• Hi!

    wondering what you can see for us. have person in my life past year or so and cut contact from me few weeks ago. wondering will he get back in contact? he had his heart broken badly 2yrs ago and is soooooo scared to start another serious relationship yet. he says he cares for me alot and would hate to loose me. he does this hot and cold thing. just comes and goes. he keeps saying sorry for what he is doing and says he doesnt mean it that he is not that type of person just very scared. i havent heard from him in few weeks which is unusual. is he doing this to have time to think or what? i do not know what to think.

    help would be great thank you.

    my details: serena 21-5-1984

    his details: enda 19-9-1981

  • He IS that type of person! Stop making excuses for this man child---you coddle him. He's so scared? Who isn't? Love is the most vulnerable place to be--for all of us. No one gets to have it safe--no one. He needs to MAN up. You are much more mature than him and playing mother. And that's not what you want. If he is so scared to lose you he would not treat you so disposable---do you feel loved by him right now? Do you know what love is supposed to feel like? I think you feel abandoned--neglected--taken for granted. Detach and use your wise head---stop wishing the picture is something it's not. Tune out his words and look at the picture--his actions. He needs to get over it and you can help him by setting a boundries. Why is his pain--his suffering more important than yours? Either he's in the game or not--say no to his enjoying your loyalty--your love but running off. That is not a committed relationship. What is YOUR intention. Are you so in love you will settle for whenever--whatever. You are loved! Do not focus on him but spend time with those who DO love you. Choose love. I do not mean to hurt you with honesty but to set you free as you deserve better. You have a big heart--are compassionate and loyal and very nurturing---you love to fix things and enjoy pleasing others. This man is taking advantage of you. Set some rules and boundries and mean it. Please do not think there is not another man for you---you may have to wait but by not being needy and not settling it will be worth it. Tell this man he can not treat you like this. Truth is you know in your gut what he's been up to----in his mind his options are always open and he's always still shopping. Someone else has caught his eye right now and it means nothing as she will see through him within a week and it will be over. He knows you'll be waiting. How nice for him? We have all been there---you are a smart woman. Let the pain out and then use that smart brain of yours and get moving----set some goals--distract yourself from him. This on hold place is too life sapping---it traps you and steals your life energy. He makes your world small. Get outside---remember your dreams! BLESSINGS!

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Blmoon.

    I did a brief relationship 3 card reading for you since your inquiry actually says it all

    The interpretation of the cards I pulled for you indicate that you are offering your emotions to this person whose interests are firmly planted elsewhere. A relationship at this time with this person

    will not be able to thrive and grow because your love interest has nothing to bring to the relationship. He is actually too self-absorbed bordering on mean.

    A reading provides insight and insight leads to self-empowerment.

    Respect and honor yourself.

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