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  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to practice doing tarot readings, and would be happy if any one would be willing to help. My method of doing tarot readings is usually different than most as I make up my own spreads as I go and don't have any decks based of the Raider-Waite tarot cards. My intuition isn't so strong, so currently that is what I'm really trying to work at.

    Please give me as much feedback and suggestions as you can. I really would like to get better at this.

    The decks that I use are: The Moon Oracle and Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.

    Thank you so much,


  • The best way I have found is that it doesn't matter what cards I use - just that I focus on the first thing I see in a card, and then tell the person I am reading what that symbol or image means to me in regards to their question. Sometimes it may mean something personal to the readee so if you cannot figure out the meaning yourself, just ask them - "Does a butterfly (or whatever) have any significance to you?" It often means something important to the readee.

    The interpretation of the tarot cards is not meant to be learned by heart - they are just a tool for you to open up your own intuitive powers. The image on one card can mean two totally different things to two different readers. Just use your gut feelings. Say what you feel upon seeing a card, don't stick to the usual interpretations - they are just guides to get you going.

  • Hello, you can practice with me if you like..

    a lot of recent changes in two areas of my life. love and my job. im in between jobs at this moment.


  • Oh, Captain...

    You are right in everything you say, but I can not do that--not yet. I have given many bad interpretations because of what I've thought that they meant.

    A few days ago, you told me that I over-think too much, so it works against me here.

    I really want to get better at this, especially at feeling it.

    I usually don't see things from the cards, but I have heard a voice or voices from them, so I'm hoping that gets stronger as well.

    Thank you for your help Captain.

  • I'm not talking about seeing what is NOT there so much as seeing what IS in the cards - for example, you might turn a card and the first thing you see is a bird sitting high in a tree - even when there are other larger images, your eye just gets drawn to one little bird - so you go with the feeling that seeing that bird in the tree gives you about the person you are reading or their situation. Maybe it tells you that the person is trying to get far away from their problems or needs to get back to nature - or whatever. Use the images in the cards to prompt your intuition in a way that might not be a traditional interpretation but is accurate nonetheless.

  • HI EIAI, thanks for the reading! I guess i will ask you more questions regarding my job hunting once things change...

    as for my bf, your right.. i also feel like he's testing the water.. wanted to know what 's on my mind abt marriage... so yah! hmmm does he think of me as a wife candidate? just curious... Also, when will he probably introduce me to his family? sometime soon or do i have to wait for a long time?

    thank you!

  • Hello EIAI

    I love tarot readings, and thanks for the offer. I would like to know about my health and love life.

  • EIAI

    You are very accurate so I dont know why you have any doubts at all!

    Can we do another mini practice exchange? Ill try n do what the Captain said and read from images and say what comes to mind. It is scary fr me:) but I dont mind practicing w you!


  • Hi EIAI, you can also practise on me, job and love area would be my interest. 🙂

  • Captain,

    I am really sorry. I was very defensive when I shouldn't have been when all you were doing is telling me your experience. I am sorry.

    As always, Captain, you always say the right things. Taking time to read and take in what you say makes me wonder even more. I'll try and put your advice into practice.

    Thank you, and again, sorry, Captain.

  • Suramya,

    Whenever you want a reading, I'm more than willing to give you one!

    I'll always be on board if you want to exchange too. 😉

    So what will be your question?

    My question would be: What do your cards say as to my career choices thus far?

  • Sweetoty,

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your love situation.

    -The Fall + Idea + Challenge

    It's as if you're starting all over again. It's more about your mental state that you are working or struggling with. Right now, it's a new start and you are trying to see what new, or what you can do that you were not able to do, but there is a block for you. I don't think it's depression, but that you may not be as motivated as you were before. Maybe it's time for you to take a little rest, or to ease your mind from relationship woes for a while.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your work/job situation.

    • Recharge + Precipice + Manipulation

    Not so good news... Things won't be going right as there will be other challenges coming up that will make your work situation difficult. Have people been telling you to be careful? I feel like if there are some telling you that you are taking some risks. This could be a mistake in your part of not listening. Things will not go as planned, but you will have to work to get things, set things, right.

    Are you neglecting yourself? Are you working as hard as you can for others? I don't see a good outcome until you find something that you will be happy working in. Something that inspires you and that is your passion.

  • DDTT,

    does he think of me as a wife candidate?

    One card, Fulfillment, fell as I was asking your question. It sounds like a big YES to me. You both may have some ups and downs, but in the long run, he's very happy with you.

    when will he probably introduce me to his family? sometime soon or do i have to wait for a long time?

    The cards indicate that it may be by May 20-24

  • RubyRedLips,

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about your health.

    • Instinct + Fortuna + Competitiveness

    If you've been looking out for your own well being, or have been working out more than this should be something you continue doing. Your health from this standpoint looks good as you are making some good choices in your self care that it seems like you may be rejuvenated and renewed. If you're working on a goal for your health than you will have the desire and the stamina to reach it.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about your love life.

    • Ambition + Stone + Solution

    What happened to your fiance? Did you both work things out?

    You have entered a better phase of your life with regards to your love life. The cards say that perhaps you have been evaluating what you want out of any relationship and have stuck to a more traditional conduct with regards to love interactions. By doing this and by holding this to high standards you will be successful and will find that most problems you have been having in your relationships do not occur as much as they used to.

  • Hi ElAl

    New thread 🙂

    I'm actually surprised you said he doesn't know I love him. I thought he would've had a clue that I did. Do you think he will realise on his own or will I be the one to tell him at some point?

    Yesterday, I realised I hadn't really gotten quite as far - in terms of closure - as I thought. All the feelings of missing him and remembering our good times, came back. I had tried to bury everything because there was no chance to talk to him.

    I think this is what happens when you drift apart when things have been going great. He got wrapped up in his life and moved on and I kept waiting... then at various points, he indicates he wants to catch up, and I kept trying to ask him out, and now this situation. Yeah we need some kind of closure.

    You think I may have a chance to talk to him one on one around Apr 3-6? Really?

    I really need to hear from him, about all this, what he's going through, the two of us, etc. Even though there hasn't been 'us' in 5 months...

    Things are not going well at work. We're having many resignations and many more to come, I suspect. It's demoralizing and I want to leave and I'm still wondering if that opportunity you mentioned is still on the cards in April or are there others? What am I looking out for?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Moonalisa,

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your job.

    • Economy + Prisoner + Mask

    Doesn't look like a good situation. Are you at this job because you feel that there are too many financial burdens? The Prisoner card tells that you feel you can't do much about your job because you feel trapped. Although there could be something else out there for you, it's perhaps you haven't been so willing to see it. I don't know if it's because you're not being honest with yourself or because someone else is keeping you where you are. Maybe it's manipulation as you are deceiving yourself.

    The Demeter card advices you to look at all sides of your situation. Your opportunity may have passed, but that you can still get something out of your predicament. It may need a compromise.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your love life.

    • Promotion + Fountain + Economy

    I think there are some highs and lows when it comes to your confidence in love. The Fountain card tells that you have many doubts about yourself and that you may let them overtake you. It's not pretty when you do because you usually let your insecurity grow until you notice bad things happening around you. When you attract bad situations or bad partners it's when you don't have enough faith or trust in yourself to believe you may deserve better. You do, no matter what you may think.

    Find your strengths and let them empower you.

  • Danceur,

    Do you think he will realise on his own or will I be the one to tell him at some point?

    I think he will realize it on his own, but because of someone else telling him. Not telling him necessarily, but what they will say something that will make him realize it.

    You think I may have a chance to talk to him one on one around Apr 3-6? Really?


    I asked about your job, and the cards say that you may feel tired of the talk and worries that are coming from it. Though it showed a good future as I see that you may very well come into a group of people that will help you.

    Now is not the time to leave this particular job. It may be challenging and frustrating, but there are rewards that are coming for sticking to it. Even if you have to stay a little longer only for the money, it will help you tremendously for now.

    I'm still wondering if that opportunity you mentioned is still on the cards in April or are there others?

    Yes, but they come with their own set of challenges. Mostly because I see you're working against your own best interest if you do decide to take some of the more appealing opportunities. They may seem to offer much, but it's only on the service and may not hold on to that hope you had for them.

    I think for you it should be almost like a 'divine intervention' kind of thing. It's not happened yet from what I see.

    Oh, hey!

    These cards just fell for you: Solution + Responsibility + Revision + Ambition + Stone + Sword

    I guess money and mental health is being showed here. I feel that you don't want to work for the sake of working. You want to find something that you feel good at and that inspires you, but that route may not be on the offer just yet.

    It's good that you have hope and dreams that you want to fulfill, I just feel that when they aren't coming to you tend to feel a bit bitter and may end up trying to force things that you know you deserve.

  • ElAl, no apology needed - I didn't feel you were being too defensive. I think you just lack confidence in your ability but that will come with practice.

  • EIAI

    Too much happening at my end.I started doing your reading but was interrupted I think the hard lessons and obstacles you told me about are coming true right now! So my question is whether things will change for the better any time soon, and will I find time for my own work:(

    Heres a preliminary reading I had done fr you in the morning:

    ( wands suggested that lots of news regarding career headed yr way...things are going to move fast.maybe some imp communication might head yr way.

    I did not ask abt yr personal life but I got a sense of heartbreak.You are still working towards moving on from something?

    The fool nin the advice suggests that a carefree attitude will suit right now.In my card he walks confidently and happily and I love the cat that follows me. the cat to me seems to represent your psychic and empathetic abilities that will stand by you right now and help you choose well. It could also be an indication of a literal cat or animal who loves you.Will soon follow up with another try

    Love and Light

  • Sorry for the errors:( That was 9 wands; and the cat that follows the person in the card

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