Cancer Woman and Gemini Man I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  • Gemini's need a lot of space and are very fickle as is. Anything too emotionally intense they'll run.

  • Thanks, I think I've given up on it, though. He's not trying to get a hold of me so I'm not going out of my way to get a hold of him.

    I was never really that into him. I barely knew him. His crazy talk of living together and having kids terrifed me. I just wanted some insight as to why a Gemini would say all this and then ignore me. I've let it go.

    I appreciate your feedback!

  • They live in their heads 😛 Mine did the same thing initially; they're weird ones I tell ya 😉 Good call on leaving it though. Health wise, how have you been since?

  • I had to leave it. Though he is fun to hang out with and it's not boring because he talks about crazy things, I can't hold on to a guy who not only did I never have but who causes someone trauma and then doesn't do anything to check and see how I am. He apologized but I don't want your words, I need your actions.

    Healthwise I am good!! I haven't had any seizures for 13 days so I would say I am in the clear!!! Thank you for asking, that's so thoughtful.

  • How much are your out of pocket medical bills going to be? Do you have insurance? How many days have you missed work because of this?

    What have your friends and family said?

  • I don't have any bills, yet. I do have medical insurance. I have missed about 2 weeks of work because of the incident. Actually, I was fired on Friday because of it.

    What have my friends and family said about what? The Gem or my health?

  • Wow! I think you should take this further. He hurt you badly and then he didn't go out of his way to accommodate your situation, and I do not mean romantically but in a decent way, just like any human being would do for another. He turned on the charm so that you wouldn't do that, not a very nice human being...who does that? being so rough that he gives you a concussion? I think for you as well, there was a lot to learn from this situation, so that you are never in a position like this again. Accept that you were truly interested in this guy at one point, despite what happened and question why you would accept that in another...because at one point you did. The sooner you accept that the faster the lesson will be learned; if not you'll have it again in another format in the future. I hope you are well now and that you find a job soon...

  • I know what you're saying. I was into him at first. For the last 2 weeks I couldn't care less about him. I would like to be friends with him but I am not going out of my way to make that happen. He broke my trust. That's not an easy thing for him to get back. Now, he's cost me my job. He's an insignificant human being to me now. Not worth my time.

    I have gone through a lot. A year ago I was sexually molested by 2 men. I can only NOW talk about it. I haven't told a soul in almost a year that had happened to me. I felt ashamed, dirty, like it was my fault. This Gem comes around and he seems too good to be true.

    Because of what I went through a year ago, I was not ready to be emotionally invested in someone anyway. I should never have spoken to that Gem as long as I did. Though we never has s*x, it was nice to talk to someone and escape from the torment I dealt with in my mind on a daily basis. I was fooling myself. When he gave me the concussion, I accepted it was an accident and gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, that quickly turned into me not caring about him at all because he didn't check on me like a decent human being.

    I can now openly say i was sexually molested because I am stronger from that situation and this Gem situation. I know what I want and what I don't want...No man is EVER going to have that power over me again...EVER!

  • Did he really accidentally lift you up into the ceiling Lady Cancer? Or did he push you or hit you?

  • It really was an accident. He lifted me up and I hit my head on the ceiling. If it is easier to visualize, we were standing on his bed so we were closer to the ceiling.

    If he intentionally hit me, he would have been in handcuffs so fast.

  • Hello LadyCancer, I am really sorry that you went through that, that is terrible...all I can say is that if something bad like that happened to you, do not play it down. I know you can talk about it now but that doesn't make it any less terrible. I hope that you have someone near, family or a true friend who you can talk to at least on the phone. I know you recently moved. Do not move too fast, take your time making new friends; it is good to enjoy your own company too. In time you will be surrounded by the right people who respect you for you and make you grow. Be well and take care of your sensible side and heart, protect it.

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