What's going on with VIRGOS and AQUARIUS?

  • It's like...i feel so much for him, but he's not the first Aquarius that has stolen my heart, but I'd really like to make this work, although it's turning into a long distance relationship and he doesn't want that but he claims his feelings for me havent changed. I'd like to tell him how much i feel for him and that I think we should be together, regardless. But, is it even worth a shot? Are Virgos and Aquarius really that UNcompatible? And is there something in the stars that warn me not to do this at all?

  • My best relationships have always been with Aquarians Of course, planet placements have alot to do with it, but I have found them all easiest to relate to. The love of independence both signs share, I believe makes them easier for us to understand. They are secure enough to accept us as we are and are happiest when we do the same. My current relationship, though relatively new(4) months) seems like I have known him forever. I am in one of the easiest friendship/lover relationship of my life. No matter how he feels, he will always want and say what he believes in best and fairest for you pushing his own feelings aside.

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  • WOW

    Thanks so much

    thats so true!

    I thought Aquarians and Virgos were impossible matches...

  • I was with a Virgo and to this day he still loves me and if I date someone else he stills says we are together. Its funny really how he still wants to be with me after all this time! Btut he is a womaniser!

    Virgo men are great!

  • Hi, There are two famous Aquar/Virgo assoc's that I can think of Palin/McCain and Jackson/Presley. I have always had luck with Virgos. I think it's an ok combination. Virgo tried to make me into something I wasn't though. If Virgo accepts me for me would have been better. All relationships are give and take but I felt in my pairing w/Virgo that they wanted me to change too much for them. That's not what it's about.

  • I have a wonderful, great, blessed relationship with an Aquarius man for 5 years now. We truly understand each other and have the same views. So, trust when i say that aquarius/virgo relationships are not impossble!

  • I am an Aquarian-Pisces Cusp. My ascending planets are Virgo and Aries, my daughter is a Virgo and my son an Aries. Astrologers tell me that is very normal to have your children from your ascending planets. However I have been single for 10 years now and the relationships that have been the most profound in this time have been with Virgo men. For some reason I have dated 4 of them. 1 broke my heart incredibly, another tried to control me like nothing I have ever experienced before and one other one was very close to me. I could feel he really liked me but for some reason he couldn't commit. He was so used to be alone that he couldn't figure out how to share his life with the one person he finally had a connection with. I don't know what it is about them. We are incredibly attracted to each other but all 4 had different reasons that things didn't work out. I do have to say I love the way they live. Clean and clear of clutter. I did realized that although they were very passionate the were greedy with their passion, didn't like to show it too much or have you believe that you had the ability to bring it out in them. I did realize that when they make their minds up about something, they are such righteous creature that they won't change their minds, no matter how they feel. I think that is sad for there is no room for redemption.

  • I'm an Aquarius and I was with a Virgo for 4 1/2 years. It was the most relaxed, easy relationship I've ever had in my life! We were compatible both emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Not a day goes by I don't think about him - and he's still holding out for me (almost 2 years later). I'm with a Pisces right now and have been through emotional hell and back with him - and it brings us closer each time. I think it's my superficial ways that keeps us together. But, if and when we break up - I'm calling my ex right away! By the way, we broke up because he was putting a lot of hours into his work and coming home drunk and mean. BUT he's changed his ways - quit drinking and started running! Everytime we talk it's like we just click. I miss him.

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