Would love to get a reading please

  • Hi,

    I am requesting a reading about what kind of relationship I can have with this person.

    my bod is september 12 1985

    and his is Jan 2 1985


  • I know you posted this under Tarot readings but perhaps you wouldn't mind an astrological reading from me?

    This relationship is best as a working relationship or a friendship, but is difficult for love. You two hard-headed individuals inevitably butt up against each other. Neither of you is very flexible or understanding in this relationship, though you often will gain each other's respect - at least enough to know that neither of you will allow the other to aggress on your 'side of the fence'. Circumstances usually determine whether or not you and he will even be found on the same side of the fence. If you are allies, your relationship can become the solid backbone of any organization but if you become opponents, you will usually fight to the last. There is seriousness and emotional depth to your relationship - this seriousness can determine the relationship's tone.

    A love affair here will not be taken lightly. The two of you will demand a serious commitment from each other and can be sensitive to each other's lapses in conduct or breaches of ethics. This will prove a strain for you Cellisi and you may find your partner's inflexibility too much to bear. He on the other hand can feel threatened by your freethinking and questioning style. Marriage can be effective between you in many practical areas but will lack the spark necessary to sustain active feelings over the years.

  • Hi Captain,

    thank you for your insight. Really appreciate it.

    Can I ask you to give me some insight about my love for the coming year?

    I am really happy with my career and life. I am really to be in a relationship again. I would like to see what 2012 will bring.


  • Cellisi, if you want to find love this year, you are going to have to leave your usual comfort zone and local hangouts and try some new venues or environments. You need to meet different types of people. You can often feel a need to hide yourself from the world but this year you must force yourself to socialize and be seen. Love is not going to happen for you by random chance in 2012 - you are going to have to work hard and actively seek it. One way you can unlock your self-expression is through sports or physical activity and you may also make some new friends. You might also think about changing your appearance and your approach to romantic matters in some way. Dare to do something different to the way you always do them.

    You desire total, permanent commitment with someone and feel mutual empowerment. You want a partner who will take care of all your material needs while you take care of his emotional needs - or vice versa. To find this person, you must first get in touch with your own values and stop seeking your self-worth through others. You must become strong inside, aware of what you want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful to you. Once you figure out who you are as an individual, your energy will grow stronger and you will attract a mate of similar energy with whom you can form a successful and true partnership - one beneficial to both your social and career advancement (and able to satisfy your strong physical needs) would be ideal for you.

  • Hi Captain.

    Thank you so much.

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