In need of a health reading please.

  • Good evening, if someone has the time to give me a reading about my health, it would really be appreciated, thanks.

  • What are you worried about in particular? Because I am getting a lot of heart fluttering from you.

  • Hello The Captain,

    Thank you for replying, I am in a lot of pain, I find out some test results soon but would like to know if the spirits tell you anything. I have been given the message about what to do and why this has happened from my readings (Tarot). I am curious if you can see anything else that I am either unable to see, or refuse to, in the Chakra reading or because you can feel me, as an empath. Thank you for replying either way.

  • luv2laf,

    sometimes to maintain harmony, we give up or give in to those around us. Your thoughts, feelings and actions can be presented in healthy ways that don't create discord in those around you. honor yourself, trust your instincts, -- in thoughts and actions. please look at, start with, the third chakra. whatever the tests reveal, please know you will grow stronger. blessings.

  • TTT

  • Luv2laf, I am feeling overall that you are fighting your own body and the aging process, because all your life you have been an adventurer, someone who thrived on challenge and learning new things. Now as you inevitably slow down, your spirit is railing against and fearing the loss of mobility and perhaps brain functioning, anything that may stop you finding the adventure and knowledge you crave. But there doesn't have to be any loss, just a change in how you discover and learn things. Life is now taking on more of a mental and spiritual challenge for you, rather than the physical - an inner journey begins as the outer one comes to an end. And it can be an even more challenging and satisfying quest than previous ones. This inner struggle is what is causing your pain overall. Is there enough challenge and adventure in your outer life at the moment - or have you subconsciously fallen ill in order to give yourself something to fight against? Maybe if you increase your outer activities and become more excited by life, your body will respond with greater health and less pain. Keep your brain and spirit challenged and your body should respond with vigor and enthusiasm.

    Specifically, I feel you have a sensitive body and nature, and that you may be easily hurt by other people and bad experiences. The throat area can reflect issues of unexpressed emotion or thoughts, and you can overtax your adrenal and nervous system by getting too stressed or tired. If you aren't careful about maintaining a balanced low-fat diet and regular exercise, your circulatory system may suffer. Accidents can occur if you push yourself through impatience or overextending yourself. Any sort of drug-taking will only be bad for you and may even get you 'hooked' so try to cut back on medications if possible. Emotional problems can translate into physical ones for you, and your deep need to be accepted can see you become very disappointed when people don't respond to you as you want them to. Being misunderstood can hurt you very deeply. Guilt can also cause you pain if you feel you have done the wrong thing in some way. It will help you on every level if you don't take life or what other people do so personally. These feelings of hurt and disappointment can even cause you to withdraw from the world and that would very much be bad for you as someone who thrives on adventure and being out in the world. Never stop learning and growing!

  • Dear Lai4

    Thank you, yes, this information is helpful, I do need to stop giving in to those around me and to trust my insticts more. Thank you sooo much for your time and advice, this will be my new way of seeing things.

  • Dear TarotCC

    This info will be of great help, so kind of you to forward this learning tool. Thank you for taking your time, it is appreciated as well.

  • Dear The Captain

    I am shocked, in awe, my my, no wonder people seek you out for a reading! I have just read my life as it is now, except for a few accidents to my back and a very traumatic personal relationship, you hit the mark in every area. I am so grateful for the time that you have taken to write to me. I thought that this was part, a large part of the root of my illness, and you have confirmed it. You are a powerful, insightful, blessed lady to be able to help me and others with your gift . I am in tears because I know that the spirit has led me to trust in the proccess of reaching out and receiving guidance, truth and compassion from you and others like yourself. I will now embark on my journey towards healing with this insightful and clear reading, I will re read this reading often. Bless you kind lady!

    Thank you again, Lai4, your clear and kind advice is important to my well being, I will re read this as well, bless you too!

    TarotCC, this will be fun for me to learn with, I will check this out tonight, thank you for helping me with something new to learn, this is my passion, the Tarot, and this will take my mind off of my sad night, thank you, wish you well and bless you too!

  • Hi luv2laf

    I've been away but even prior to this I withdrew from Tarot except for two forum sites. I guess I just got tired from what I was seeing. When I posted to you on Friday that is what came through loud and clear. I was doing some catching up on Saturday and saw your posts on pain and personal turmoil. I hope even the smallest thing written gives you strength, hope and belief in yourself.

    You're in my prayers.


  • Thanks Lai4, this does help. I find that the people I love are not there for me, just cause me grief with their problems, it is to to the point that I want to do a disappearing act, but no one would care anyway. I will find out my tests tomorrow, and then no matter what, find my old strength again to make some life changeing decisions, and maybe leave it all behind. Whatever comes up at least I have opened my eyes to all who have superficially cared. Thanks again.

  • Whatever your test results, Luv2laf, you will get through this time of challenge - after all, you thrive on it and will triumph. And I and others here will be thinking of and praying for you. We are here if you need us. Just remember - you are a powerful beautiful being at heart - these silly earthly trials will pass and they cannot bring you down.

  • Thank you, I will try to relax. I feel better already, big huggs to you all.

  • Dear Captain thankyou again for the reading, you said you felt heart fluttering with me, well you were right, my thyroid meds had to be adjusted, this has to do with the heart. As well you mentioned the throat chakra, this is where the thyroid gland is situated, you are amazing, thankyou and take care.

  • Don't feel alone. I'm getting to see things the way they actually are and to deal with accordingly. Don't let others bring you down (hard). I find when I distance myself in quiet instead of the mix things work out better. When I smooth things over isn't always the best. Some things have to just let ride. There is good. Hope you can relate to what I'm trying to convey here.

  • Thanks Daliolite, yes I know what you mean. I am just letting things ride as you said, this is an easier route to take. I love people maybe too much for my own good, even though I don't get in their business like I do here on the forum, lol.

  • Glad it could be fixed, Luv2laf. 🙂

  • Hi luv2laf!

    Just thought of you and wanted to send your way blessings for continuing good health and happiness.


  • Dear Laie4,

    I just read this today, thank you, this is sincerely appreciated. My thyroid need adjustment, and they are sending me to a back specialist. Thank you again Laie4 and have a wonderful day!

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