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  • Hi El,

    Wow you went one time and it got fixed? It's hard to find such people here. I wouldn't know where to begin looking. It's not that I'm not comfortable going to the chiropractor, it's the cost and the worry of whether it may cause other problems.

    Don't have much vacation time but yeah I need some time away. I'm not feeling well and I don't feel happy at all. Know what, I spoke to the boss today. he approached it more from the perspective that I was asking for a raise ahead of schedule so he asked me to justify it. Like what value added things I've done. I couldn't give great reasons - I'm already overloaded. How do you top that? I asked for a raise because I felt I was underpaid for the work I was already doing. That they weren't paying me fairly as compared to the rest. I didn't want to sound calculative or petty so I didn't bring any of that up. It's an expensive lesson that I'll have to live with - accepting an offer that wasn't justified.

    Instead, he asked me to explore a new position. Like an Information Provider. It sounds interesting - if only there was more structure to this. They mean to throw the person into the deep end, to source for the answers on their own, or find out the answers from the relevant person, if necessary. No training will be provided. Just learn as you go along. I can just imagine how stressful it will be, when I can't answer anything and I have to get back to everyone. He told me I won't know even 25% of the answers in the first 6 months.

    Was looking at your reading again and wondering if this might have been the possible outcome of the cards.

    Anyway later in the day, the team leader spoke to me individually, she said although they were thinking in terms of 1 person for the new role, they were considering asking me to take on part of this new role on top of extra duties (from someone else's overloaded position) AND my current load. Then basically if I can prove myself, then it would justify a raise in November.

    I expressed concern that I can't handle the load (and I was aghast they want me to take on more on my current salary when I already feel underpaid). They can't tell me what the volume will be like because they don't know. Their idea is that I should just take it on and if it really is too much, they will look at how to redistribute the load.

    She made me feel like I'm reluctant to do more. Well yeah - because I already feel underpaid and I'm overloaded. And really stressed and now I'm not feeling well and I don't know how to fix it. And they want me to prove myself, that I deserve a raise. It makes me feel so unappreciated for everything I've done so far 😞

    People keep saying I should take chances that are offered. I am trying to work on my fear of change. I can see an opportunity to learn, with taking on this extra work (but I doubt it is of any value if I move out of the organization). I also wondered if this was the out of the blue opportunity (Fortuna card) you meant? Or maybe something else? But I'm also frightened now because I'm having health issues because I'm overstressed. I can't handle much more of it.

    This is how they work in this company. They keep pushing people till they break, push back or quit before they go back to the drawing board.

    I want to say no, I will not accept more, period - pease get someone else. OR tell them I will not accept this new portion, unless part of my current load goes to someone else.

    I was stressed through my meeting with my boss. When I left I was so disappointed, I found a corner and I cried. Yesterday I thought my dizziness went away, but today, it came back with a vengeance 😞

    El, what do the cards say? Can I leave this place knowing it's the right thing for me to find a less stressful job and put my health first?

  • HI EL,

    Can you please help me with some of the following questions that have been troubling me?

    • how does he feels for me now?

    • how does he wants me to appeal to him now? as in what type of girls he is actually more attracted to?

    • what has been troubling him now?

    • is he holding back or just want to stay away from me now?

    • what should i do that will enhance the whole situation now?

    • finally, can things work out between me and him?

    Thanks EI alot~

  • Sahara,

    I think you should go back and reread what I wrote to you about those five days.

    I asked about the situation with KPMG.

    The cards are not so positive. It seems that you may have told them something or made a mistake in your expression. Did you continue contacting them?

    I asked about the other job:

    They were positive, but it seems like you still need to be on their toes in order for you to get a response.

    Also, I should be travelling to Sierra Leone on the 7th July with my son, will it be a safe trip?

    Cards show that your son possibly will not like this trip. There's going to be a lot of friction, a lot of fighting. If you can be patient and try to be understanding of your son, this may well turn into a trip for both parties.

    And will anything of interest to me take place on my journey?

    Yes. Fun times and meeting people. Still, be careful that you don't give out too much information about yourself.

    So should I stay at my brothers houseand invite BF over for a visit there?

    Cards are negative either way. Doesn't seem like staying at your brother's is a good idea.

    or should I ask and stay with my BF. We'll be meeting up later in the month in Sierra Leone?


    Is there somewhere else you can stay? Maybe a hotel nearby?

  • will i ever leave, for another job?

    The cards seem balanced.

    It really is up to you what you want to do with regards to your job. Though I think the advice of the card is to think on this more. Leaving your job on impulse may be the wrong thing to do. After all, you have forgotten of that feeling, right? It seems like you are in no real rush to leave. If you're still thinking this in about a month then really consider changing your job.

    I got some resentment haven't i?

    Seems like it...

    How do you treat your colleagues? You say that you don't want to have friends from your work, but you want attention from them.

    Do you shun them?

  • HI EIAI,

    Reread about the five days, and you were bang on...the country manager did contact me to let me know he was forwarding my enquiry to the agency doing the hiring for that position. That was for the other job.

    I am kinda worried that my response to the re concern may have cause a problem, like you said, maybe error in explaining myself or misinterretation of what I said. I sent them a follow up email about 10 days ago, but have heard nothing.

    I hope it works out as I really want that job.

    I don't have another place to stay close to the airport as I'm only there 24hrs. Thats why I was thinking of staying at my boyfriends instead of my it seems neither will be a good idea. I guess I havea couple weeks to try and figure this out. It'll cost alot to stay in a hotel at the airport.

    Is there anything I can do to try a appease the situation with KPMG???

    Any suggestions of what to do with Evidence for Action???

    My son is usually an amazing traveller, but will be prepared for both of us being tired and upset.

    I already know he doesn't want to leave he, as he has been very vocal about it. He maybe 4, but he is a very articulate and intelligent boy. He is very good at expressing his feelings and opinoions in a very mature way, sometimes I forget he is only 4.

    Thanks again


  • SagittariusGurl,

    I was thinking more on the lines of his physical energies. He just may seemed tired or exhausted as he's been trying to hard to be something he may not always be. It tires you.

    I'm not sure how to explain energies. The best I can say it's an aura or an invisible signal (some people of course can see it) you give off. You are able to receive energy.

    I think it's one of those main components of the "Law of Attraction." When you are feeling good, you give off good energy. You can even pray this certain kind!

    Have you ever been next to a person that no matter what just makes you laugh and you just automatically happy? That's their wonderful energy and how they exude it.

    Same thing happens with people that are having bad days or are just in bad moods. They just spread it. Sometimes on purpose, as Misery loves company.

    Would he still have that goal?


  • Marishkaa,

    Do what makes you happy!

    I hope you let me listen to some of your compositions in the future.


  • Kaymrial,

    Good on you!

    This relationship is like the turtle and the hare.

    I love that story.

  • Danceur,

    I almost got it fixed, but since the healer was out of the country I didn't want to keep going.

    I don't know how my mom finds people here to help her with her problems, as she usually suffers from her back and legs. I guess it's mostly word-of-mouth.

    Though I do know that you will most likely find a person that can help in an immigrant community. They are usually found "underground."

    Was looking at your reading again and wondering if this might have been the possible outcome of the cards.

    Seems like it...

    I also wondered if this was the out of the blue opportunity (Fortuna card) you meant?

    Cards were negative either way. Seems like your opportunity has not been brought by the Universe

    Or maybe something else?


    The things these people do to break a person's spirit. This is modernized slave labor if you ask me about your job.

    Can I leave this place knowing it's the right thing for me to find a less stressful job and put my health first?

    The cards are very positive if you wanted to leave.

    Wheel + Mask + Solution

    With Athene as your Goddess card.

    You know what the problems are in your job. You don't need to keep hiding. You seem to be two people as you keep face. You don't show what is really bothering you, but inside lies the real you who no longer can stand any of this. You can break free. But...

    I actually did this as a Yes/No spread. In the no position it showed people. That you may be worrying of the other people in your job. Are you worried about what's going to happen to your colleagues once you will leave? You seem to have so many doubts and guilt (before anything really happens) that it's adding to your stress.

    You are hurting right now. It's time to think about what is best for you now.

  • I was thinking , making the best of what i had got, around my birthday, as i had no friends outside of work at the tome, that's why.

    They or most are not really my type people, but ok for short while, just that once.

    I deferentially wont bother again, it just job.

    I have been for a long-time, looking at change my job at some-point, as i know i dont want to do same, in area for another twenty years, i have a lot more to give to either younger people, and more needing area of work.

  • Pinkrose,

    -how does he feels for me now?

    Not completely confident. He feels that you may not be telling him the complete truth. You're not being honest. Therefore, he's keeping his distance-- playing it cool.

    • how does he wants me to appeal to him now? as in what type of girls he is actually more attracted to?

    Ooh... Don't like this one.

    Unless you are a war criminal, drug addict, abuser, etc., there is nothing about yourself you should change. If a person does not like you for who you are, then, they are not worth your time.


    It seems like he's picking up that you are trying to be someone else, and he doesn't seem to like it. If he's been with you because he likes you, it's because of who you are, not some other person you are trying to be.

    Love yourself for who you are and others will too.

    • what has been troubling him now?

    Decisions and choices he must make. It may be that his past is catching up to him and now he has to take responsibility. He can no longer run and must face it.

    • is he holding back?


    or just want to stay away from me now?


    • what should i do that will enhance the whole situation now?

    Stay positive, stay hopeful.

    Don't cling to him or think of ways that will put you in the middle of everything going on his life.

    If you want him to come to you, let him know that you are there. If he comes then you can share yourself. Talk to him about who you are. Share.

    Don't begin to put a mask. Leave all your other relationships in the past and the what you thought ended them.

    (I wasn't thin enough... I didn't have the right job... I don't have this/that...)

    Be who you are and let him know you care and that you will be there for him.

    • finally, can things work out between me and him?


  • Thank you so much EL for your time! Appreciate it a lot!

  • You are so nice! i am only beginner )

  • HI EIAI, Well got a reponse from kpmg.

    I'm pasting it for you to see. I still would like to continue to pursue this...I really want this job.

    What do you think??? Should I just let it go or try?? I believe if I met with them in person could persuade them. Help!!! Also, should I contact the hiring firm for the other job? and if so should I call them or just send a follow up email??

    Dear Michele,

    Yes I did receive it. I have sent it to the reviewing panel within our KPMG firm who are currently looking at it but the basic problem they have come out with to me is that we are looking for a real public sector marketing person, which you are currently not. I do not think you will fit in here, but if anything comes up later on i will let you know. At the moment you do not fulfil the public sector marketing condition that we are looking for





  • Scully,

    Do you want to be a teacher?

    Whatever it is you want to do, start now on the research!

  • Is there anything I can do to try a appease the situation with KPMG???

    The cards are positive either way. Is there another position that is open? The Two paths card came up and it seems that there may be another position for you that you should look into.

    In the No side it seems like there may be another job you are more suited for and that the Universe seems to be bringing your way. It may not even be related to KPMG.

    Any suggestions of what to do with Evidence for Action?

    Isis says that you should be honest about these jobs. It seems like you have been fantasizing or idealizing the positions on each of them. Separate your hopes for now and wait and see. You must not just imagine the good, but the bad about these jobs.

    Your son sounds like my niece. She's four too. It may be a generation thing. So cute when they are little adults. :3

    The cards were negative either way when i asked if you should let it go.

    It seems like you don't have a choice in the matter as the other side has decided for you.

    I asked if you should meet them in person and they were negative again for both sides.

    Also, should I contact the hiring firm for the other job?


    and if so should I call them or just send a follow up email?

    Call them.

  • Hi EIAI,

    Well I called OPtions Consultancy this morning in the UK. Didn't speak to the person in charge of Sierra Leone, but did leave my name and Number with one of the staff. She said she'd pass on the info and hopefully someone would get back to me either via email or call.

    So I hope it all pans out.

    Hopefully thats what they needed a little nudge.



  • Hi EIAI,

    Well, have already heard back from Options, and didn't get the job. So feeling a little flustered. Have managed to lose both jobs that seemed oh so positive just a couple weeks ago.

    Not sure what to do at this point.

    Going back in 3wks, with nothing to hope for employment wise. It isn't the sort of place that jobs come up easily.

    I guess I need you to see if anything positive is going to come out for me, when I get to Sierra Leone.

    Am I going to find a job in Sierra Leone??

    Is this still what I should be doing??? Unfortunately, I have already bought my tickets. I'm not even sure at this point what to ask. Maybe if you give me some insight into my specific questions as well as a general reading would be great. I feel like a fish out of water this morning.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi ElthMoth,

    I started my course today, it is end of life care.

    I have the strongest gut feel this is for me as do voluntary and as possible career change, i feel so positive about that, like i just know it feels right?

    I know in my care work, when i have looked after those in that place, i have enjoyed and had so much patience and time, i had forgotten that until today.

  • hi,Eiai, long time no see,

    I got pregnant pretty close to your previous reading! Thanks! Though I didn't think about that for a long time ,but finally the baby came.

    My husband,I don't know,showed his concern by making me pregnant woman diet,because soon as i found out my pregnant in hospital ,he did his blood test too,it shows his liver has damage,still need to treat,like medicine,'s been a long time since we knew there were damage on his liver due to his drinking time(social occasion,u have to drink a lot to satisfy customers).

    Anyway,he is worried and I am worried too. He showed a lot of silence and not content with my conversation,I want to know what's going on? what can i do to him? Is his health condition can be back soon?

    Thank u very much! bless u !


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