Need advice from gem fems

  • I think I might be falling big time for a Gemini female. I'm a mature male Scorpio who is only recently opening up to love again after a self imposed 20 year exile. Events in my life a few years back ran the familiar old wrecking ball of fate thru my life, thus giving me a clean slate to start over with. This time it left me feeling better about my life than I had felt in a long time.

    I wasn't expecting this, but I have talking and flirting with... I guess we're like co workers? We're both musicians in different groups with the same band mates. We haven't known each other long. But she recently broke up with her bf, and I want to tell her how I feel.

    I know us scorps get all extreme about our feelings, but I swear i've never felt like this about anyone before.

    But being that she is a goddess of a Gemini, she is a flirt. I'm cool with that, but how do I know if it means anything if she flirts with everyone.

    The chemistry so far has been good, I can make her laugh. And the body language has been getting closer each time we meet.

    I gave her my number and invited her to call me sometime. It's hard to get personal, when the only time we see each other is at each others shows.

    I'm trying to play it cool and stay patient and wait until she makes the move. But I am afraid she might mistake that for indifference and move on without considering it.

    What do I do???.

  • Tokyotapes,

    Since you gave her your number, just wait to see if she calls.


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