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  • SagittariusGurl,

    How do you see my relationship? will it still be the same?

    Cards were positive either way. It seems that if you work to keep them the way they are you will be successful. If you want to change them, you can.

    or would it change?


    I know am still with this issue I just can't seem to get it over with it will take time but will "N" get out of the picture?

    They didn't give me a positive Yes. It seems like you will choose work things over despite her still being around. I guess you will make it seem like she has been removed from your lives.

  • Hello)

    When we greeted each other, than i asked him, how is he. He answered, the talk was as we walked to the building, And there were no more communication, he didn't ask, and i decided not to talk either and just made my pace faster. I think that he could also start to talk, but he didn't do it. So I hope i didn't offend him )

    EIAI, maybe can you tell please are there some positive things in the nearest future? I am not in a good mood now (so bored(

  • in your reading about Joy, the card was 6 of cups, i really started to remember so often past, childhood, i feel so sad as i realise that i am becoming older (( the age bothers me so much!

  • HI EIAI,

    Yes, I do know that the people in your life be they family, friends etc are the most important things, and with that comes unconditional love. That i understand but to be honest with you...i don't believe I am deserving of love...I don't believe at the end of the day that i'm loveable. People like me, sure. But I find usually the have an ulterior motive. Men, are usually interested in S.E.X,and nothing more, cause they want what they see, but never for anything more than a mistress, or one night stand kinda thing and am not really interested in that. I want a man that I can love and that can love me. That will accept me with all my imperfections and I , him with all of his. Yes, material things are important to me, but only so that, men can see I don't need them for there money...all i want is for them to love, respect, trust,honor me. Of course I want a man that can take care of me finaincially, that would be nice. But I want them to know that i am with them because i love them. So for that reason, i need to beable to afford a certain lifestyle, so that when Mr. Right comes along, he'll know that is what I want and expect for my life but also, i'm not here to siphon his money away. I'm no Gold digger.

    I am stuuborn tho, for now, I am continuing my relationship with my BF, because I'm not a quitter and I am an eternal optimist. But I hope Mr. Right comes through sooner rather than later, before I turn into a real cynic. It is still hard to imagine or believe that my BF isn't the one. So am going to keep praying on that.

    Thanks again.

    If you have ay further insight to Mr. Right, as in what type of career he has, or family info , anything you can help with. Can you tell me if he is a Sierra Leonean??? Is he black???

    How about will Mr. Right and I live in Sierra Leone???


  • Scully,

    Not telling you off, just reminding you. 🙂

    I agree that was what you said, me too, and i just need to think on what i ought to try to join make friend? any suggestions.

    Let's see...

    The cards say that the type of people you want to meet may be in places that you may not usually meet them in. Maybe you stick to places close to home or where you know there are a lot of people going. Since you seem like an adventurous, spirited person, you may meet people that like doing the same things as you. Rock climbing maybe? Sky diving?

    For now, it still doesn't seem like you really know what you want in friendships so it's time to think a little bit more. Be honest with yourself with regards what it is your are looking for. Do you want friends that you sit all day to talk and sip coffee or do want friends to hang out with and enjoy mutual activities?

    it just bug me?


    or am i being over sensitive?

    Yes, but I think it may be good thing. You should be careful because he sounds creepy if he's following you around.

    I asked the cards if it was the same guy and they said yes.

  • Marishkaa,

    You didn't offend him.

    EIAI, maybe can you tell please are there some positive things in the nearest future?

    There are always positive things in the future. Sometimes it's how we make it and sometimes it's out of our control. But you know what? It's usually up to us.

    When we are bored it's the best time to be happy. You have time to yourself, you think about what you want to do. Hey, maybe you can start on that recipe for fudge you have always wanted to try. Or you see the pen and paper you have not touched in a while and begin to write.

    What is it that makes you happy? You do it, and you will see when you lose yourself, your day will brighten up.

    To answer you question, yes. You will have positive circumstances, but it all depends how you cease the day. If you decide to do nothing because you feel you can't then nothing will turn out. But if you decide to let your creativity let loose and enjoy what you want then there will be positive events coming to you. It may be that you will be involved with music.

    Our past is to give us joy and to help inspire us. It should never be used for regret.

    You should use your nostalgia for your advantage. Why do you think so much of the past? Because you are happy? What made you so happy? Because you were free to do what you wanted to do. What is that you wanted to do back then? Right now it seems like you would still like to do what you dreamed of back then.

  • Sahara,

    It's no problem.

    Eventually, we see things as they are. If not there is always the next life to learn our lessons missed in this life.

    If you have ay further insight to Mr. Right, as in what type of career he has, or family info , anything you can help with.

    For me, this is hard to tell. I can't even tell career options for people asking me now. Wait and see.

    Can you tell me if he is a Sierra Leonean?

    Cards are negative either way. You probably will think that he is.

    Is he black?

    Part or maybe half.

    How about will Mr. Right and I live in Sierra Leone?

    Too far ahead, and it's a choice both will have to make.

  • Thank you but if I make it seem like she's been remove from our lives she will still be there hanging around him. It frustrates me that his mood changes because one day his good and lovely and then the other his all moody I just ignore it. This past week we were so good till Saturday that I told him I wanted to go out and he asked with who and I wouldn't answer and then he got mad that I wouldn't tell him who I was texting and I asked him why he was acting like that if he didn't believe after I told him who it was. He responded by I don't believe anybody he made me feel like a liar. What are his mood changes based on? What was that answer all about? Why was he acting all lovely last week?

  • Hi EI!!!

    I would like a reading : )

    My ex recently popped up after 10/11 months of no contact (with the exception of a brief text 6 months ago when I found out he had been sorta seeing another female for the last 4 years or so (she lives in another country) when we were together.

    He started with the usually miss you nonsense, but after a while I could pick up some anger? Anger is too strong a word, but some negativity from him towards me.

    My last message to him basically said we have gone as far as we will ever go and its time to move forward (I am already seeing someone else and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t go back…too much pain there). I can sense that he wants to communicate with me again but is scared of rejection and or still angry? Is my sense correct? Is he angry/annoyed with me? If so…why? I figure he was just testing the waters to see if I'd come back...but why try to dump the end of our relationship on me? This confuses me because I was good to him and I feel if anyone should feel negatively it should be me.

    Thanks for your time ❤

  • Thanks El 🙂

    Actually that job with the relocation company will involve communication - just like my current job. And it will also use some of the skills I've learnt at the current job.. That's why I thought it might be a good fit. Do you see that there'll be any interest at this or the few others I've applied for.

    The assistant instructor position is to assist in teaching dance to pre-schoolers. So it's an assistant to the teacher. If I remember correctly, it's on a freelance basis. So I still to find a full time job.

    I asked for my salary to be reviewed yesterday. My team leader didn't remember she had mentioned in Nov last year that there would be a review after the first 3 months (Feb). I guess cos she never was the intention to review anything. She just said it to shut me up because I was trying to negotiate for a higher salary even then (Nov). So yesterday, I asked her to talk to my manager (the guy) and she said ok. I also followed up with an email later on, specifically mentioning a range I was looking at and asking that an adjustment be made soon. Any impressions on her reaction and what may happen?

    I'm just fed up of feeling that they got me for a song. I don't think they pay people well in this place, at least not what they're worth. But they expect a whole lot. And for some reason, there is a discrepancy in the amount different team members are getting, although it appears that all of us are similarly qualified, and have a similar level of responsibility. All are overloaded.

    El, can I ask if there is problem with my blood pressure? It used to be on the low side (both numbers), which makes sense because I'm short and petite. But my pressure actually increased into the accepted normal range after I started working in this place. Just wondering if 'normal' is too high for me, considering my size and that my system is oversensitive to begin with. ve a history of high blood pressure in my family. Also, am I still anemic (have mostly been, mildly, for more than 15 years)? Is any of this causing the light-headedness?

    Just trying to figure this out. I know a lot of it is emotional stress as you have mentioned before, but my stress level hit the roof once I started experiencing the physical symptoms (dizziness, joints out of alignment) and now they're each perpetuating the cycle of stress, pain and discomfort. And I don't know how to stop it. I feel negative because I don't feel well. Even when I feel happy - I feel miserable... haha, does that make sense?

    I'm starting to feel I have no choice but to try out the chiropractor. I called them up yesterday and they were very nice. It sounds like a friendly place. But it's going to cost...

  • SagittariusGurl,

    What are his mood changes based on?

    Recharge + Economy + Challenge

    With Venus as your Goddess card.

    Seems like his moods change depending on his energy. When he feels sick or when he's not energized he will feel down on himself. His anger will come from that and he will be unrestrained. He will take it out on any one and will try and make those closest to him feel the same.

    What was that answer all about?

    The Sleeper card fell. I think it meant just that. He doesn't believe any one because he always feels like he knows people are keeping things from him. He feels like he always has to search for the truth.

    Why was he acting all lovely last week?

    Adaptability + Isolation + Competitiveness

    With Venus as your Goddess card.

    I feel like he put a goal for himself. Like he said, "After this day, I'm going to change, and I'm going to show those that I should be caring for more love." I think he did it because he was feeling down. I think he wanted to see if he could get the same affections in return if he gave them.

  • Snowball,

    is he scared of rejection?


    or still angry?


    Is my sense correct?


    Is he annoyed with me?


    If so…why?

    Commitment card and the Sceptre card fell.

    It's perhaps that things in your life and his are going differently. He sees what he had and he may want it back. He might have realized he made the mistake in what he had done. He enjoys the memories and laments.

    why try to dump the end of our relationship on me?

    I think it's just that. Because you ended the relationship. He might've felt like he had a good thing going and then everything turned out wrong. I think he knows what he did was wrong, I just don't think he realizes how wrong it was. I think he thinks you might've taken things out of proportion.

  • Danceur,

    Hmm... I'm thinking that they may not even use your work like you are thinking, but let's check.

    Do you see that there'll be any interest at this?


    or the few others I've applied for?

    Yes, but in the No position you got Passion again.

    I think that the jobs you are applying for me not be the ones you will end up getting. It may come unexpectedly, as if falling from the sky (Fortuna).

    Any impressions on her reaction?

    Recharge + Promotion + Disillusion

    With Freya as your Goddess card.

    Hmm... Doesn't seem like she was all too happy. It seems interacting with people under her is not what she looks forward to. I'm thinking she hates her job as much as you guys hate yours. I think she felt like she has to give in a little now. I think she feels like you're going to keep coming back so now she has to really take things seriously even if she doesn't want to.

    and what may happen?

    Wedding + Compromise + Sacrifice

    With Demeter as your Goddess card

    It seems like they won't get back to you on it so soon. There may be some negotiations, but things won't go to either ones favor. You probably won't get what you asked for and of course, they have to end up paying you more than they want.

    can I ask if there is problem with my blood pressure?

    No, it seems like your mind is worrying too much.

    Also, am I still anemic?

    I can't really say. It's almost a balanced answer. In the yes, there are two positive cards before the final answer is Wedding which to me is negative.

    Then for no, there are two negative cards and finally Stability which is positive.

    There are three earth cards which is clearly talking about your body. It seems like for now you are at a balance. Perhaps you are eating well, but not too well. You may need to count your sugar intake, or get more vitamin C in your body, for instance.

    Is any of this causing the light-headedness?

    Cards are negative either way. It's neither of these problems.

    It does make sense. You're feeling a little down, and your body may be calling a time out.

    How many vacation days do you have? Seems like you need to get away for a little bit.

    If you don't feel comfortable seeing the chiropractor, don't. It may add more to your stress then you already have.

    Hmm... Have you looked for alternate measures? My mom was supposed to get surgery for her back 10 years ago, but instead she somehow got in contact with some men and women that "massage" your back.

    Myself, I used to have a bad limp that made me the butt of every joke, and since I went to one of those masseuses it's been fixed-- mostly ( I hate when people touch my body, clothed or not, so I only let them "fix" me the one time. :p). I have a lot of faith in natural healers then I do doctors and the like.

    It may not be easy to get in contact with someone that does this sort of work, but they do help-- and are cheaper...

  • HI EIAI,

    Hope all is well with you?

    About week or so ago, I asked you to look into KPMG, a company I had applied to, to see what was going on. I had been emailing back and forth with them,then all of a sudden it stopped. When you did your reading you said all seemed well, and that i would hear from them in 5days or so...the number 5 kept coming up, and you thought it was the amount of time till, i heard from them. It has been more than the five days, and although i'm trying to stay positive, it is nerve racking. Was hoping you could have another look at this again for me.

    Also, I should be travelling to Sierra Leone on the 7th July with my son, will it be a safe trip?? And will anything of interest to me take place on my journey?



  • EI – Your reading seems sooo accurate. Him being annoyed would explain his rather rude reactions towards me although he is the one who initiated contact.

    “He sees what he had and he may want it back.” Word for word that’s what he told me, “he wants it back.”

    “I think he knows what he did was wrong, I just don't think he realizes how wrong it was. I think he thinks you might've taken things out of proportion.” Knowing him…that sounds about right. It saddens me to know he doesn’t understand how hurtful his actions were and may feel that way…saddens me, but doesn’t surprise me. Although I don’t want his back romantically, I would like to remain friends with him if possible. I hate that we shared so much and now act as if we never knew one another..just seems so wrong, especially since I am still friends with 95% of my exes. Would he be open to a platonic friendship? What does the future hold for us in terms of how we relate to one another if at all?

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this, not just for me but in general. I know you don’t have to and the process from reading to responding is a time-consuming one and it is very much appreciated.


  • Hi EIAI,

    It turns out I am going to have to overnight in london on my way to Sierra Leone. So should I stay at my brothers houseand invite BF over for a visit there or should I ask and stay with my BF. We'll be meeting up later in the month in Sierra Leone.

    Let me know what you think or the cards think.



  • Hi ELimoth,

    I dont know for sure what's up with me at the moment, I seem to gone backwards some how, in my emotions feelings.

    My colleague has left today, so on one part i pleased has we got on then we didn't, i know im not jealous she got new job,, but it brought on that old feeling of will i ever leave, for another job?

    The same time, im annoyed at so many have put down go out for her leaving do and seem gen care about her, yet i cant help thinking why didn't you do that for my birthday?

    I always felt bit that, as when her dad died all those time ago, round same time my sister killed herself , she got more concious from other co workers, whom i worked with for years,, i know i was different then.

    Yet they moan slag her a bit, but i dont think it meant maliciousness.

    I thought i got past this, i should be just happy for her,,

    I got some resentment haven't i?

    A lot people i work with are not my type as friend/colleagues any way.


  • El i figure about the energies I have been told that before. What are energies based on that make you change moods? I think he always been like that but it just shocked me when he said that because he had never told me that before and he made me feel like a liar which I don't like to lie lol. Would he still have that goal?

  • Right! Music. I haven't played piano for month, and playing makes me happy)

    Thank you )

  • Hi El.

    Yeah, it's still the same guy. I don't like that I keep asking about him, but I guess it's hard because this is unfamiliar territory for me. Plus, it doesn't help that he isn't consistent in his behavior, lol. Well, he's consistent as far as his teasing goes (some of the things he says could be on the edge of being mean, and if he were saying them to someone else it could possibly upset them, but I also know if it really did bother me and I told him, he'd stop), but otherwise he's confusing.

    But I'm a patient person, and I don't mind going with the flow of things as long as I know I'm not wasting time/energy.

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