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  • El...You did clarify. Thank you very much.


  • Hi ELL.

    Thank you for that.

    The health thing is getting loads better, i basically going back to have oats and fruit for brekkie, and introducing more differ fruit veg over wider length of time, instead of in one rush, so body gut get used to it, i always had health diet, also more protein now less carbs.

    Work, well i was arguing in my head i knew the way i was thinking was like i gone back to been paranoid and loss my confidence again there, like a sea saw,, i knew what happening, i felt low, so all this hurt my back, health all came together i had take time off, i haven't had week off sick in years.

    There are rules and regulations, that are by law have we to be followed, so i not be stubborn if a colleague does not do a manual handling task correctly, if it goes wrong it will have effect on us and the client, may end up serious legal, or least if say i hurt myself through not doing a task right, i hurt myself, i wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

    Is that what you meant?

  • Thanks. EL!

    You mentioned that he is willing to talk. Do u see him approaching me soon? I have been waiting for him to open up to me.

    Is hs someone that I can trust? (since you mentioned that I might be attracting sone unsuitable men currently. I am not sure if he is considered as one of then too) does he loves me and hope to have a love relationship with me?

    Yes EL. I am much more immature as compared to him and I will try to improve myself,

  • Hi El!

    Thanks so much for your reading! I admit I'm rather intrigued - what card set do you use for your readings? I like the idea of Goddess cards very much!

    The first reading certainly sounds accurate; we've been essentially best friends for the past 4 or 5 years. I can always count on him and vice versa, and he knows me better than anyone else alive which is part of what draws me to him.

    The second reading makes sense too; a lot of his close friends (and not just me) have grown to dislike his girlfriend, as she can be pretty hurtful towards him when he even shows the slightest disagreement on her plans for the next 30 years or so in the future. Despite all his complaints about her, he still stays with her almost because he's afraid of change, or thinks he can't do any better.. The intellectual card reflects what I saw in my tarot readings; I drew a lot of swords cards, which seem to reflect the same idea. And I know that unless he really starts to feel less for her, he is most likely going to cling to the relationship unless his girlfriend breaks it off.

    The idea of telling him my feelings is a pretty scary one! But I guess we'll see where things go. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your reading, I really appreciate it!

    • E

  • Hi if anyone is still doing readings here. I would love to know where I am at with my job and my 4 bosses-(Nick, James, Stephanie and Erica).

  • Great to hear from you El!

    Oh I had no idea you were on a break from school. Think of it this way – school may be a pain at times, but hopefully it will give you ideas and maybe little adventures, new people to meet and experiences. Even if it’s crowds of teenagers…lol. Ooh I don’t like tablets either – my mum has one and honestly I don’t understand why people like them.

    It’s hard being a Scorpio. We are contradictory. Maybe that’s why I find it hard to let people in close. I feel that only I would understand myself – and no one else will. I do feel better now – thanks for asking - but I'm going back and forth. I'm in a really moody phase and all these contradictory feelings have me got all wound up. There's nothing I want more than to be free of all these bad feelings, but in a way I feel like I have to 'entertain' them, get to the source, figure out why I feel them, suffer with them, until they (hopefully) obliterate.

    It’s nearly exactly the way you described. I have been more angry than usual and I’m not used to feeling this way. It’s like I woke up one day and felt that I’d been gravely wronged and I want them to pay for what they’ve done.

    Of course, in my waking life, I’d never take revenge on someone. And I don’t like holding on to anger. I may be the quiet sort but I like to smile and laugh too. And right now, that’s just missing. I can sleep whole days away if I chose to. I just slept 10 hours but I'm still sooo tired. It’s just testing my sanity… feeling like I’m moving on and ok and that I’ve let go of the hurt I feel and then Bam again, I feel it and more intensely. You’re so right too – I have been over-eating and having a lot of junk food.

    If B doesn’t know I’m not ok, then he has really stopped caring, hasn’t he? Cos there was a time he noticed stuff about me. When I seemed tired, when I seemed not ok. I think he would be shocked now if he knew how much hurt and anger I’m carrying around. It’s his luck that I’m a Scorpio and I have this nonchalant mask that I put on. I think I never expected that after my little revelation in May – when I texted him and started to share some of my feelings – that I would go backwards and revisit feelings of hurt and anger. I felt so free in May, like a burden had been lifted and I was free to move on.

    And now I feel trapped. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I guess seeing him every week for class is almost like a slap in the face. No one will ever know how he treated me, he doesn’t even want to acknowledge it and I tried to bury the feelings and make nice with him – thinking that would heal me but I’m going nuts here. It’s just a recipe for disaster. I guess that’s why though I still miss him and the love is still there (oh god what is wrong with me), there’s also feelings of wanting to dissociate from him and not acknowledge his presence. But when I do that, it feeds the negative feelings too. I know that my freedom lies in forgiveness – but I do not know how to get there.

    With work, I don’t know if I have a real choice here of whether to take it on. But I just had to make sure I made some noise about it, and not let the boss think I was a pushover. Hahaha - oh man, when I think of him, it really is kinda like that - shaking hands with the Devil.

    it’s funny that you pulled “Economy” on this. Money is something that I wasn’t going to bring up at all. Because I just got that raise in June and I’m not in a position to ask again yet. And honestly, I’m getting a feeling that this new role will be my swan song here. I actually feel myself marching into his office in a few months (maybe next year) and telling him I’m done – no matter how good or how bad I am at this role. I don’t know why I can’t see this role as an opportunity for advancement at this job. I just feel dread, everyday. And I don’t want to try anymore. I just need another opportunity elsewhere. That is what is preventing me from leaving.

    Maybe it has just become too much to remain in 2 scenarios where I feel wronged – by B and then by this organization. My natural instincts would be to move away but I can’t – from either. I feel trapped. They are both feeding each other, and it’s agony. They make me feel stuck in a stage in my life when I felt I was moving ahead. I felt the wheels turning a lot since the beginning of the year, and now they're stuck in mud again. And I long to be whisked away to a magic land where I can feel free and happy again.

    In a way, going to this dance class is my magic land. But the real happiness has to come from within…I have been there mostly these last few months, I don’t know what's happened.

    I was happy when you said the leader of the dance group sees me as someone kindred. He’s kinda like an older brother type figure to the rest, and I always wanted that. But then again, it’d be really hard to make friends and be close to anyone right now, because I feel like if I really let down the walls, I’ll just cry. Again this connundrum of wanting to reach out - yet wanting to remain alone.

    I do care for me and I want to take care of myself better. And I know I'm not really alone - but I do feel alone. And I feel forgotten. I think for now, I want to try and not think about this too much... because it feeds the negativity. I gotta try and find my center again.

    I'm praying that some miracle will touch my life and bring the opportunities that I'm just not seeing right now.

  • Hello StandingTall,

    I don't know if your question is still relevant, but I'll still ask. It's still August right?...

    Am I correct in feeling it in my "Gut" that there will be some sadness in regard to this situation?

    Yes, but the cards were positive. It seems that it's mostly will be people talking, but that in the end things well.


  • Hello Scully,

    I'm not really sure. I think what the cards were talking about was your coworkers talking about you personally, and not your work.

  • Hello Pinkrose,

    You mentioned that he is willing to talk. Do u see him approaching me soon?

    No. He's not ready to open up emotionally.

    Is hs someone that I can trust?

    Yes, but not until you start to respect him can you really trust him. He needs to respect and trust you too, so it's not until you both get there that he will truly be someone you can count on.

    does he loves me?

    The cards are negative either way.

    Very negative when it comes to love, so right now, he really doesn't have much love for you.

    and hope to have a love relationship with me?

    Again, negative either way.

    It seems like any thought of you makes him uneasy. He tries to ignore the thoughts of you.

    All that needs to be done is to give him time. There are a lot of eights in your readings, so it may be as long as eight months. He needs to heal, and then to be assured that you are serious about him and a good future.

  • Hello E,

    I use the Moon Oracle for all of my readings. 🙂

    Since you've known him for so long and know how hesitant he is, I think it is up to you to tell him your feelings. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? :3

  • Hello Asia,

    I would love to know where I am at with my job:

    Challenge + Principles + Promotion

    With Artemis as your Goddess card

    I get a sense that you are taking the victim role. There may be some challenges coming up, but the obstacles there are to make you stronger-- to give you experience. If you can hold up, you will learn so much and probably be promoted or get a higher salary.

    Artemis says that a lot of it is in your head. You keep worrying and overthinking. Be cool, chill out, take a step back and things will get better. It looks like a good future to me.

    and my 4 bosses-

    Nick: The wheel card flipped over. There seems to be a lot of open communication with him. He's the one to go when you have concerns.

    Though I'm getting the sense that he may think you're a bit of spaz. You're happy one day and sad the next. He's very protective of you. Freya popped up so it seems like he may think you very narrow. You are set to do one thing and one thing only and you will not stop until you accomplish it.

    James: Another one that thinks you are stubborn. Both James and Nick both didn't think you would last long, but you have proved them wrong. They think that you can accomplish much more, that you have more options open with regards to work, but you're not willing to change or to do things much differently. He would like you to discover your own ability.

    Stephanie: (laughs) Were you really scared when you went to work there? She saw you as really withdrawn at first, but now you have won her over. She likes you, and you both have probably enjoyed a good laugh together. She may think that you are brilliant, but like Nick and James, very narrow-minded and stubborn.

    Erica: Oh... This one may be the hard one to please. She likes having respect, and may be on the dominant side. With regards to you she sees your inexperience, and the mistakes you make, far more easily than the others. She's the one to compromise with and stand behind if she ever goes on a tirade.


  • Hello EL, thank you so much for the reading. Opened my eyes for a long time I thought Nick did not like me at all.

    How do show my bosses I can and will accomplish much more?

    Does the Sagitarrius busboy/prep cook like me?

    Do I need to move out-living with my family is causing much stress?

  • Hello Danceur,

    Thanks for the support, Danceur. You are exactly right. That's what I've been doing for the most part these past two years. We'll see how it goes this semester. 🙂

    I know how you feel about confiding only in yourself. It's really hard to find someone that can understand our thoughts and our emotions. It's the scaring people away that has always got me. But at least, they are our feelings. Even if people believe that we don't feel much, we seem to feel more than the "normal" people. (laughs)

    This does seem to be a phase, your anger and revenge, I mean. I didn't know how you would be, but i should've known better. Since I've met you, you've been nothing but calm and almost gentle as you write.

    How have you been feeling as of late?

    Hah... B... I don't know how to say it, but I don't think he has stopped caring about you. It's just not the same level of affection. As his student, you are important, but as a lover, his feelings have faded.

    No matter what, forgiveness may take some time. I know that we Scorpios don't forgive much. It's possible that it can take years, but I know that you will get to that point, and move one-- finally taking of these chains that bind you.

    With your work, the cards just keep saying that there is a lesson to learn. Still, something you have to find. I guess it's like the advice you gave me for school. We have to see it from another perspective. But do you feel much better after speaking up? At least, a little bit?

    Have you ever thought of joining a women's group? So that you don't need to feel alone, but also empowered. I once took an art class, and to my surprise, it was an all woman class. They were all very supportive and especially the elder women like to always be helpful. Even though sometimes they can get too much into your business... (laughs)

  • Asia,

    How do show my bosses I can and will accomplish much more?

    Sword + Precipice + Impulse

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    Whatever negativity that you've heard come out of their mouths, or what you think they are thinking of you negatively, do the opposite. You're always late? Get there ten minutes early. You have a sloppy workspace? Clean it up before you leave everyday, and so on and so forth. Don't think about the mistakes, don't think that you can't make them up, you can. You will if let stop pulling you down.

    You have the potential to be the best in your work, but that you need to pick up your pace and put more energy into it.

    This is your transformative period and you need to put your energy into getting ahead.

    Does the Sagitarrius busboy/prep cook like me?

    The cards were positive either way. He does to a point, but there is something about your cooking that may be distinct.

    Do I need to move out-living with my family is causing much stress?

    Cards were balanced, but positive.

    You will find that you may not have as much freedom as you thought, but at the very least you will be a bit happier if you decide to move out.

    If you don't, you will always have it at the back of your head, but you will learn to balance everything, and most likely become more grounded.

  • what does he does to a point mean? and btw thank you so much.

  • That he comes close to your style of cooking

    You both may like to add rosemary and thyme, but you may always put a little bit more or add something else to make it just right.

  • Hey El!

    Yeah I think Scorpios feel a lot. But we seem to be very good at hiding it and people think we are unaffected by things. Which is sooo not true.

    I don’t get angry easily.. it’s taken almost a year to get to this stage. I think it’s a sense of indignation that someone I consider a friend hurt me this way and there’s no way to get ‘justice’. But then again, part of me doesn’t really care – it’s done.

    I do believe it is a phase too. It’s just tough because he’s still in my environment and I keep getting retriggered by the memories. So I’ll be fine and then I’m not and then I’m fine again. Case in point, since I last wrote you, I don’t really feel angry anymore. But I don’t know how long that will last (lol).

    How would anyone understand if I told them I’m mad, but I’m not - sometimes I feel angry or sad at the way he’s handled this, and sometimes I don’t really care and it seems like really old news (it is, actually).

    As I was writing this, I came to another hypothesis: it’s almost as if the moment I should have been angry has already passed, but the feelings have taken a long time to catch up – so now I’m just giving them time to run their course. And then the fire and angst will burn/tire itself out. And I’ll be fine – and free of the chains, as you say. That’s my hope anyway.

    Can’t say I’m surprised that B is not sentimental about me ‘that’ way. It’s been 10 months since I last hung out with him, as a lover, or anything at all. It’s probably more difficult for feelings to fade – if you are the one that got left behind – which in this case, is me.

    Yes I do feel better for speaking up. But I still feel I’m not being heard. I’m pretty sure one of the lessons I’m learning is to speak up for myself. But in a place where people don’t listen – speaking up can be almost as maddening sometimes.

    Not sure if I told you but they decided I don't need to do that role – for now. I’m happy about that, because I realised that despite my efforts to try and talk myself into it, I don’t believe in the project – and I don’t want that role. But there’s another assignment I have to help out with – I thought I was already overloaded, then there's another tsunami on its way.

    I don't know if it would help to be around more people. Because the thing is I'm insular. Well I’m actually around women a lot – at work, in the gym/club, in dance class. That’s why it was a nice break when I joined that other dance class and there are more guys. Speaking of which, I got to know P a little better just now. He was talking to my friend and me. Sigh, he really is kinda cute.

    Man this sucks (lol). I think unknowingly I have a ‘type’. I always am attracted to the same type of guy. Who ends up being unfaithful, unavailable or changes his mind. Why P? When he is unavailable. I get the same vibes around him as I did around B - at the beginning of our friendship. Like a sense of being curious but holding back. Can you relate?

  • Hi EI!

    May i have a reading please? Would like a general reading on my relationship. Been with my BF for almost a year now. Wondering where the relationship is headed to? Will we get engaged this year? Thank you for your time and help.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm going to be closing this thread.

    So no more questions after this.

    If you guys still want me to answer questions, post on a new thread or send me an email.

  • Angel Message:

    The Intention card flipped over.

    Tells that we must all do as we intend and not just what we say. There is a need for balance and for really going after what we want, but we can't do it if all we do is think and talk about it. It's time to set our minds to it.

    Study + Surrender and Release + Enchantment

    We have been going through such a growing and learning phase that it's time we took a long, deep breathe. Yes, it's almost over, but what's keeping us from finally growing out of our shells is ourselves. We can not let things go.

    The Angels say to give them your worries, your fears. They are there to help us, but they can only do so when we really invite them, and let them help us. Even if every night you are praying for them to take your frustrations away, are you letting them? Are you willing to really let go and move on with your life?

    When we do finally let go, we may find ourselves in a whole new world. One that seems unreal, but just as beautiful. Yet, we have to get there, and work with the higher beings.

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