Practice with Tarot Cards

  • Suramya,

    I can relate to your reading, but I'll hold any further comment until you are free to write further.

    There is no rush. 🙂

    On to your reading!

    Will things change for the better any time soon, and will I find time for my own work?

    • Revision + Responsibility + Solution

    I believe that they will, but not before you go through a rough patch as you are going right now. There are things, (money? family?) that you have to deal with and your priority is them first. For now, if you are placing them first, sacrificing your time for them, than that will bring you great rewards. In the end, you will find that your problems slowly start to fade away and you will find time and energy to work for yourself (April 6-9).

    Of course, there does need to be a balance, and you don't need to neglect yourself completely, but if you're dealing with family issues you will need to be honest and mature as to how to deal with it as I also got the Goddess card Isis when I asked what advice they would like to give you.

    I think that these problems you will be facing will be going on for most of the time in March. Try getting enough sleep and eat right so that you can have the energy and strength to deal with these issues. I know you can do it!

  • Thank you EIAI for the reading, the situation at my workplace has become very insecure recently. i will see how the situation unfolds but i may have to look for something else in the near future. The job's always offered financial stability (that is probably why i have been clinging to it for so long) but i must admit i have never found it satisfying.

    As for love all you said is true. Currently i am in a 'lows' phase.

  • I Wouldd like a reading if possible?

    My q is : why is my boyfriend hiding things and refusing to answer some questions? Then causing a fight about me wanting to know?

    Does he care about how I feel?

    Thanks I'm advance.

  • Hi ElAl,

    I am so grateful for your excellent readings for me already - you really must know that you are very gifted. I have another question for you. 🙂 Related to me finding a job as a nurse after I graduate in August. You said it looked like I would find a job, though I will be torn between a job here and another job. I am still VERY much hoping I can find a job here, and I'm hoping you might ask the cards toward which type of nursing I should direct my search? I'm really very interested in many areas of nursing, but of course want to go where I can get a job, and where I will be happy. Also, do the cards think I will be able to start my job as a nurse around October 1st, 2012?

    Thank you, EIAI, very much for all of your help - your readings have been very reassuring and calming for me! I hope you are doing well.... 🙂

  • Thank you for the confirmation Moonalisa.

    I hope things turn out well for you.

    Hugs and Love


  • Nottelling,

    Why is my boyfriend hiding things and refusing to answer some questions? Then causing a fight about me wanting to know?

    • Choice + Recharge + Investment

    He's hiding things because he was probably in a relationship or situation where he had to split his time. You were not supposed to know of it, but right now, he's trying to keep it a hidden as possible as things aren't going so well for him. Eventually he will come clean and he will tell you of all he has done in order to save your relationship.

    Does he care about how I feel?

    Yes, I do think he does, but at the moment I think he may be feeling insecure in your relationship. It's that perhaps you both have not been communicating in a way that stimulates his mind and he's perhaps gotten a little bored.

  • Firehorsecrab,

    Thank you so much for up-lifting and kind words.

    You are a treasure!

    Now about directing you to your nursing job, which do you like most?

    I don't really know the options for a nursing job so can you tell me which one?

    As for starting after October, the cards are very positive.

    I got the Responsibility card for you twice. This card for tells that you will find a job that is financially rewarding.

  • Well, I really like working in pediatrics, though we don't have very many pediatric patients at our hospital because we're in a smaller town. I've been thinking of working on the Medical floor with all ages, but with an emphasis on pediatrics so that when there are patients I can work with them. I've also thought about OB, with women in Labor & Delivery and also with new moms and babies in post partum. I've been thinking a job at the hospital would maybe be best for my first year or two to really learn the skills of nursing and then is I like it I could stay or maybe try home health or hospice nursing. I love patient care and I was just wondering if the cards tell you a certain age group or type of patients that they say might be best for me, since I could be happy many places. Thank you!! I like that you are getting the Responsibility card and it seems like I will find a job that will pay well - I'm ready for that!

  • ElAl, you can practise on me if you like - just a general reading. I can never read for myself.

  • EIAI

    I would love to have a reading if your still wanting to practice. My question is what is charlie thinking about me and why did he call? Will I hear more from him and do you see us having a relationship in time? If it is not charlie do the cards reveal the lucky guy to come. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    Love and Light

  • EIAI

    Thanks so much for your reading...the dates seem to make got it right again.More than one member in my family is seriously ill and need my attention.Also lot of other responsibilities and an injured shoulder that Im nursing:(

    Heres a Goddess reading. You got Yemanya yet again,which means golden opportunity or that the job or opportunity you are being offered now is very good for you.When I look at just the picture it shows a golden tanned beautiful goddess stretching herself in the sea waves,dancing with the dolphins(animal connection again!) and seems to me to suggest that you are either getting an opportunity to do something that gives you true creative,artistic satisfaction now ,or soon will do so.The place maybe near water.Only by doing what you creatively enjoy can you be happy.This might have something to do with dance or any artistice expression of your spontaneity and possibly sexuality.The second card suggests that you could consider this new opportunity as a part time job or occupation right now and gently ease out of the old job.There is no need to rush with a decision,easy does it. Again I get a Goddess with beautiful long hair and a lot of fire in her.Is this side of yourself something that you have not fully unleashed yet?!

    Am just looking at tarot cards next

  • Captain

    Took the liberty of doing a mini Goddess card reading for you:)

    For you and your mum,you got a card that suggests that things are indeed easing out gently.Things are working out slowly but surely.

    I really liked a card called Guinevere that popped out for you.It has a lovely lady carrying white flowers: "The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the universe to deliver great love to you".True love headed your way,be ready to welcome it or manifest it!

    And the first card was Rhianon,the sorceress, that has come up for you before. The meaning is to put your thoughts and efforts into manifesting your dreams,they are within reach. The picture is of a girl riding a magical creature sort of like a horse or a unicorn,on a moonlit night ,in a woody landscape with an etheral veil trailing behind her. I find it very fairytale like,The card also reminds you your easy and intense connection with animals.Do you like horses?Above all Rhianon was the Welsh Goddess who helps souls to cross over to after life, so the card seems to remind you of your magical powers to guide others as well as work that fairy magic manifestation in your own life:)


  • EIAI

    Quick tarot redaing

    Past job:imbalance between what you put in and what you got back

    prsent situation:taking stock of how far you have have reasons to be satisfied with your progress so far,but in a while you will have to replant,sow new seeds for new possibilities in the future,.

    In the advice postion the cards strongly urge you you to not take any immediate rash decisions,fool reversed.i know this contradicts what I said yesterday but then it fits in with the Goddess reading, which says gently ease into the new job.

    The next cardx Temperance in the advice position is also suggesting,that you have things under control more or less,no need to act at once.Consider all factors and find a balance between your various requirements. You may be giving too much of your time or resources to others. Eventually, temperance always suggests success achieved through your own attitudes and patience and a sort of balancing act. What is blocking you is some sort of past memory,probably idealized.Look ahead. You are emerging as King cups,mature and generous,the one everyone can rely on.But dont hold out that cup indiscriminately.Save some of your love n energy fr yrself:) Alternatively,it could mean that you are now perceived as very lovable by "potential people'!

    9 wands came up when I asked who will aid you.This could be a communication from someone who is in a position to help you..someone who holds great responsibility(10 wands) or expects too much from you.In any case a message coming your way which you will deal with eagerly and well.

    anyone to look ouyt for as a threat or obstacle? a controlling woman who always wants her way.My way or highway says she to you.Ring a bell?

    Id be happy to answer any other questions, if for example you are choosing bw 2 options or something.

    Love and Light

  • Hi EIAI,

    Ooh you're right! I want to find a job that maximizes my talents, a job that I love. But I have to balance out financial responsiblities too. Not sure I can relate to finding a group of people that will be helpful? My colleagues are mostly lovely but this environment is selfish, boss is not supportive, no respect for the individual. What kind of good do you see, that could emerge from me remaining here?

    I don't want to jump into something else just for its sake. And I'm trying to endure. But I don't belong here. I'm already staying at this job just for the money. There has to be more for me, doesn't there?

    And for him, I was worried that he might already know and that he is avoiding me because of it. So you really feel he doesn't know, huh? Hmmm ok.

    I've wanted to tell him. But it seems like the moment has passed, because we don't interact anymore. I always felt there would be a time to do it, and I'd just be guided to say it.

    So you think he is going to have a lightbulb moment instead - because of something someone else says? And he will realise that everything I might have said or done, including giving him space and/or not telling him how I feel, is because I love him?

    And when he realises that I'm in love with him, how might it affect him? or me? Would he try to seek confirmation from me? Would he shy away further? What would happen?

  • Thanks for the reeding. I don't know What to say, he has always been faithful, so I dont think that there is someone else, his time is always spent with me or at work or sleeping.

    Did the cards show you he has someone else?

  • Firehorsecrab,

    Pediatrics - Duel + Concession + Economy

    Medical Floor - Bridge + Solution + Revision

    OB - Stability + Knight + Bouquet

    With Pediatrics, there will be a struggle as you said since there aren't many patients and positions will be scarce and even when there are you may be mostly on-call.

    Working in the Medical Floor does look like a good starting out choice, but it may not be something you will like in the long run and will keep looking out for other places to work

    In OB, I see that that's where you would really like to be. It's like you are in your element. The Knight card actually has a woman holding a child-protecting it. I see from the bouquet, this job will be something you love and will do well in.

    My guess is the cards say that you should work with women the most. From adolescence and up.

  • Capain,

    Thank you so much for helping me!

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you.

    The Isolation card flipped over as I was shuffling the deck.

    It tells that perhaps you are going through a state of limbo. Perhaps you don't feel like yourself at the moment and that has caused you to withdraw a bit.

    • Individuality + The Fall + Recognition

    You felt destined, compelled to fulfill old dreams that you had. It was something that made you long to be, but now the present, the Fall for tells that there are people telling you that you will make a mistake. Telling you to watch out. Maybe it's lack of support that is making you feel how the Isolation card said? In the end though, the mistakes that others think that you are making will only be because they are over-protective of you. You will come out ahead and be rewarded for you creativity and bravery.

    The Hecate card came out as advice for you and she tells that there need not be any fear of what will happen in the future. It's your past that's been coming up, but she says that it is long gone and only here to help. Look out for yourself in the here, in the now, then you will be able to move forward and collect all the rewards you deserve.

    Also, I got two cards that have almost the same meaning. The Fall card from my tarot deck and the New Beginnings from my Angel deck. It tells me that you have probably started a new phase of your life that you are trying to cope with. It's just that you may feel imbalanced. Archangel Michael asks that if you're having difficult times, then do not hesitate to ask him for help. As you may need to make time for yourself to regain your strength and energy.

  • Khemosabie,

    What is Charlie thinking about you?

    • Reputation + Rebel + Manipulation

    I think it's that you've not have been going in the path that he was expecting. He's surprised that you have turned your life around. He's hoping that you would need him.

    Why did he call?

    These cards feel for you: Confidence + Promotion + Confession + Compromise + Passion + Disillusion

    I don't think things in his life are going as he has imagined. What he's doing is going back to where he felt he was safe. I think he has heard of your success and wants to see for himself. He wants to enjoy them with you. Also, the compromise card tells me that he may think you both are "meant to be be."

    Will you hear more from him?

    Yes, as he wants to try for another chance at this relationship.

    Do you see us having a relationship in time?

    Yes, but it may be a slow start as decision have to be made and you both can not readily commit to each other- yet.

    If it is not charlie do the cards reveal the lucky guy to come.

    The Investment card flew out the deck as I was asking your question.

    Do you feel as if there is someone else that is better suited for you? Even if you have not met anyone that would be to your liking the card tells me that you are in no hurry to begin a relationship. That it seems you taking your time for yourself and keeping yourself grounded.

  • Thank you, EIAI... I was initially drawn to the possibility of becoming a midwife, and then I've thought and rethought everytihng so many times, I'm really not sure where I belong - thank you so much for giving me some guidance through the cards. I think I will have 80 hours in OB this summer for my leadership class and hopefully that will help me to feel if it's where I belong (and if I can get a job there!) Thank you, you are a treasure. 🙂

  • Danceur,

    What kind of good do you see, that could emerge from me remaining here?

    • Trust + Truth and Integrity + Study

    What the cards are telling me is that you have to have a little faith in the Universe as to how things are evolving. I think in being in this environment is helping you in leading into things you are going to go into the future. The study card says that your work environment is a learning experience in it's own and might even inspire you to go into higher learning because of it.

    There has to be more for me, doesn't there?

    Yes, absolutely. I think it's a life lesson for you from the Universe and in time you will start to see things get better and fortune smiling upon you.

    So you think he is going to have a lightbulb moment instead - because of something someone else says? And he will realise that everything I might have said or done, including giving him space and/or not telling him how I feel, is because I love him?

    Yes, because his mind has been clouded and he's letting his emotions, the troubling events taking place run his mind. Eventually he will see you with another perspective. Perhaps the one that he had lost before all this came to play.

    And when he realises that I'm in love with him, how might it affect him?

    He will feel sorry, but will want the best for you.


    Not satisfied. As if you have been betrayed.

    What will he do when he finally realizes?

    That there is nothing he can do as he has already chosen. He has sacrificed his life and there is no way of regaining of what he has lost.

    What would happen?

    In the end, you both will have to realize that perhaps this is the end and move on with your lives. Perhaps leave it as a friendship and begin a new life. The two paths card says that a new opportunity is coming up so it's best to take care of yourself for now until you have healed.

    If there is to be a reconciliation in the future, at the very least, this experience has helped and matured you two.

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