Why am I so drawn to this person I've never met?

  • I'm wondering if perhaps I knew him in a past life or something like that? His name is Igor, dob January 3rd (the year is either 1985 or 1986).

    I saw him on TV once and I felt very drawn to him, not necessarily in a physical/romantic/sexual attraction way, just an attraction. And another time I spoke to him on the phone and when I heard his voice I stopped breathing for a bit and couldn't move?

    My name is "Pailyn" (I do by my middle name "Nina") and I was born September 4th, 1992.

  • You are attracted to some quality about him that you wish you had.

  • Hmmmmm Captain that would make a lot of sense. Thank you! I'm going to think about what you said and figure out what that quality (or perhaps qualities) is...

  • Capt is right on again. I too have noticed the actors that I have liked mostly or drawn to were ones that were intense or over the top. It took me a while to realize I was drawn to that form of self expression for the permission it gave them to "let it all out" the intensity..release. I have often found it frustrating to live within societies conformities and envy actors dancers athletes musicians or artists who have that release or full self expression. It's taken me awhile to find my own.


  • I have noticed that I adore the sound of his voice... and since childhood I've never liked the sound of my voice... maybe that's what it is?

  • It's more than just the sound - maybe it projects a calm or confidence that you feel you don't have?

  • hmmm... perhaps the energy that emits from the sound... how the sound makes me feel... not just the sound but the energy I subconsciously pick up on when I hear the sound.

  • Captain on deeper thought, I think that it's the calm or confidence... I've always admired how his voice projects both of those things... I just wasn't sure if that was it but I think you're right. 🙂 Thank you!

  • You're very welcome!

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