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  • Hi El!

    Actually I'm not sure whom the people in the cards are referring to - so many of my colleagues have left so I'm not really worried about the ones who are left as I know they can take care of themselves.. I've really come to like this bunch of people and I know all of them will leave at some point anyway. It's my turn to feel like I want to be the next one who leaves.

    You're right though - I am hurting. This is another 'lost opportunity'. I thought I had job security till the end of next year (when my contract runs out). But the way things are going, I'm not so sure anymore. I've been at a new scope for 4 months now and in that time, I've been asked to consider 2 different roles. Only because someone left and last week, because I had asked for an increment. They don't care about how absurd it is for someone to take on a new role and then reshuffle roles as and when people leave. But it's because there are senior staff here who have allowed themselves to be toyed with like that the management is emboldened. My manager/team leader has gone through 3 role changes this year alone. She doesn't fight for us at all when we face the same predicament.

    There's no peace of mind to develop in the role I have, knowing that because of organizational changes (i.e one person leaving every month and rehiring not happening fast enough) I will have to take on more and more on the same compensation, or one day be told I have to take on another role, like it or not. Even if I stay at the present role, it's not fulfilling anymore, because I don't feel valued as an employee, not least where compensation is concerned.

    There's just no respect for people and I feel I can't stay here like this. I don't believe anymore that it will get better. You said it perfectly - modernized slave labour. They don't care about us at all. We're just there to plug the gaps.

    I have been sending out my CV alot. So far I went to one interview - today. I had hoped it was the break I was looking for. It was - on paper. But turns out it's worse that the job I have. I guess there's alot of these slave labour organizations around. Work life balance is important to me - so is being able to develop my skillset and knowledge and getting suitable compensation. I want to find something that encompasses all of this and which allows me to move forward in life.

    Do you see any opportunities around the bend for me? The one I told you about initially - they never got back to me, so I guess I wasn't shortlisted.

    Do you still feel pain/discomfort since your injury is not completely fixed? I haven't gone to the chiropractor yet. The dizziness is still persisting. I haven't seen a doctor yet because I thought for a while that it had gone way. But I still have it, though I'm really doing much better than last week. And though I know it is exacerbated by stress and exertion/lack of rest, I still do wonder if there's another explanation. I stayed home most of the day today, not much stress or anything, and yet I'm getting the off balance feeling now.


  • Hi El. 🙂

    Turtle and the hare. I suppose he's the turtle and I'm the hare, lol.

    I was curious to see what you pick up on a couple of things...

    He's said a couple of times that he's going to move at the end of the year, but both times in those conversations, he hasn't bothered to make any plans (the first time was back in March, and the second was about a week ago). I know he's restless at this place, since he's worked here for a while and isn't satisfied. But I feel like this moving thing is more about the change he's itching for. What's your take?

    Also, I'm curious about one of my other coworkers... She's been working here for a couple of months, but I know she used to live here before, and actually went to school with him and some of the other managers. She has two kids, and I know she was with the kids' dad (she called him her old man), but that relationship seemed to be a bit on the skids lately. She's pretty friendly with my other coworker, but it seems mostly platonic. However, recently I wonder if I'm picking up on a different undertone... One example would be that recently we were previewing a movie, and I came in on my off time to watch it, while they were already working, and he apparently convinced her to watch it that night (she was reluctant because she doesn't like scarier movies). Throughout the movie, he kept leaning over to talk to me, even though I was a seat away and she was sitting next to him, and at one point I saw that she had grabbed her arm and buried her face against it. No big deal, actually kind of funny, but it's little things like that, or her styling her hair differently lately, that made me wonder. I'm just curious to see what you get from the situation...

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Hahaha. That was supposed to read "grabbed HIS arm", as in was kind of hugging it, lol. The other way would be kind of funny, too, though.

  • Hellooo, EIAI!

    I would like to ask you about one boy K, i met him on internet forum. What do you think his attitude to me? And does he really want a meeting or it is a joke, he is not serious? And what do you think can be between us during summer days?Thank you/

  • HI EIAI,

    Noticed you haven't been on, hope all is well with you.


  • Sahara,

    Am I going to find a job in Sierra Leone?


    Is this still what I should be doing?


    It seems like what you are looking for is only to fulfill a superficial need. It seems it's more because of the status of the job or the amount of money that it gives. What you don't think about is what it is you really want--what is you are really good at and what the Universe may have probably put in front of you.

    The cards seem to be saying that you need to find a job that fulfills you emotionally and perhaps spiritually. These jobs that you keep looking for may fulfill what you need money wise, but they won't fulfill much else. In fact they may negatively influence you as there seems to be a lot of talk in these jobs-- by which I mean gossip, taking too much of your time, and too much worry of who's getting fired next.

    Seeing as you don't like to change your ways, I think that you will only take a deep breathe and continue following your ideals. There won't be a change in your decisions until you have gone through a lot more disillusionment and shot down hopes. Once you realize what you really need to be doing rather than what you think it is that you want is when things will begin to change in your job situation.

  • Scully,

    Good for you Scully!

    I have the strongest gut feel this is for me as do voluntary and as possible career change, i feel so positive about that, like i just know it feels right?


    Are you doubting yourself? The cards show that you may be thinking about getting into something else. Regardless, you are doing something to help people and that is fantastic.

  • El can I have a reading just in general. please

  • Congratulations Blackbox!

    How many months have you been pregnant for?

    I want to know what's going on?

    Ambition + Solution + Altar

    With Gaia as your Goddess card.

    He's not feelings so well, and he's known for a while. It seems that he wants to continue doing what he has in his work because it's been going so well, but he knows things will get worse for him health wise. He's worried. There is a balance that needs to be taken and it's difficult. If he's on medication then it means he can not drink, and he can not satisfy his costumers needs. He may even sacrifice his own health just for the sake of his job.

    what can i do to him?

    Mask + Sacrifice + Opposition

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    Do you like his work? It seems that for a long time you've been putting on a smile or a face of indifference for the sake of your husband. You have accepted his work even though you do not like it. I think it may be time for you to tell him about it. I think the cards may be on your side to tell him to leave it and look for something else. Or for him to look for some other way to cater to the needs of his costumers rather than just drinking and ruining his health.

    Is his health condition can be back soon?


    I think he just needs some time away.

    Again, congratulation!

    I hope your child is born healthy and beautiful.


  • By the way welcome back I seen you were absent for a little while. Hope everything is going good with you.

  • Hello Danceur,

    Awful to hear what you are going through. I've been wondering how your health coverage is at your job. I take it that don't cover you so well so that you can go to the doctor.

    I never felt any pain or discomfort. I never even noticed I limped until my parents started complaining about it.

    Do you see any opportunities around the bend for me?

    Fountain + Visitor + Knight

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    I asked for the next three months in this one. It seems like you will continue sending out your resume, but what will ultimately help is if you have a friend or an acquaintance that can help you.

    Still, I don't see you getting a new job.

    The knight card for me shows your parents. I was thinking... If you quit this job and can't find another one, can you ask your parents for some help?

    It may not be what you want, but if it will help you get out of that hell like place, would it be alright?

    Kali I feel like if you keep fighting in your present job, it's going to cause you more damage.

    I don't care what the cards say about you not leaving your job. I rather you do and stop having all these health issues because of it. A better job will come later.

  • Hi EIAI,

    Am happy to say my son is graduating woohoo.

    Okay, I agree with you, these jobs have been more to do with the money,well except for the job with Evidence for action cause i would love to have been part of an organization that helps women and childeren. I do need a job that pays enough so that not only can i pay my bills but also save.

    So is Sierra Leone were I should be??? I have been at my happest there, but if you dont see me finding work there, then maybe I shouldn't be there. Question then becomes where should I be?? The thought of not being in Sierra Leone makes mesick to my stomach, because it is my home and were i feel I belong.

    Am feeling totally confused and getting a little stressed at the thought of going back home not being what I should really be doing. What does the universe want for me????



  • Hey El,

    Good to see ya 🙂 Haven't seen you around much. Is everything ok with you?

    I think I know what you're saying about the limp - about not noticing till your parents noticed. I have 1 shoulder higher than the other. My dad told me many years ago. I didn't see it. But I guess that that could have meant that I had hip/pelvic alignment issues even then - and - just that I didn't see the connection cos there was no obvious prob at the time.

    About parents - I can't turn to them as they're financially worse off than me and I'm giving them some money every month. I think the cards are warning that I can't quit because I have them to think about.

    The dizziness is almost gone. I'm relieved for now, because yeah, my health coverage is rubbish at this job. But I think the dizziness is stress related so it's not 'gone' - I feel it on and off. So I'm trying to control my emotions, trying to 'be ok' with being here for now, and not 'fight' as you say, because I'm sure it is contributing to the ill health. But it really is hard. I'm losing 3 colleagues this week, and out of a team of 8, there are now 5 newbies. Although I welcome the quick rehiring, I still feel demoralized. Everyone else seems to be taking it well. I dunno, maybe it's the brooding Scorpio thing - I'm just feeling really upset about it, though on the surface, I seem ok.

    and you know what - I got a raise. You told me I would and you were right. After things turned out so disappointng after my meeting with the boss and team leader, I had given up hope. They made me feel like i didn't deserve it and that I had to take on more to prove myself. Yet there was this 'concession' last week. Can you see why they changed their minds? Is it because they're afraid I'll leave too. Or that they anticipate they can load me with extra work soon, hence the olive branch.... I'm a little worried they think I've agreed to take on the extra role (Information Provider) on top of my duties. I expressed hesitation when my team leader first floated the idea, and she was pressuring me to accept it, and I really don't remember if I said yes or seemed like I did. All I remember is that I wanted to get out of there.

    I wish I could be happier about this raise. I could really use the extra cash - perhaps now I can save up to go to the chiropractor. And if dizziness recurs, I can now see the doctor. But there's a sense of dread and I've kept the news to myself. I don't know why.

    It's rather disappointing to hear that I may be stuck here but I'm gonna keep sending out my CV and hope for the best. The labour market is slow here. So I can't quit without a job. I was rather hoping to be jump on the bandwagon of resignees 😛 I told myself I didn't want to spend another birthday here and I really hope there is a better job before then.

    Still miss B. Sometimes I forget what I feel for him. I've been letting things be, and have been totally stressed and distracted by work, so that's helped. But I've started to miss him again, and I'm wondering why... I thought I was doing ok and moving forward... 😞

    Thanks El, in advance 🙂 I really appreciate being able to talk to you and thanks for reading the cards and all. I think I don't hang with friends much these days cos everyone's busy. I keep myself occupied and I'm trying to rest more cos I just feel so tired these days. But I feel lonely now and again and it helps having friends to talk to here on the board.

    Hugs and take care gal!

  • I dont understand, why it so hard for me to make friends, along side people want to be friends with me.

    I have been looking at others, they seem to have friends, some still from school day's, even if they catch up later on again, do seem to want to know em. I've be looking back at the past, all the people, i have had have used me in one way or another, so they weren't real friends, or just take the mickey out of me.

    I did have friends during school,, but things changed when i was twelve some left and grew out the rest, they got ion with their lives, most my friends where boys anyway.

    I have been thinking so much, about it , how many people have friends (the amount) on social network sites, like work colleagues. It been constant and over whelm me, i try get it out opf my head.

    I guess this is happening for a reason, i have something to learn from it.

    II have been doing so much to better my life, thought i was past this/


  • Kaymrial,

    I think he does want to change, but him moving isn't the type of change he's in need for. It just seems like he isn't comfortable. Since he doesn't come out and say that he likes you, I think he has the habit of hiding his true feelings or what he really thinks in other parts of his life. I don't think he's a Jekyll and Hyde kind of character, I think he's more like the cool guy that's secretly a Star Wars geek. Or something to that matter. (laughs)

    The cards do not show a romance between them.

    He likes her and they may have some chemistry, but I don't think he expects too much from her. The Sacrifice card came up, so he has it clear that there can be nothing between the two.

    As for her, she does not see him in a romantic sense. I feel that she's thinking more of what a man can give her. If he showers her with gifts and money than she may think about an affair.

  • Hello Marishkaa!

    What do you think his attitude to me?

    Revision + Wheel + Disillusion

    With Kali as your Goddess card

    I don't see that he has much hopes or ideals toward you. I think that he may have more disagreements with you than agreements. I think it's more of just needing someone to talk to whenever he feels bored.

    And does he really want a meeting?


    or it is a joke?

    Cards seemed balance. I don't think he's joking, I just think he was moving the conversation forward. More like trying to see your reaction.

    he is not serious?

    Balanced again. He's just having fun. He may be a flirt. Check how he usually talks to girls if you can.

    And what do you think can be between us during summer days?

    Challenge + Bouquet + Duel

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    A romance here can blossom, but may not not end up good. It could be a quick flirtatious fling over the internet.

    Since Kali came out again, I think she is more appropriate as a warning. Don't give yourself too much to him, and don't give him too much information either.

    Have fun if you want, but don't expect much from him.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you:

    The Choice card flipped over. Seems like you have a decision to make. This has the potential to change everything. You have to make the decision to allow change and roll with it or let everything sit still as it is.

    Responsibility + Concession + Competitiveness

    With Ishtar as your Goddess card.

    It seems like everything you have done, all your decisions up to now have been for your family. You have been going along for their sake. Though it's getting you tired and you internally want things to change. If you simply wish for it to change then nothing will happen. You will need to speak up. You will need to cause change.

    Sacrificing yourself isn't really helping. You may need to talk to others--maybe spiritual guides (I'm thinking women)-- in order for them to help you out of this rut. You need help and support to find a way out..

    Do not be afraid of change. It is needed in life.

  • Sahara,

    I think you should follow what you are feeling. If you feel that your place in Sierra Leone, then do what you can to be there. We shape our futures.

    With that, I can not really tell you what country or what city you belong. You will have to find that on your own.

    What does the universe want for me?

    Prisoner + The Fall + Fortuna

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    To stop making yourself feel trapped. The Universe wants you to stop creating so many standards to live by. You seem to always be saying, "I have to do this; I have to live here; I have to work here." It's not working out so well, because you are planning out your life, yet not living it. When you let go, and allow life to take it's own course-- when you let the Universe and your own energy move along-- then you will find harmony. You won't feel so out of place.

  • Oh, and hooray for your son Sahara!

    He just needed a push from his mom to get him to finish.

    Kids these days. XD

  • Hi El,

    I asked you about the guy that I like in joy of reading forum. I would like to know if there any chance of being reconnected with him personally sometime? Is he avoiding me and trying to forget me? Does he have someone else now? Does he still feel the same way towards me? Is he having a hard time these days? Is he okay? I haven't talk to him for awhile so I'm just worried.

    I want to ask you about my work as I made a few mistakes that made the upper management upset. Do you see me staying awhile in my current job?

    Thank you,


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