AstraAngel I have a few questions

  • Hey there AstraAngel, I have a few questions I would like your help with if you have the time. You've helped me before, but my name is Jess, I'm 19 years old, going to be 20 in September, and I just have a few questions for you.

    1- Do you see me becoming an actress? Or a writer? Those are my two biggest dreams and I'm not giving up on them.

    2- Do you see me going to a concert of my favorite band on August 19th? I want to get tickets for it, but I know how quickly they can sell out. I'm even entering contests for VIP tickets to try and see them so badly. Just wondering.

    3- Do you see me getting into a relationship anytime soon? In particular I really like this guy and we have a lot in common...but he's a celeb. I know, those relationships are really hard as he's in the industry and I'm not, but I have a feeling that we have a lot in common and would work really well together.

    4- What do you see happening for me in my near future. Anything exciting? I feel like I've been in a slump lately, and I'm ready for some excitement and happiness.


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