Why does my favorite Gemini act this way?

  • I'm a Pisces, DOB 3/12/1992

    She's a Gemini, DOB 6/10/1992

    I started hanging out with this girl in October. Sometimes I feel like we're really close at this point. She tells me a lot about her personal life, and she's even told me things that she says she's never told anyone else. When we hang out alone, we always have fun and laugh. We do exchange I-love-yous and hug. Things are mostly great when we're alone. Sometimes--usually when we decide to take nap or something--she suddenly looks at me and starts to say something like "You're so..." and then she rolls over and mumbles the last bit. I ask, "huh?" or "what?" but she just says "nevermind." I never press.

    When we run into each other in public--usually at parties--she often acts like we don't really know each other, or even as if she dislikes me. She mostly ignores my existence. I try and talk to her and she says a few words and finds a reason to walk away. Sometimes when she walks into a party and starts making the rounds, saying hello, she walks right past me like a stranger. But throughout the night I catch her glancing at me. Other times, she's super friendly with me and maybe even hits on me a little, kissing me on the cheek, sometimes sitting on my lap. If I'm smiling a lot, she says that she loves it when I smile and when I'm happy. Once she even kissed me on lips real quick. I asked her about it and she said that it was because she was drunk, and that she felt bad that I may have thought otherwise, but then she said "BUT you're the only person I've kissed because I was drunk in a long time, so idk what that's about." I didn't really know what to make of it.

    So needless to say, I'M CONFUSED, and I'm very hurt by the way she sometimes pretends I'm not there. What's going on?

  • This relationship can take a lot of time and energy and may prove too intense and confusing for both of you. It does bring out your dynamic sides however and, even if you both come to resent the relationship after a while, once outside of it you may look back and feel you had never been so alive. Both of you believe that being unable to feel is probably the worst feeling of all. Your relationship - painful possibly, boring never - may make you dissatisfied with other areas of your lives, which seem almost lifeless in comparison. Since together you attract a whirlwind of experiences, some joyful, others quite hard, it will seem from the outside that you are extremely lucky, cursed or both.

    Your love affair can range from the ecstatic to the catastrophic. Feelings of joy and sadness, happiness and despair, exaltation and depression may follow each other with bewildering intensity and frequency. Not knowing where you are headed or even sometimes where you came from, the two of you will be buffeted and drained by storms of emotion. Yet your empathy is such that each can usually read the other's emotional language unerringly.

    For your friend, whose strongest mode of communication is verbal and her orientation mental, your love feelings can be an unforgettable experience for her - and darn confusing at the same time because you are such different personalities and have such different approaches to love. You love talking about metaphysical subjects while your friend is more likely to prefer reason and sticking to the facts. In fact, she can feel embarrassed by your 'weirdness' and this may be why she sometimes avoids you - you aren't acceptable to her friends or social group. Yet you also draw her in a way she cannot really understand, the attraction of opposites.

    Personal respect and consideration can be easily lost here. Your friend has an obsession with money and security and may feel you cannot provide her with either. Oddly enough, though, you are both looking for the same thing in life - a place or environment where you can feel safe, loved, protected, and free to be yourself, a place where you truly belong. At the same time, you can both become dependent on being taken care of, which leads your friend to look for someone who can give her material security and you to look for someone to give you emotional security.

    This is not made to be a long term relationship, since conflict is likely and intrusive emotional flare-ups can become debilitating. Plus it's just so darn exhausting! But when you look back at this love-hate relationship years later (after having found your soulmate and started a family), you may recall it as being one of the most intense and memorable (if not good) experiences of your life.

  • Thanks Captain. 🙂

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