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  • narcissist fits him well. another cocky arrogant guy i met. Thanks for the advice, EIAI. I will make sure this time i do it right. will see how things play out this time.. Again, thanks EIAI. oxox

  • Hi ElAl,

    Hope all is well with you.

    That made me smile when you said it’s a good sign when kids and animals are attracted to you. Yes I notice it with animals too. My ex’s pets liked me a lot – cos I was very gentle with them.

    ElAl you hit it on the nail there. After I wrote that, I realised it didn’t make sense. It IS in my nature not to show the full range of my emotions. I couldn't do that differently. And what’s more – my feelings for him and this situation are very complex. I don’t feel one emotion exclusively. I feel wronged, yet I have fond feelings for him and my natural instinct is to be friendly and welcoming. It wouldn’t feel right to be stormy and ignore him (unless that was what I was what I was genuinely feeling in the moment).

    Is this another part of being a Scorpio – feeling completely opposite feelings at the same time, with the same intensity?

    He texted me this week. He needed help to remember part of the routine he’d taught. So I shared with him what I could recall. And he seemed grateful. He hasn’t done this in a very long time. I used to be the go to person for these kinds of things until things became awkward with us.

    It felt natural to me to just help in this small way. I could have totally ignored him. But I didn’t.

    Haha, he needs to hear a confession, but I’m advised not to do so, at this point. Ok – maybe we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    My gut feeling is that we do get a chance to talk sometime, I need to be compassionate and calm. Just follow the natural instinct of who I am. And hope that whatever should be said, gets said.

    The manner in which he texted me suggests he doesn’t know things are not OK with us. Or is he testing the waters, ElAl?

    I guess the last thing I should do is lay it on him, so to speak. Not that I think I could. I’m still fond of him. I can’t help but be nice. I do think that is my weakness. But it is also a strength - because that side of me invokes healing. I can’t really hold grudges against people (and I certainly don’t plot revenge on them- no matter what people often write about Scorpios). For those who have really hurt me, I just seem to lose an emotional connection to them, and there is no active dislike going on. They just cease to affect me. And that really helps me in the end, because I don’t need hold on to that bad energy.

    This is so tricky. I want to see him. But after he texted me , I realise I’m also afraid to see him. Cos I have his charming ways to contend with 😛

  • Hi EIAI, just have some questions that i wanna clarify....

    After all the crazy thoughts, I realize I still prefer my bf (if i can still call him my bf). He's the one I see myself grow old and wise with. this new guy who is a film producer.. dont think I can relate to his world much. Anyway, just my thoughts.

    In my earlier post, I mentioned the mean txts he sent to me last Friday.. He said he wont bother me again... Do you think if he really meant that way? Or did he just wanna get my response/attention? After all these no-conversation days, does he still wanna continue dating me?Why isnt he talking to me? Is this becuz he is waiting for me to initiate a call? Or does he not wanna talk to me whatsoever?

    Quite confused with our current situation. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks EIAI. hugs.

  • ElAl, thanks for your response.

    Ha, yeah, I get what you mean, a seemingly "random" opportunity. That might take some thought. We don't really socialize outside of work (I'm not in his usual circle of friends). He doesn't strike me as the type who prefers girls to ask him out, either.

    He was a little weird the other night... I work at a movie theatre, and we'd both come in to preview the same movie. My sister wound up calling me about something as we were going in, and he sat down first, and I wound up sitting next to him (I usually keep a one seat buffer, but I was partly distracted and part of me thought I'd try it anyway). He wound up sitting a second, then he moved a seat over. Once I was off the phone, he told me that people were already talking crap and how it'd be bad if people saw us sitting next to eachother. I just looked at him passively and asked him what he meant by them talking crap, to which he replied "They say we're flirting and stuff" and a little more in that vein. I just kind of gave him a bewildered "Ooookaaayyyy..." and moved on to my previewing paperwork. Then he asked me if I was okay (I told him I was fine), and said I seemed upset (told him no I was filling out the form).

    Overall I found it amusing, though bewildering. I tend to think he was feeling a bit nervous or skittish, maybe feeling pressure from whatever co-workers were teasing him, since I think he feels like he has a certain image, and I'm not his usual "type". But yeah, it was weird. My sister has seen us interact once or twice and says that he's definitely interested (he tends to track or watch me when I'm not aware, and he always makes a point to say or do something to get my attention in some way). He's going to be gone for a while, taking vacation time, so unless he winds up creating a social-interaction situation, I'm not going to see him for a bit. I'm curious to see if his behavior changes at all when he's back. Either way, I intend to kind of brush it off and act the same way I have been; there's no need to force anything or push it.

    Just out of curiosity, what do you get about/from the whole thing?

  • hey ElAl,

    just wanted to let you know that the latest reading you did for me turned out to be very accurate indeed. he did contact me about something we both like even though i didn't expect him to in the slightest. you're really good at this 🙂

    thanks a lot and lots of love!!

  • I want ask baout somethin else if it is no problem..I will with him in relationship in future?? daniel and sylwia we only speak on Internet but I want know we will meet inl live?

    he is rich I am not it can be problem for him?

  • Hi ElAl, I was wondering if you were still practicing, if you would like to do a reading on me? I currently am not in a relationship with either guy. I broke things off with "s"(Im going to use the letter s for one guy) and he is torn apart, However, I was seeing another guy "R" (which is the other guy) and things almost seemed perfect and all of a sudden he just broke things off and now I don't know what to think. I don't know if he still wants me as a friend or what I should do? Please give me some insight if you can, it is very appreciated.

  • Thanks EIAI,

    I guess it was because i knew deep down he was telling lies.

    Do you think that maybe one day i might meet someone whom will want me for me and visa-versa?

    As you know im doing a lot to change my life, and i think what comes with this is you view your currant relationships, are they working for you or not, like cutting out the negatives and ones not working, in giving you what you need.

    Mc has been a long term friend/ colleague, we do get on but i feel the relationship is totally one sided, im always contact her, have to meet where she wants to, never what's do things i call norm friends do, i guess she not as outgoing as me and just plods along with her life, since she did something at time when i really need to chat and that hurt me, i just feel now enough is enough, i be good at work professionally colleague, i cant see a lasting friendship there?

    It also could be as she the closest then as what i had as friend, that i really need real friendships and people i gel with.

  • EIAI

    Am doing good. May I ask one question?!

    Am planning a trip to high mountains next weekend.Let me know if it will be ok, and also if I need to take someone with me?

    Thanks and let me know if you have a question:)

    Love and Light

  • Scully, I’m so sorry I didn’t do your reading.

    Thank you for posting it again.

    I'll start on it right away.

  • Scully,

    Do you think that maybe one day i might meet someone whom will want me for me and visa-versa?

    Yes, I do, but I think it should be you who accepts yourself for who you are first. Then that other person will follow.

    I asked the cards what advice they would like to give with regards to your friends Mc:

    Past: Confession + Compromise

    Present: Stability + Sword

    Future: Sceptre + Economy

    Advice: Artemis

    It seems like the cards agree with you that this friendship is at its end. From what the cards show, I feel like you may be a little bitter, angry, and disappointed, but the cards say to cool your head a little bit. Yes, if you no longer want to have her as an intimate friend than it's alright, but relieve your feelings of anger and disappointment. Think only that she has served her purpose in your life and now you have the opportunity to move on once again.

  • Cylll, thank you for the feedback.

    It means a lot to me.

    Take care.

  • Danceur,

    Is this another part of being a Scorpio – feeling completely opposite feelings at the same time, with the same intensity?

    I don't know... I mean, I know how you feel because I often feel crazy when I think and feel two things at once. Maybe it's common to everyone when we don't know how to feel or what to do?

    The manner in which he texted me suggests he doesn’t know things are not OK with us. Or is he testing the waters, ElAl?

    The Precipice card fell and the picture shows Icarus. Naive and dreamy, so, I believe, he doesn't think that there are much problems now. Oh, but little does he know... Those calm waters are very deadly.

    Well, whatever happens between the two of you--if you ever get to talk-- is to get closure, forgive and understand one another. What you both need to talk about isn't something that can be solved in one day. It's going to take a while, and I think until you both have that time to give one another nothing can be solved or answered. I think for now, the Universe is giving you time to compile all your thoughts and feelings so you can finally say them and release them.

  • Kaymrial,

    what do you get about/from the whole thing?

    My first thought is that this guy is really immature.

    Another thing is, if he can't accept you for who you are, he doesn't deserve you.

    Now, what the cards say:

    Rebel + Manipulation + Palace

    I think he does like you too. I think you're really the type of girl he likes, it's just that he has a "reputation" to keep. Well, things are not working so well since his prime attraction is taking over, and wants to stop fighting it and indulge. I think he really wants to say something he just can't!


    I asked the cards how the situation between you and him is going to be once he comes back from his vacation time:

    Duel + Concession + Mask

    More denial is what I see. I think this time away he's going to use to double down on his refusal to accept his feelings for you.

    I drew the Lilith card and for me she's telling you that you don't have to accept this situation. You can either confront him (which I don't think it's your personality) or completely disregard him as a potential lover.

    He needs some time to grow up is what he needs.

  • Lolitka,

    I will with him in relationship in future?

    I think you both will be friends more than lovers. You will certainly keep communicating, but I think you will move on and look for someone else

    daniel and sylwia we only speak on Internet but I want know we will meet inl live?


    he is rich I am not it can be problem for him?


  • so it mean that we will not together? or it is hard tell you ?

  • I want say u 'THANK YOU for everything ..for reading for me really !

    EIAI u helped me very much some times! thank you again! 😉 byeee your reading are true with life ! bye:*

  • Vicuevas,

    I don't know if he still wants me as a friend or what I should do?

    The Two Paths fell when I began asking about R. Seems like they are at a crossroad. Perhaps it has to do with moving on or staying with they are.

    I drew three cards:

    Concession + Mask + Sceptre

    Seems like you still don't know this person and what their drives are. I think that they are always lying in wait for the next big thing and go and pursue it. They never reveal themselves, but want honor and respect for themselves.

    I asked the cards what advice they would like to give you with regards to R.

    Past: Fountain + Pitcher

    Present: Recharge + Solution

    Future: Palace + Ambition

    Advice: Lilith

    I think the cards are saying that you still want to be with R you have to take the initiative and try and find out why he has been distant.

    Lilith is calling for action and answers and for you not sit back and wait. You will get them and you will be successful. Certainly you may still feel like this relationship has potential and you need to work for it if you really want it.

  • Lolitka,

    so it mean that we will not together?

    Right, I think the cards say that you will not be together.

    Thank you for you kind words.

    I hope everything turns out well for you.

    Take care.

  • EIAI,

    yes, I really want to be with this person "R", but he broke things of supposedly because of personal issues and had nothing to do with me. Thats why I believe it is hard for me to move on. But what i would really like to know is if it was because he lost interest in me? It's difficult cuz we work together so I always see him. If he is not interested anymore, I want to know if he still wants to be friends? And thank you so much. Highly appreciated.

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