Can this last or be shattered????

  • well i have a couple of classes with this guy named ryan who likes me alot and i mean alot.i like him the same way back. and he's saying that i am "the one" for him. but the glitch is his close friend caysea is getting jelouse and is starting to do verry evil catty things towards she'll give me evil stares and try to hit on ryan. but i'm truly not sure about how long he will resist against her.

  • Talk to Caysea and try to win her over as a friend too. You need to let her know you are not a threat to their friendship. It's ok to not hit it off right away since she feels you may be a threat to the bond the 2 of them share. Watch yourself and see if you are doing something that she may feel is intimidating. It could be something as small as looking at her in an odd way that makes her feel you aren't accepting her for herself. As for Ryan resisting her....just how long have they been close friends and how has he resisted her all that time before you came along? If he has to put in any major effort to resist her then maybe he should do a reality check and explore his feelings for her. In short, let their friendship be and accept what may or may not happen.

  • Hi Mystic. I want to ask you, why do you need to do anything about her? Yes, you are uncomfortable. Yes, it's annoying. But you can withstand being uncomfortable because it isn't fatal. If she attends the same class with you and Ryan, try to avoid making plans and having relationship conversations while she's around. It's up to her to work out her own issues. Ask yourself, to what degree is she truly impacting my relationship? If it's "not at all!" , stop worrying and let her dance! You do, however, have the right if she approaches you or becomes truly ugly, to ask her, Hey! Why are you doing/saying this? This puts the onus back on her to be responsible for her actions. And it usually helps close a mouth that is spouting nonsense.

    Don't let her get to you; she wants you to think she has a hold over or chance with Ryan. Until Ryan says it is so, let it go.



  • Did this girl grow-up around him. If this is the case, I think there's a possibility that you all might eventually be friends. If not, this could be an uncomfortable situation. It would probably get to the point where he would have to choose you over her. It's hard to be friendly to someone who has repeatedly been real ugly to you. Do you consider her a smart person. Is he smart. If he is smart he will get this conflict away from you. If she is smart, she'll realize that he really likes you.

  • well, she didn't exactly grow up with him she only knew him for about three years. but ryan is really smart but is totally oblivious at times. and now caysea is saying to ryan that i'm jelouse of her because i won't even acknowledge her. i just think she's getting mad because i won't give her the time of day or because of her natural nasty personality.yes, i've tried being friends with her at one time but since she called me a slut straight to my face when i treid to be friends with her, i don't interact with her any more. but i have no idea on earth what i did to her wrong to her.i always act nice towards her with welcoming smiles. then i also noticed ryan talking to his friends about how to approach me. (like ask me out approach.)and the whole entire time she was listening in to it .so with due of that she turned to her best friend marrisa and saying nasty things about me out loud on purpouse. so not only did the professor yell at me because he heard my name out loud every one laghed at me along with it just to add insult to injury. but the only person who didn't laugh was ryan. i actually saw in his face that he felt sorry for me.but i don't know how to handle all of this.

  • Are you dating right now or just getting to know each other at school. I'm only speaking from my perspective and I'm probably alot older (48) and my patience isn't what it used to be. I would be real cool about this whole situation. Your in college to learn, so make the most of that. That is something that nobody can take from you. By the way, what are you taking. I would back-off from this situation. If he likes you, when you back away, I think he'll realize the situation got out of hand. It's then that he will make his decision. You make the first to concentrate on your work. Be yourself, be happy.

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