3 Good men, 3 questions, 3 outcomes, Psychics HELP!

  • Hi Psychics of all countries, areas, levels and experiences.

    I wonder if any of you can do a compatabillity between me and the 3 good men? Or set links which are free of charge as im broke?

    Im a pisces and the 3 good men are, aries, libra and cancer.

    For in depth information to do this email me at lonniej2002 at yahoo dot com.

    I ask this because many a "helper" has seen new man, but deep in my gut i dont feel that at all. its one of the 3 good men. So if any even one of you would aide me a tad, i would reciprocate.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you. I saw your kind email and replied thank you!


  • this is probably real late and you have made a decison but i just joined and you helped me with a situation fair exchange anyway most of the time we know deep down inside of our own hearts and mind try it .

  • Well Standeb1 Im always open for more insights of ANY kind. Fact is as pisces i tend to go yoyo ways. Ilike all three and well ..................

    if ya wanna insight me, PLZ do! thanx 😉

  • i am not psychic but when i have made the right decision i am at peace with my self and my heart so to speak does sing

  • Good for you Standeb1. Im juss diff i guess LOL hmmmmm

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