Help Please, I have a few questions

  • Hey there. Anyone who is willing to help, I have a few questions I would like your help with if you have the time. My name is Jess, I'm 19 years old, going to be 20 in September, I'm a Virgo and I just have a few questions for you.

    1- Do you see me becoming an actress? Or a writer? Those are my two biggest dreams and I'm not giving up on them.

    2- Do you see me going to a concert of my favorite band on August 19th? I want to get tickets for it, but I know how quickly they can sell out. I'm even entering contests for VIP tickets to try and see them so badly. Just wondering.

    3- Do you see me getting into a relationship anytime soon? In particular I really like this guy and we have a lot in common...but he's a celeb. I know, those relationships are really hard as he's in the industry and I'm not, but I have a feeling that we have a lot in common and would work really well together.

    4- What do you see happening for me in my near future. Anything exciting? I feel like I've been in a slump lately, and I'm ready for some excitement and happiness.


  • So do you have writing or acting talents? Are you prepared to put in a lot of study and get many many rejections? If this is your lifelong dream, go for it. But if it's just the recognition, glamour, fortune, or fame (the public validation, in fact) of these professions that you are attracted to, you won't make it. It takes a heckuva lot of grit, determination, years of study, ability, and very very hard work, and most people don't get anywhere near their dream. Make sure your dreams have a practical basis - success doesn't happen overnight. Still, your busy and curious brain should get the world to listen to you if you are willing to work hard to achieve it and can focus your whole being on success. Believe in yourself and your abilities - but be realistic about what they are. Get to know yourself well so that making life choices becomes obvious and easy when you know what makes you happy. And bear in mind that you cannot please everyone.

    You might think about getting into the metaphysics business because I feel you may have a lot of psychic ability.

    Try to buy the concert tickets because I don't see you winning them (though some friend may give you some).

    You can have a real relationship if you try to meet real guys in your location, and not out-of-reach dream guys. We think we know celebs, but we only see their public image, not their true personas. Stick to who and what you know.

    Exciting events don't happen by themselves at random. Decide what you what from life, make a workable realistic plan, then go out and get it. You don't need a psychic to predict your future - you can create it for yourself. But make sure you don't try to do too many things at once - prioritize and go for the first thing you badly want, then move onto the second thing only after achieving the first thing - that way all your energy goes into one step at a time and is not scattered all over the place trying to grab everything. So don't try for both a boyfriend and a career at the same time or you won't get either. If you have been in a slump lately, it's because you are practising more dreaming than doing. Nobody succeeds by doing nothing.

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