Is it me or is Virgo out of wack this year?

  • I don't know if it's just me or perhaps all Virgos. Lately I've been feeling off balanced in everything except for romance. ❤ thank goodness though. Lately I've been having problems concentrating in all other important aspects in life. School, Family, Jobs, Health, Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual. I've been diagnosed with a panic disorder this month because of stress. Though my step father who's also a Virgo has been very emotional lately. My mother who's used to dealing with machismo men doesn't really know how to cope with him when she's used to him being well less emotional. I've been on edge of nervous breakdown that my college classes grades are starting to drop, can't find work, have to pay off hospital bills, and spiritually I feel a bit lost. The only relief I have is my boyfriend, who's a Taurus. We've been talking about getting married....though he's also financially well strapped. Maybe it's the economy maybe it's the year I don't know. Just very tired and very confused.

  • My Virgo friend is an emotional wreck since the beginning of this year as well, maybe there is something in the stars that affects Virgos this way. I guess you just have to wait it out. Good luck to you !

  • Your not alone, I'm also feeling the same way. Stange enough, my relationship with my boyfriend is fine! This month is really bad with the planet mars, it's disruptive. Everything seems unsettled. I keep having heart palpitations, which won't stop. I think in April everything will settle down. In the mean time, it is a phase we have to go through. I'm going to start walking/ excercising more to balance this energy out. My emotions are out of control! UGH!!!

  • Wow, it's a bit comforting to know I'm not the only one going through this phase, even though it's a bit saddening that others feel this way I feel a bit connected. I too have been exercising a bit more than usual too it's the only way I can relax my body enough to get sleep at night. Good Luck to you I hope this phase passes sometime soon.

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