I need practice and have a question

  • welcome to do 1 indepth reading. I would like a question answered for me if possible.


    Q xo*

  • I use tarot and oracle cards and could give it a try.Whats your question?

  • Thanks so much for your reply!

    I'd like to know where things are headed with my boyfriend id like things to get more serious but im not sure there headed in that direction. So a reading on regards to that would be appreciated.

    Do you have aquestion

  • Dear Queenofwands

    I got an ambiguous reading with respect to your relationship. You now with 3 swords suggests you have recently been through heartbreak.Other cards around your recent past show that your partner had commitment issues or theres a broken marriage or relationship.I could not get whether it was with another person or this one. Whatever may be your situation,this is a time of great transformation for you. Whatever change you are facing ,is going to be good for you. Perhaps a relationship is ending.

    This current boyfriend does not seem to see much potential in this relationship,because I got death card,in how he perceives the relationship,and i do interpret it in a certain limited way. You too feel a lack in this relationship at the moment.The advice cards included 7 pentacles and fool, and in the block position was10 cups. Perhaps things will work out if you dont put family life or security above your own path...your individual fulfilment.A certain way of handling things or relationship strategy worked for you in the past, but now its time for a review.Also Fool indicates new beginnings ...take that leap. In the near future is 3 cups so happy times,celebrations or get togethers and support from friends.

    Is he judgemental about you? the cards tell you both to release judgements,proceed with temperance . You are the butterfly maiden,emerging triumphant from this transformation.If you have any other questions, I could try again

    Hope this makes sense

    You could do a near future reading for me if you have time!

    Love and Light

  • 888

  • Thank you so much for the reading.

    I would say that our relationship is in a good place right now its just at the place of review as you said. Im just about finished school and will be looking for a job hoping to start off well but you never really know and it scares me and i think it scares him. Because all depending on what happens will place us where things will be heading. We have been together for 7 years so im really pushing in for moving intogether and hopefully getting married and i dont think hes completely on the same page i think he is with moving in together but i dont know about the other and that definately scares me because its something thats important to me and we have talked about it ... i just dont know if he listens 100 percent.

    As for the three of swords i think that might be pertaining to another person. Because there was issues with another male ... and it did cause me a lot of hurt but im getting over that (very complicated situation... and still not even really sure where our friendship stands (me an this other guy) but im try not to focus on it because it just causes grief and i really am trying to move on with my life .... and i think cutting that portion out of my life would be easiest and prolly the best.

    So your reading made sense and gave me a lot to think about. the three of cups i think is pertaining to this weekend. but it could be just in general whats up next for the next little bit a lot of fun celebrations happening so thats nice to see 🙂

    i will do your reading tonight when i get home from school.

    thanks so much for this.

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