How does he feel about me now - reading interpretation help?

  • A few weeks ago, I did a coming love interest spread and my reading reminded me of someone I know but had not seen in years (let's call him J). So out of curiosity, several days ago I did a spread regarding the soul-mate potential of J and myself, which had some interesting results to say the least.

    I saw J this weekend (he's in a band, I went to his show), but I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him; our conversations were brief by circumstance. Still, I wonder if our meeting stirred any feelings in him.

    I used the Enchanted Tarot, no positions. I asked, "What are J's feelings for me now after Saturday night?"

    Card 1: The Hanged Man - My first impression was that J doesn't feel any differently at all. Perhaps he has never really formulated a definite idea of who I am in his mind (we've never been close, just friendly acquaintances).

    Card 2: The Lovers - I never want to get my hopes up over a card like this, although I'm aware it can have many not-so-romantic indications as well. The art in my deck has a sensual woman lying lavishly on her own beneath the lovers, tempting the young man away from his beloved. My first thoughts were actually that J may be interested in another woman already, maybe not even looking around at the moment.

    Card 3: King of Pentacles - This guy rarely pops up in readings for me, so we're not very familiar. I'm also not very familiar with how the elements interact yet, but I know air + earth counteracts and I feel the King's earthy influence is putting a halt to the winds of the Lovers. This King also appears to be the sort of man not interested in the social aspects of dating? I did a little reading online, and found some things to suggest that this could indicate another man...which is very interesting because I was actually with my best male friend (who is a Virgo - earth) when I saw J. I have handful of close, platonic relationships with men, and I always forget that others can assume we're together romantically when we're out. I do think J mistook my friend & I as dating, but perhaps (The Hanged Man) he couldn't be positive! It would be nice if I could see J again to reassure him I AM single lol

    My thoughts are a tad clouded by my own personal biases about the situation, so I would VERY MUCH appreciate some insight! I'm actually rather at a loss here. The second my heart gets involved, the ability to see multiple viewpoints escapes me.

  • I usually read a 10 card spread - I feel like there isn't enough information here with only a three card reading but I will give you my interpretation.

    You are feeling kinda up in the air about this because you don't know what you want and you also don't know what he wants. There is a lot of being tied up with uncertainty. The lovers card, (with your image on your cards as you have described it) gives me the impression that he does have another relationship..maybe even a few. The King of Pentacles I would take to represent J not your friend because you didn't ask about your friend and with such a limited card reading the guides would give you as much information about J. I'm taking J to be a very sure and secure personality, maybe that is what initially draws you to him, but is that all? What else about him draws you? What do you want with him? Those are good follow up questions for thought. There is more information in the cards. If you want a more in depth reading email me at and give me permission to give you a reading. Hope that the info above helps.



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