Relationship Interpretation (please) ?

  • Hey guys. I'm Leslie. My ex and I recently broke, and we've decided we're going to try and stay friends (A difficult feat, I know). I don't want to get my hopes up, so I asked my cards how our relationship would develop over time. For shorter term (like a couple months from now) I got The Knight of Cups and Two of Wands. For longer term I got The Queen of Swords. I'm having trouble interpreting these. Any thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

  • First of all, it's interesting that you asked about a situation and got two Court Cards (Pages, Princes, Queens, and Kings), as these more often than not represent people, and not situations. The Knight of Cups is very much a "lady's man." He's attractive, flattering, very creative, and a partier. In Tarot, the Cups contain wine, so he's often seen "wining and dining" his chosen love interest. However, being a Knight, he desires conquest, and he often uses his image to get it - as such, he's something of a rogue, and probably does not keep a relationship for long. This doesn't necessarily define your ex, but seeing as how it's in the future, it probably means that he'll be off looking for a new love fairly soon.

    The Two of Wands is undoubtedly what you'll be going through in the next few months. This is a card of decision making, and I like to explain it in the form of leaving on a quest: you've got your choice of walking-sticks, the world in your hands, and nowhere to go. You have all the resources you need to be able to do just about anything you want, but you don't know what to do with your prosperity. The Twos always have creative potential (how many people does it take to create life?), and this may be interpreted by the potential in your newfound "freedom." You can and are able to start looking for a new boyfriend (I'm assuming, since you still want to be friends, that the breakup wasn't so harsh as to require a "recovery period"), but you don't necessarily know how to start looking or what to do.

    The Queens, of course, represent women, and I'm interpreting a Queen of Swords in your long-term future as representing you. The Queen of Swords is traditionally a widow or spinster, though this isn't to be taken literally. She is wise, intelligent, and intuitive, but somewhat closed off. She has had many experienes throughout her life, not all of them pleasant, and is very good at handling situations. If this is your future, then my advice is to try to be open with a future boyfriend. You have a natural tendency to do what's necessary, and this is a good trait to have - if you don't think he's the right one, he's probably not.

    As for how your relationship with him turns out in the end, it looks good, but not in the way you may think. He's likely going to go off wining and dining new girls (Knight of Cups), leaving you with a newfound freedom, but not necessarily knowledge of what to do with it (Two of Wands). However, you'll eventually move on, find your path, and be that much wiser for this experience.

    Blessed Be,


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