Love Compatibility between Libra and Scorpio

  • Are Scorpios and Libras a good match? I'm a libra 10-14-83 and the guy I'm seeing is a scorpio 11-10-83. Does this relationship have long lasting potential? or are we doomed from the start?

  • This does not bode well for a long-term love relationship. You two can present a united front to the world, being unlikely to back down from any challenge and having a powerful chemistry for establishing an uncompromising position - together you may focus on taking a stand, which you will fearlessly defend. Internally, however, the matchup may be bedeviled by disagreements and dissenting opinions from the start. Often such contrasts give it an intense dynamism, but they may also periodically threaten to break the relationship apart.

    In matters of love, your outgoing qualities and your partner's introverted tendencies can come into direct conflict. At first the relationship can thrive on such differences, but over time this temperamental incompatibility may prove insurmountable. Your partner may find you superficial and self-aggrandizing, while you may be unable to cope with his moods and depressions. Marriage is a big step for this relationship and should be considered very seriously before being attempted. Should such a marriage wind up on the rocks, the two of you must be prepared for a painful breakup marked by agonizing on-again, off-again oscillations rather than any real finality. You may find that money plays a huge part in your partner's life and how he feels about himself. He may put financial security before almost anything, even love.

  • TheCaptain - Thank you for this insight! I've been curious because I had my very first tarot reading and every card I drew related to this Scorpio man and said I would move for love (he lives in a different state) and I drew the male Scorpio card, lovers card and marriage card. My reader told me it was a choice I had if I wanted to go in this direction I could. I already know that marriage between us couldn't happen anytime soon because he is still establishing himself and I know that marriage is the last thing on his mind. He's the first scorpio man I've dated so I'm still learning his ways.

  • You should be very sure of his love for you if you decide to move interstate for him.

  • I will be. I have no plans to move for love for at least two years, and he would have to show commitment to me before I did. I would want an engagement ring before I moved for anybody.I think what is most important right now is continuing to establish our friendship and emotional connection. If it all fails, I still know I'll be alright.

  • That sounds very sensible.

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