• hI Captain this is sharlenerose, i need help, i'm an aries 3/21/1979, messing around with a gemini 5/29/73. i cant figure this guy out. can someone do a reading for me and tell me if this is going anywhere at my wits end right now... can u give me a report please

  • According to your astrological profiles, this does not work out well as a love matchup. The relationship will be strongly involved in the physical world. There is a sensuousness here but also practicality, pragmatic attitudes, and an appetite for both work and a materialistic approach to life. A mental orientation, symbolized by the exchange of ideas, usually predominates at the relationship's start. Self-understanding is not characteristic of this relationship, so energy is often wasted as the two of you impulsively head off in the wrong direction, particularly when things are going well. Only when breakdown or crisis forces a reorganization, whether of routines and habits or on the physical plane, will understanding and sensitivity have a chance to emerge. Unless both of you understand the relationship's practical nature (a difficult task at best), no forward progress or development will be possible.

    That your partner has neither the time nor the interest to satisfy your need to be understood will cause you frustration, especially in a love affair or marriage. But he does have the mental objectivity that you lack and can therefore be a great help to you, advising or guiding you in fiscal matters or planning your career. Furthermore, your hard-headed partner is difficult to convince and if your imaginative self needs to bounce ideas off someone, he can be a crucial sounding-board. You are both quick at grasping ideas and concepts which augurs well for open channels of communication between you. Your partner is particularly good at dealing with technical matters or with issues of physical motion and you can be fascinated by his wit and charm.

    So friendship or a purely working partnership is a better option than a love relationship here. You will always run a poor second to your partner's interest in obtaining security and a fat bank balance, and he doesn't have the emotional depth, groundedness, commitment, or sensitivity you require. He also has a problem sharing his resources or wealth with anyone. What attracts you to this person may be your liking for a challenge more than the actual man himself. You can get bored very easily without some sort of demanding or stimulating situation in your life.

  • thank you, yes i believe he poses a challenge, and anything too easy tuns me away quick. yes to everything you said. neither time nor interest sounds about right. its the challenge that is holding me here, and i cant get close enough to him to effect a change...can you give me a life reading so that i can regain some sense of direction...also i am very sensitive, and i go thru moments of up and down. i dont know if its because spirits are constantly passing thru but i go thru so many emotions in a day. i was going thru an emotional breakup when his name came to me and i pursued him and became intimate.i dont know if its because i pursued him but he seems not to take me serious. sometimes seems like he doesnt care and his always double-minded. it seems like he is always fighting himself. we have been going thru this for 8 mths now and there have been times when i want to let go. i ask him all the time do you want me to leave you alone, and i get the impression he doesnt want me to. in the beginning he told me he had walls up and it would take time to break them down and no one ever gets close to him. i know he has something of another relationship. Around the time that his name came to me, i just heard a voice come in my head and said his name, and said i need to talk to him. Could that have been an evil spirit trying to lead me astray. What is the reason that spirit would lead me to talk to this man if there is nothing there. This has never happened before. i too have a double mind sometimes and its a bit tricky because i want to give him my all. please help me cause right now, I just dont know

  • Sharlenerose, according to your astrological and numerological profile, you are a sensitive soul who is sometimes overly aware of the harsh reality of life. Rather than retreat from this truth, however, you are called to engage in the world and actively seek solutions to the variety of problems or issues you may encounter in day-to-day living. To better enable this process, you must release your fatalism and adopt a more optimistic approach. Throwing yourself into a variety of situations and crafting imaginative solutions, you will become adept at logistical planning and interpersonal relations that may lead you, ultimately, to considerable career success. The challenge is to apply those skills to yourself and your inner life by addressing all that needs to be transformed within you on every level of mind, body and spirit - and to lose any victim consciousness. You must realise that your life is no set of random circumstances or bad luck - you create your own life situations yourself by your choices and decisions (or lack of them), and thus you can also create their solutions. Your core lesson is to generate a positive attitude and can-do approach and lose any propensity for passivity. Your goal is to become a creative problem solver, using your gifts of soulfulness, practicality, and thoughtfulness.

    Your inner emotional life may be quite different from the more dynamic, competent, and ambitious facade you present to the world. Though likely to be more extremely sensitive than thin-skinned, and independent to the max, you probably won't allow too much emotionalism to bleed through the fabric of a well-constructed worldly image. Yet you are gifted with a great deal more sensitivity and a much more developed sense of beauty than many. If you can learn greater patience and the value of careful planning, you may well discover that your inner life and outer image will meld into a personality that is assured, refined, and more able to take up the challenge of finding positive solutions through a more detached and discerning viewpoint, along with achieving ever increasing faith in your own capabilities. You will find a lot more fulfillment by being more proactive about your health, too.

    You tend to be a loner by nature (you actually can't stand to be around people all that much because they drain and exhaust you due to your sensitivity) - but it is the area of interpersonal relationships that will be where your greatest lessons lie. Instead of seeking refuge from a boring or dangerous world, you must dive into its deepest depths with courage and trust in your own survival strengths. You can blow hot and cold in intimate situations, usually not wanting to deal with any issues and preferring to retreat into your own inner life for sanctuary. You are inevitably bound to attract more than your share of difficult people simply as a way to ensure you are given ample opportunity to learn about negotiation and conflict resolution. The many different people you encounter in the workplace will be especially useful to your growth. Because you are prone to isolating yourself, you must work hard to maintain contact with others.

    Friendships will likely prove to be the area in which emotional investment is most productive for you - a small circle of intimate friends is generally enough for you, whether you have a life partner or not. The best people for you are outgoing types who won't let you off the social hook too easily. Surrounding yourself with individuals who possess optimism and initiative in abundance will encourage the same energies in you. Early in your life, love affairs will be highly passionate but short-lived, and rarely productive or meaningful over the long haul. Due to your romanticism and sensitivity, it will usually be you and not your partners who wind up most devastated from breakups. Ultimately you will become adept at forming mature relationships based on mutual respect and give-and-take, rather than falling for more idealistic and less realistic choices that only leave you alone. In the final analysis, it is the negotiations of daily life and sharing everyday chores and activities, in living with someone, that will provide you with the best opportunity for ongoing practice on your lifepath.

  • Thank you The Captain, your revelations are spot-on. Let me just hope I can take your suggestions and live up to them

  • You can.

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