My cancermanb

  • im 59 my cancerman is 41 ive nown him since he was 17 he was a young gang banger had a child by my bestfreinds daughter hewent 2 jail 4 17yrs i use 2 ta ke his son 2visit mother is not in pic he was released i 2006 crossed border got 3 more yrs hell b home in 2momths this is my question while he lived in san luis i lived in yuma i would go see him once a wk for lunch or dinner i only lived 20miles from him he is a good man big heart loves 2 help troubled kids has a masters degree in business he is a journeyman in electric has no tattoes wonderful guy somrwho we became involved i love him he is my universe but when i startedcrossing the border he told me there was no room in his future 4 a women i brought him 2 yuma i believed he needed love ishowed him there is life without crime and i keep loving him he got picked up and got 3yrs in jail now he says he loves me i live in mex built us a beautiful home in san felepe mex now he is telling me he isnt coming home is he afraid of a comittment i no he is used 2 being in prison he does great there he doesnt do well in the realworld he says everyone is truthful inb prison or u die he says everyone in the real world r all fake with is true

  • You know, this is really hard to read. You have not used a single piece of punctuation throughout this tome. All I can gather is that you are chasing something that is never going to be yours. He is married to the prison system and you need to move on.

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