot of other planetary events. It's been a busy month with so much that we just may be tired of it all and want to slow down. I know I do!

    I think you are moving forward. It's just that we look back and enjoy the memories a little to much that we forget to keep going. You'll be pick up again, and so will your life.

    If you ever want to talk to me outside of here just send me an email

    eaetarot (no spaces)

    Much love.

  • Scully,

    I don't think it's such a bad thing not to have friends. I think it's sometimes the way the Universe filters people from your life. You need those that you will like.

    If you think about it you don't have to go through so much drama, or have toxic people in your life. You now have time for yourself and what you would like. I think if you want friends or just anyone to hang out with, that desperation will only attract people that you don't like. It will be the same old people that have always used you. You can now be independent.

    Scully, we are on the same camp. You should see my Facebook page, as it is empty. I have found myself looking at the people in my past to see if I should talk to them, but other than our past, we have nothing much in common. Talking about the good ol' days every couple of decades is fine, but it's rather boring every chat you have with those old friends.

    It just seems like the Universe needs you to do some introspection on your life. It's sometimes a long phase, but some of the most helpful.

  • Arieslass,

    I would like to know if there any chance of being reconnected with him personally sometime?

    Cards were negative either way. Doesn't look like an opportunity will come on its own for you to reconnect with him.

    Is he avoiding me and trying to forget me?


    Does he have someone else now?

    I think he's found someone he's interested in, but nothing yet.

    Does he still feel the same way towards me?


    Is he having a hard time these days?

    Yes, as he seems to be using all his energy to bring in positive in his life. It's working, but now he has many decisions that the doesn't quite know what to do.

    Is he okay?

    For the most part. He's just trying right now to get ahead despite the obstacles.

    Do you see me staying awhile in my current job?


  • SagittariusGurl,

    The cards were negative when I asked if you should talk to. I asked twice too, and both times it came up with the Duel card.

    I think that there will be a lot disagreements with what is being said and heard.

    What about someone within your own religion? Do they not have support groups there too?

  • Ok, girls. This is it for this session

    And I'm really sorry for being gone all this time.

    I've been having all my time taken up by family and it's going to continue this way for a good while, as there is a new baby in the house and until she can walk and play I'm stuck with her.

    I'll definitely try for every Sunday to be here if I can.

    Thank you all for being patient

  • Well i consider myself a catholic but really I haven't been to church in like 2 years or so. And I really don't know anyone. So it makes it hard to speak with someone and them telling you what to do cause that's what I get all the time.

  • Hello EIAI, thank you for your answer. I decided not to communicate with this person, i don't think he is sincere, so just as your said!

    EIAI, if you'll have time for answers, i would like to ask one more question please, do you think i will work in a German company or in the company of my country origin?

    And you said that the relations with this boy can end not good, is it a card duel? it means quarrels?

    because although i decided to stay away it is difficult to stick with this decision! (one of the problems-i think he is married)

  • Hi El, thanks for your reading. When you get a chance, can I ask for more clarification? I know you're pretty busy with the baby. I've been there and done that. Usually, the baby's first year is the hardest time as it demands much of your time but it gets easier as they grow older and be more independent.

    With the same guy, is the person he is interested in something that he likes to spend his life with? Will it work out with her? When I ask if he feels the same way towards me, does this mean he longer have any feelings for me? Is he still working for the same company? I wonder what kind of decisions he has to make.. What should I do with him? You don't see any future with him at all? Should I really move on as well? Do you see me getting married more than once? If you do,will it better the second time around? Thanks..

  • Dear EL. Could you please help me to do a love reading? Appreciate for your help and time 🙂

    • how does he feels for me now?

    • does he has any love interests for me?

    • what are his concerns toward me??

    • Is he having a hard time? If yes, may I know what are the things that are troubling him?

    • are things workable between us?

    Thanks EL once again :):)

  • EL

    Hope all is well w you & the baby

    Can you do a love reading please? Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf

    Blessed Be

  • SagittariusGurl,

    So I take it all you want is to be heard or vent out your frustrations-- without the advice?

    I would say that you simply start a journal and write there. You can try and do some research and find some counseling for yourself or your relationship.

    I think that is what is needed most. You both seem to need to talk it out a lot, but with a mediator. I think he, most of all, since he's so confused about his direction in life.

  • Marishkaa,

    do you think i will work in a German company?


    or in the company of my country origin?

    Cards were negative for both answers. It may not be any company you will work for any time soon.

    And you said that the relations with this boy can end not good, is it a card duel? it means quarrels?

    Yes. It means verbal and physical fights too. With the Kali and Duel card it just seems like there will be some disputes if the relationship were to progress.

    I asked if he was married, but the cards didn't want to give me a positive answer.

    I got the Wedding card in the No position. Even if he's not married he may still be involved with someone else.

    Just be careful with him, as I hope you know enough about him at this point.

  • Arieslass,

    With the same guy, is the person he is interested in something that he likes to spend his life with?

    No. Not many men think of this though...

    Will it work out with her?

    Can't say as there is no romantic relationship yet.

    When I ask if he feels the same way towards me, does this mean he longer have any feelings for me?

    Yes, he's moved on.

    What should I do with him?

    Investment + Prisoner + Isolation

    Freya as your Goddess card

    It seems like you are spending too much time going after him. The cards are telling you that your trapping yourself in thinking that he is "the One." You must realize that you must move on. There are plenty of other men for you says Freya.

    You don't see any future with him at all?

    Both sides were positive, so it is up to you. If you want there to be, there will.

    Should I really move on as well?


    Do you see me getting married more than once? If you do,will it better the second time around?

    I can not give you a definitive answer as the future is your decision to make, and thus, changes with you.. If you are about to get married the second time, ask me this. 🙂

  • Pinkrose,

    • how does he feels for me now?

    Stone + The Fall + Economy

    Ishtar as your Goddess card

    He feels that he can not compromise anything else for your sake. It seems that has realized that things between you two can not work out so well at the moment. Though there is still familiarity he wants to move on.

    • does he has any love interests for me?


    • what are his concerns toward me?

    The Wheel and Opposition card fell.

    His concerns may be the people that you surround yourself with. It seems like he did not like them as they may have been a negative influence. You focused more on them and what they said. He may have been the last person you went, and often forgot about him.

    • Is he having a hard time?

    No. He's having his ups and downs, but for the most part he's focusing on his career and doing good in this area.

    • are things workable between us?

    Yes. So long as you both admit the wrong that you have done.

  • Amused,

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about your love life:

    Musician + Individuality + Fountain

    With Ishtar as your Goddess card.

    What beautiful cards. It seems like you have just come to a good are in your love life. Have you met someone? They seem to share many of your likes and you are even able to share some of your unique talents. They are someone that appreciates you for them.

    Though it seems that there is something that you do not like about them? The Ishtar card says that you may be sticking to standards for certain type of person you are only willing to date. If you stick to it, you will lose out on something precious.

  • Hi El,

    I'm actually slowly moving on as well and try to focus on my career these days, but there are days that I can't help but think about him. I stop initiating any contacts with him. I often wonder if I did the right thing with him. Did he at one point saw me as someone he would like to spend the rest of his life with? like someone he can commit himself and have serious relationship with? Just curious. I guess, even being friends with him is no longer possible as well? Thanks so much for your reading.

    I hope you are enjoying the time with the baby in the house. They are a handful, but really a delight/ joy to have around especially when you witness each milestone they achieve.



  • EIAI Thank you! Maybe it could be just any international company? can you please ask the cards will i use english in my future job?

  • Hi there,

    Just wondered if you are still doing readings on this thread and if it is possible when you have the time for me to have one.

    I have been forced to resign from my job as catering assistant on medical grounds, so firstly i would like to know if there is anything coming up in the works area, also i am still searching for the elusive Mr Right is he coming into my life anytime soon and how?

    Thank you

    D.O.B = 23/11/77

  • Yes It can be like that I think is frustrates me more when someone tell me if I was you I would do this and that and tell me am wrong for my decision. I think that's one of the things I don't like about people I know it's there opinion and try to help me out but it frustrates me even more that's why sometimes I kind of avoid talking to someone. I have thought about counseling and am starting to research. I just have to talk him into it since he doesn't like to talk about his problems and always puts excuses. You think that by doing that the relationship will change for the better?

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