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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and I could really use some advice...

    About 3-4 months ago I randomly met a man online who is a Pisces (21 Feb 85), I am a Virgo (26 Aug 86).

    Anyway, we unfortunately live on opposite sides of the world, nevertheless we continued speaking because Mr. Pisces was content to go with the flow and see where this new friendship could lead to.

    The first month was very intense, my phone would blow up with his constant texting. However, I found out that he was in a relationship with someone else, so I attempted to distance myself. This didn't work because of this strong connection that was between us.

    I really was shocked and surprised at how quickly I was falling for him. He would go on about our kids, the fact that we may be soulmates and a whole lot of other things that really melted my heart. Communication between us was constant.

    These past two weeks have changed, communication has slowed down dramatically, and I have questioned Mr. Pisces and he said "no, nothing has changed"...So I thought maybe I'm overthinking it so I attempted to 'go with the flow', this is extremely difficult for me to do.

    Needless to say I ended things with him. It was quite a sad goodbye, but he accepted it. He said that he'll always care about me and be there for me. I'm doubting myself now. Maybe I was over reacting...I dont know.

    I'm just wanting answers, do Pisces men come back in their own time? I'm thinking that maybe this break will do us well, give him a chance to miss me. Does his goodbye seem final? Or is there still a chance that he'll reconnect with me?

    Thank you everyone...I hope I've posted in the right forum...

    Miss. Virgo (the constant thinker and worrier haha)

  • Sorry just to clarify, when I said kids, I did not mean 'real' kids, I meant mine and Mr Pisces 'future' kids lol

  • In my experience yes they do come back, especially if you don't contact them. but I have also found that many Piscean men are simply addicted to the Chase. in many cases once you fall for them they lose interest quite quickly if they weren't serious about you. My concern would be that his current relationship hit a rough patch and he liked the attention you gave him but now things have improved with the other woman.

    Take it from someone who knows. long distance relationships are so hard. I can't even imagine going through that while also competing with someone who is actually there for his attention. It's my opinion, this is a battle you cannot win, nor should you try.

  • Thank you Ladyunlucky,

    He is also in LDR with his current gf...although she lives in the same country as him...

    I def do not want to compete with another woman, that's why we were 'friends' but because we have been in contact almost everyday it was hard for me not to develop feelings for him. He is a nice person but very wishy washy, a dreamer and happy to leave things to fate.

    I have made plans to visit his country in December this year, but I do not want to see him if he is with someone. These plans were made before I met him; I will be going with 2 close friends.

    I am so depressed over this. I've had absolutly no luck in love and I really did think that maybe he could be someone that I could eventually be with.

    It's currently day 2 and I have not heard frOm him. He was online last night and so was I, so he has def not blocked me...I don't know why I feel like this over someone online, it makes me feel as though I'm crazy and I blame Mr Pisces for putting all these fantasies of what could happen between us in my mind...

    It makes me sad that he didn't even try to stop me, he just accepted the goodbye.

  • I understand the connection you can develop online. The man I was going to marry lives 4000 miles from me. The distance eventually made me pretty insecure. I know first hand that it can work if you are both commited to it.

    Did anything happen before he distanced from you? if it was just random then I bet you he will contact you again but please don't settle for being the "other woman" he won't respect you for it. Take a few days to do things you enjoy, try not to obsessed or look out for him online. Men usually sense when you shift your focus from them, back on to yourself, especially water men they are so intuitive. The moment you find you're not thinking of him is likely when he will make contact. some gifriends, go for a walk or watch a favourite movie. I have known a lot of Pieces men, they always seem to come back around, and they like a woman who is mysterious and a little unattainable.

  • Oh okay you ended it because of the other woman. Has she been in his life long? how serious are they? Did he volunteer the information that he was seeing her?

  • Sorry about the typos I'm on my phone lol

  • Lol that's fine; I'm on my phone too...

    No he didn't tell me about his gf...I just had intuition about it. I had to ask him and he then answered hOnestly.

    He's been with her for about 5months and we've been talking for 4. I would never ask him to leave her for me especially since I live so far away from him.

    I'm not sure how serious they are...he never talks about her to me because he was always worried that I would stop talking to him. Well I did reach my breaking point...and geez it hurts missing him...

    Things started changing these past two weeks...I don't know why...maybe my insecurity and the fact that he has someone and it's hard for me, especially the distance.

    I know for a fact he was with his gf this weekend, although he hasn't told me. I know this because after the weekend was over I received a text from him telling me he misses me.

    I really hope he comes back and we can continue or 'friendship' or whatever it is.

    How long were u communicating with your partner before you met properly?

    Thank u so much for all your advice and kind words 🙂

  • Aww you are welcome. It's painful I know. Did you respond to his text about missing you.

    I know its tough on you but you are doing the right thing. Giving him time and space to miss you and decide what he wants is always better than applying pressure. If he cares he will eventually seek you out to talk. If he doesn't there are still other methods to cultivate his interest BUT this other woman being in the picture, challenges the ethics behind something like that. I think this is one of those situations where "choose me or lose me" is very relevant.

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