Need help with a daily reflection reading...

  • I am fairly new to this but am concerned about this reading and the potential interpretation. I am seeking validity or clarification on the way the reading could be interpreted regarding my situation.

    Today's cards (Waite):

    Situation: The Tower

    Challenges/Opportunities: Wheel of Fortune

    Advice: Ten of Wands

    Daily Lesson: Eight of Cups

    Near Future: The Magician

    Question was: Will child support be increased?

    Concern about the deviant, deceitful machinations currently in place with ex-husband lying, manipulating court system and trying to argue a case for no child support. I am concerned about the reading because I think if I read it correct, it is saying that something terrible is going to befall me and my son and that I should be prepared for the consequences.

    Am I assuming that evil will win out over good in efforts to maintain a lie?

    Any help would be appreciated...thanks.

  • Boy, I would read these cards completely differently.

    The Tower and the Wheel of Fortune don't necessarily mean anything terrible is going to happen to you. It could just mean that things are going to be crazy for a while. There is lots of drama here, especially when you consider yet another major arcana card (The Magician) is also in the mix. That's three major arcana cards out of five.

    In my opinion, the Ten of Wands and the Eight of Cups are there to advise you to do your best to create a stable, loving, and consistent environment for yourself and your son while all this is going on. These cards suggest to me that things could end up fine for you if you make the choice to stay calm and put your son's well-being first, despite the unpleasant situation whirling around you. You don't have to add fire to this storm or let it hurt you. So listen to The Magician and choose not to.

    That's how I see these cards relating to your question.

    Be well.

  • I will follow your advise.Comments will follow within 2 weeks//.

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