Exchange anyone

  • does anyone want to do a reading for a reading.

  • Sure 😄 What would you like your reading to be about?

  • awesome. I was wondering what sort of communication will i have with a libra friend of mine.

    your question!!

  • Could you please be a little more specific? Are you asking whether your relationship with your friend will turn romantic or not?

    As for my question, I'd like a general reading for my love life over the next six months.

  • Hi. Yes pls. I am fairly new to this and would love to build my confidence. I have been doing readings on myself and a couple of friends for the last six months. Would love to do a reading for you. I would like a reading on love life. What would you like your reading to be about?

  • Apologies:

    Mashmusic11235 - I woul like to know where she is at in regards to me. So by this i just want to know why she's been so standoff ish. I will do your reading when i get some time a lot of stuff came up today my apologies.

    mojana - thank you for your response i will do your reading when i get some time as well my sincere apologies. My question is what big event can i expect to happen this month.

  • I can do that, though not today (I had a wedding to go to). I'll have your reading up tomorrow.

  • Greetings Hockeyplayer

    Thanks for your reponse. I will do your reading later this evening. Have a blessed day.

  • I'm going to be doing your reading now. I'll be using a 10-card Relationship Spread for this reading, with the question "what is his [your] relationship like, and where is it going?"

    The first card represents the distant past, and it's the King of Cups Rx (Rx is Tarot shorthand for "reversed" - it means the card is upside down (and yes, it's the same as the 'perscription' symbol)). This card represents depression, retreat into fantasies, perceived weakness, and presenting a false front to the world. Perhaps (without realizing it, even), you've been depressed, and sat back while waiting for love to come to you. This doesn't mean that you're a bad person, just that you might have been socially awkward at some point. This card could also refer to someone else, and in this reading probably does.

    The second card is the recent past, and it's Justice Rx. This card indicates something that happened recently which has bearing on the situation at hand. It could mean several things, but probably that someone in the relationship has been wronged recently, or something happened that was unfair. It could also indicate internal unbalance; perhaps your old way of doing things isn't working any more (maybe the tendencies in the King of Cups Rx aren't working out so well in a relationship). It could also mean something external, such as legal action which affects the relationship (either you, her, or a family member on either side of the relationship is a lawyer, or involved in a court case). I did a reading once in which Justice Rx simply indicated a great deal of paperwork.

    This next card is the way things are now, and it's the Five of Wands. This card doesn't even need to be reversed in order to indicate that things aren't going so well. The Rider-Waite deck shows this card as five people fighting each other with sticks, and that's a good summary. It indicates that you're facing an internal battle (either within yourself, within your cicle of friends, or perhaps, in this instance, in the relationship itself) or competition. You may be trying to reason something out or fix things, but nothing is going your way. However, there are good things going on here. The five men fighting could be teenagers roughhousing, and could indicate playful competition, but I have a feeling that it's more serious than this. An important thing to note is that the staves they're fighting with are forming a Pentacle, which is a symbol of protection and power. This means that even though things may not be going so well, you have either a higher power or a good support system backing you up, whatever the outcome may be. This card also encourages you to look for new and creative solutions.

    Sidebar: Justice is a unique card in that it can combine the qualities of the cards on either side of it. In this case, it probably means that the qualities of the King of Cups Rx are causing the strife in the Five of Wands.

    The fourth card indicates future influences, and it's the Queen of Pentacles. The Court Cards (Pages, Knights, Queens, Kings) often represent people, so this probably means that someone will be coming into your life shortly, or someone already in your life will have more bearing on your life than previously. The Queens are, or course, female, so this person will more likely than not be female. As for who this is, exactly, it's hard to say. She's likely an adult or a mature teenager, and she will have some or all of the qualities of the Queen of Pentacles: thrifty, caring, and prosperous without being at all lavish. What bearing she'll have on your relationship, I can't be sure, but she will have some, and she'll likely have it soon.

    This next card represents outside influences, specifically other people. It's the Empress. This is an interesting card to have in this position, and it has two major meanings, both of which are probably relevant: it means a mother, and it means a lover. This would mean that a major external influence on the relationship is a woman, probably a mother, who is very supportive of your love for each other.

    The next card is the querent's (your) attitude: The Devil Rx. First of all, in Tarot the Devil is absolutely NOT Satan - in fact, I chose to represent him as the god Pan in the deck I made. The Devil Rx is a very difficult card to interpret, but essentially it indicates extremes. On one hand, you could have completely given up your temptations and become what you consider to be a very "clean" person, or you've indulged your dark side rather heavily. These extremes are likely caused by the stress of relationship issues, and this card is absolutely NOT judging you - it's just describing your attitude towards the situation.

    The next card is helpful energies, and it's the King of Wands. This is another Court Card, and most likely another person. The King of Wands is the classic "good king," essentially Richard the Lion-Hearted. He's regal, loyal, gracious, deeply caring for those he loves, and very economical. In this instance, he's either a father or close male relative, again of either you or her. I have a feeling that he's related to the Empress mentioned earlier, as they both seem to be expressing the same kind of support for the relationship.

    Now for obstacles to be overcome, and it's the Nine of Pentacles Rx. The Nine of Pentacles Rx is a card of entrapment: you've been deceived, taken advantage of, or tempted, and you've fallen into a trap that it's proving very difficult to get out of. This could be an extenstion of the situation in Justice Rx. Or, it could be referring to the relationship as a whole, and you feel bound to each other, but not in a healthy, loving way. In any case, entrapment is the issue at hand.

    The ninth card is your hopes and fears, and it's the Two of Cups. This is one of my favorite cards, and it represents love, attraction, good health, good fortune, good circumstances between two people. This is what you hope for, and you fear the loss of this if you've had it before, or the thought of not acheiving this if you haven't had it before.

    The tenth and final card indicates the final outcome of the situation, and it will likely tie everything revealed so far together. It is the Five of Cups Rx. In this card, you recover from loss, move beyond bad things, and heal rifts. Whatever may be causing her standoff-ish-ness will be resolved, and you'll be able to move on with a happy, healthy relationship (the Two of Cups which you've hoped for). Now that I see this card, I can't help but wonder if the King of Cups, Justice Rx, and Nine of Pentacles Rx applied to her instead of to you. Since it's a question about a relationship, this is certainly possible. You may just be an innocent bystander, waiting for your chance to help her through whatever she may be facing. At any rate, whatever happens will likely be cleared up. Remember the Five of Wands from before? It can indicate working together with others in order to overcome obstacles, and it certainly holds true with this card, which indicates that old friends or relatives will return, or your support system will come into play for some very good results. Don't hesitate to let others (especially the soon-to-be-significant Queen of Pentacles and the already helpful King of Wands and Empress, whoever these may be) help the relationship, as they're certainly willing and able to do what they can.

    In summary: everything looks good. Press on, be consistant, and don't hesitate to ask for help. Everything will turn out right in the end. One of the interesting things about Wands is that they indicate movement, and since the "now" card is a Wand, it indicates that the issue is temporary, and will soon move past. As for WHY she's being stand-off-ish, it's because of some (probably minor) wrong or injustice done to her in the past, but with some support, she'll get through it. Now that I've completed the reading, I'm starting to place some of the cards differently:

    I think the King of Cups is not you, but rather someone who wronged HER at some point in the past, thereby causing the current issue.

    Justice Rx is this wrongdoing.

    The battle being faced in the Five of Wands is simultaneously your relationship strife, and the battle that she's currently facing alone.

    The Queen of Pentacles, Empress, and King of Wands are important elements in the relationship's support system, and now is the time to call on them.

    So, turn your attention to her, and make a point of being there for her. Remind her that there are others willing to be there for her, too. If I've been completely wrong and the injustice was done to you instead, take comfort in your support system.

    So, that's your reading. If you would, please give me some kind of indication as to whether I was correct or not - I had an odd feeling about the reading until I got to the very end, though I think the Five of Cups Rx sorted out any doubts I'd had. If you'd like any other information for my reading, ask away.

    Blessed Be,


  • MashMusic11235: Sorry about the late response! Here is your reading for you love life over the next six months.

    Card one : Opennes to love, ability to love, in the present : six of swords

    This card to me shows that you have had quite the journey in regards to your love life and you may recently be coming out of not so great of times. You are most definately heading into a better period you just need to ope your self up to all the oppertunities that are around you for something to happen. You also have to be aware of projecting past exeriences on new experiences the past is in the past and just because the something didnt go so good in the past doesnt mean its going to happen all over again. This card says to take the past and learn from dont dwell on it and once you can do that you will move into something a lot more positive.

    Card two : Hopes and desires, what querent is truly looking for: 9 of swords

    Do you think about your love life a lot. maybe have regrets about something? This card to me tells me that you need to stop dwelling (going back up to the six of swords) and move past it let things happen the way they are suppose to happen. Don't think so much and don't expect things to happen over night. A good true love takes time and once you can relax and let yourself enjoy the smaller things you will welcome whatever is next for you to enter your life.

    Card three : Attitude of the querent that must change: Judgement

    The judgement card in this position to me suggests an inability to let go which goes back to both of the previous cards did something in the past happen that scares you from moving forward?...This card is also saying that you arent letting yourself free from that baggage that lingers you need to do so because all it is doing is holding you back so becareful of that in the next few months.. The energy of the card is rebirth and it's being blocked; the sick person stays sick. The person in the bad relationship can't seem to leave it. There is no forgiving or letting go of old issues.

    Card four : what is holding querent back, outside influences Seven of pentacles

    This card is about taking time re evalute i find it interesting how this is all flowing together so nicely. You need to take time for your self and re evaluate where things are in your life. Are you in a position that you are happy with ..ask yourself how can you make your self happier. Are you not in a good position whats another path you can take that will lead you to the happiness you want and deserve. Think of it like pruning a tree. Pruning back the tree before the spring to encourage new growth. Maybe it could be symbolic of 'spring cleaning' or clearing away clutter and old stuff to make way for new things. The whole idea of clearing away the old to make way for the new

    Card five : Querent's true potential for love: Knight of swords

    I take this to be either a person: Which in this case the Knight of Swords suggests a person that has reached an intermediate stage in life. They may be young or just finished their higher education. Usually they are very analytical, critical and intellectual. They may be very serious about moving ahead in their lives. Does this sound familiar to anyone in your life. I get the feeling he may be younger then you or maybe just not at the same maturity level as you.

    Card six : what to look for emotionally: three of pentacles

    This card is telling you that you need someone that is willing to put in the work to make a good relationship GREAT. Its about refining those relationship skills... getting advice and support where you need it, but mostly discovering that there is a lot to learn and refine and practice when it comes to relating with each other. You need someone who understands thats and is on the same page as you. Relationships just don't happen, you have to stay away from that attitude you need somoene that will work with you to "perfect" the relationship you very much deserve. You also need someone that has the skills and patience, dedication and keep an eye on details... learning from mistakes and not giving up when they happen... but to perservere and grow with it.

    Card seven : what to look for physically: six of wands

    This screams out someone who knows what they want and they arent afriand to show it. Someone that is there for you physically when you need them to be to stick up for you or what ever you need them to do. They are your rock and your not afraid to go to them and expect them to protect you.

    Card eight : outcome, answer: queen of cups

    As an outcome i see the Queen of Cups is about talking out your feelings with the others (maybe a particular person that may take on the traits of the queen of cups) This card is about being able to share those feelings, working them out together with someone to create a more harmonious peaceful feeling. Telling someone inparticular about things that are bothering you and getting anything off your chest that has been wieghing you down, so that you can work it out together and get back to a more harmonious coexistance. If there is something you need to get off your mind the dont hold back maybe thats the warning from the beginning dont hold back do what you got to do and if that means Sharing your feelings with the other openly then do it because you come come to a greater understanding and peace and harmony with that individual.

    Does this make sense to you at all. I kinda rambled on in some areas just went with what my gut was telling me. Hopefully you can relate to it please any feedback is great. I will post your readings feedback in a new box.


  • In summary: everything looks good. Press on, be consistant, and don't hesitate to ask for help. Everything will turn out right in the end. One of the interesting things about Wands is that they indicate movement, and since the "now" card is a Wand, it indicates that the issue is temporary, and will soon move past. As for WHY she's being stand-off-ish, it's because of some (probably minor) wrong or injustice done to her in the past, but with some support, she'll get through it.

    ****************I know exactly what happened to her in the past but she has made a lot of effort to move past it and i do think that thats a huge reason why she is so standoffish.

    Now that I've completed the reading, I'm starting to place some of the cards differently:

    I think the King of Cups is not you, but rather someone who wronged HER at some point in the past, thereby causing the current issue.

    ******* Im kinda the reason she was wronged.... so i think it may be regarding me.

    Justice Rx is this wrongdoing. - makes sense.

    The battle being faced in the Five of Wands is simultaneously your relationship strife, and the battle that she's currently facing alone.

    *************She definately is the kinda person not to ask for help shes always helping others and isnt really one to ask for help in issues shes having. Very quiet indvidual that tends to keep to her self.

    The Queen of Pentacles, Empress, and King of Wands are important elements in the relationship's support system, and now is the time to call on them.

    ******** I have no idea who these people could be .... is there anyway of seeing further information to who these people may be.

    So, turn your attention to her, and make a point of being there for her. Remind her that there are others willing to be there for her, too. If I've been completely wrong and the injustice was done to you instead, take comfort in your support system.

    thanks a bunch your reading was great and very much spot on. especially that you recognized that it was her that was wronged. Would you like to do another exchange? if not thats fine thanks for taking part in this.

    all the best


  • Greetings Hockyplayer. I have just completed your reading using my gilded tarot deck and pendulum. Your question - 'What big event you can expect this month'. Well, whilst shuffling the cards, three cards jumped from the pack - 3 cups, two cups and ten cups. I was amazed as they all represent Love and Happiness.

    The 3 of cups represent celebration, emotional happiness, a sense of victory or a steady progress in a relationship.

    2 of cups represent again growth in a romantic relationship perhaps taking it to the next level; or if there have been quarrels or a dispute in your current relationship, there will soon be a reconciliation. The 2 of cups also represents commitment, engagement or marriage.

    10 of cups represent lasting success in a relationship. A happy home/marriage.

    You may be celebrating an engagement, anniversary or attending a wedding.

    I hope this reading meets with your query.

    Please let me know if I am on the right track with this as you are the 5th person I have read for and I would appreciate feedback.


    I wish you the very best.

    Peace & Light


  • Mojana: Sorry about the late response! Here is your reading in regards to your love life 🙂

    Card one : Opennes to love, ability to love, in the present : six of pentacles

    Sixes are cards of balance and harmony. So i feel that the six of pentacles would indicate a balance and harmonious outlook with respect to the earthly aspects of your relationships coming in and going out. I feel that you are a rather confident and comfortable enough in your life to give freely, trusting that it will return to you in equal measure. It is very important to you that you are neither giving too much of yourself or too little; It is a rather benficial quality to be able to have a good balance between your needs and those of others.

    Card two : Hopes and desires, what querent is truly looking for: Queen of cups

    The first thing that came to mind is that your looking for a caring, loving nature, gentle and someone who is very much in touch with there intuition. You need someone that will make decisions based more on their feelings rather than logic or facts. A person who allows there heart to rule there head. Someone who listens to theier inner voice when needed to and very open to new experiences. You may also want to be able to exhibit these qualities in a relationship and as advice this card may be telling you to allow yourself to do so. Also in a relationship sense your looking for unconditional love.

    Card three : Attitude of the querent that must change: two of wands

    2 Wands can be about creativity and energy or it can represent power you need

    to stop demanding control over a particular situation if this is in regards to you let things go the way they are suppose to be dont try and control an outcome let the outcome be presented to you in the way it is suppose to be presented. You need to focus on cracking down on things that need to be completed and once you accomplish the important stuff in your life everything else will fall into place.

    2 of wands can be advice to work with others toward common goals is there someone you should be working with rather then trying to out do this person? This is a heads up that something is around you are not looking at. An opportunity or situation you are not seeing. Maybe a person who might have an attention deficit disorder too.

    Card four : what is holding querent back, outside influences eight of pentacles

    You feel as though you arent making progress theres an area in your life that you feel is holding you back and there is no movement that your not reaping the harvest that you most definately deserve so if you go back to your last card maybe its advicing you to work hard to make changes that will help you achieve what it is you want. Im not saying that you try and control things more so work the people around you be open to new oppertunities and when you do this thats when you will notice changes for the better in regards to your love life.

    Card five : Querent's true potential for love: queen of pentacles

    I would say this is a great potential for love it is the card that represents the "earth mother" type, earthy, grounded, creative, she nurtures growth in whatever she touches, in business, in the garden, in relationship as well, I suppose. Very practical and pragmatic. The women of Proverbs, who is shrewd in business and a valued partner in marriage. Nurturing, can hold her own, is a worthy partner, I guess that sums up how I would read her in relationship. This can be relating to a person in your life that holds these qualities or you your self showing these qualities in a relationship you will enter or further if you are already in one.

    Card six : what to look for emotionally: Seven of swords

    I would say this is more of advice. Stay away from going after things for the wrong reason. Be honest and do everything with good intentions. Don't fight a fight unfairly and you will always come out on top.

    Card seven : what to look for physically: Ten of pentacles

    another great card to get. You need to look for someone who will provide you with a happy home that you can nuture and bring to full growth which goes back to the queen of pentacles. someone who isnt afraid to give and offer you the physical things in life.

    Card eight : outcome, answer: Hermit

    My initial impression is that you need to look within your self and find what you really want and what really makes you happy. The hermit is all about looking within and figuring out what really matters. Its ok to take space for yourself to figure out what you want and which path you need to take next and i think for the next little bit youll be doing that and when you figure out you'll be looking at a very positive outcome.

    I hope this relates to you feed back would be greatly appreciated


  • im going to a party actually next weekend a stag and doe to be exact so it does make a lot of sense. If you dont mind pulling one more card to see if there will be a female that will play a role in my night that would be great. If not I appreciate the time youve taken so far and i wish you the best in everything you do!


  • HockeyPlayer,

    It's remarkable that you saw that - yes, my last relationship ended very badly, and even though it's been more than a year now, I'm still hanging on to what happened (more than anything, I'm not sure how to let go).

    Actually, the Knight of Swords sounds more like me than anyone I know. I'm very serious about what I want out of life, whether or not there's a relationship involved, and I do feel that I'm more mature than a good number of my, erm, peers.

    As an outcome, the Queen of Cups is interesting. As a rule, I'm very closed-off and introverted, and I don't tell people my feelings. Maybe I'll be more willing to after I've let go of the past, and I certainly want an open relationship with whoever I end up with.

    Would you be willing to draw one more card, for the qualities of the person I'm looking for, so that I might be able to identify her?

    As for your question about the Queen of Pentacles, Empress, and King of Wands, there are a few things we could do. FIrst of all, I'd like to say that I could be wrong about the Empress. Being a Major Arcana card, she very likely is referring to a general mood or "tone" that society has towards the relationship, and to you and her specifically, and not to a specific person. Being a Queen and King, I'd say that these people are adults, possibly older than you and her. Your first option would be to do a yes-no reading for particular people (I'd start with a general question like "is the person one of her friends?" or "is the person one of her family members?"). What you do here is shuffle, ask the question, and draw three cards. Flip them over. A reversed card means 'no,' an upright card means 'yes'. The middle card is double it's answer (so, if the middle card is a 'yes', you actually have two 'yes's). Yes-no-yes or no-yes-no (two yes and two no) means 'maybe' - you might try asking a more specific question. Of course, what the cards actually are gives more information about the question.

    Of course, I'd love to do another exchange. What's your question?


  • wow the qualities your looking for came up as the queen of cups again. So maybe this is a way of telling you that your looking for someone that will help you open up because they are able to be open with you and loving in away you havent experienced before. Would this make any sense at all? I think this person will be a definate way of helping yourself take down those gaurds you have built up because of past relationships and you'll open up to a whole new way of experiencing relationships.

    Let me know if this makes sense at all!

    thank you for the advice on the reading with the other cards i will definately try that technique and see what i come up with.

    If your still interested in a reading id like to have a reading done on this weekend im going to a party on saturday and just want to know hwat to expect ... and see if anything may happen with the libra girl....

    what is your question?

  • Thank you very much 😄 I haven't met someone like that yet (or at least I don't think I have), but since it's for the next six months, I'll keep my eyes open.

    I'll have the reading up by tomorrow at the latest.

    I'd like to know what will happen to me work-wise over the next three months. I've been thinking seriously about changing jobs, and I'd like to know whether it's a good idea, whether I'll be able to find a different job, will it be better, et cetera.



  • Hi Hockeyplayer

    Once again sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Been a very busy week. Thank you very much for your reading. Your reading was correct, in fact it coincide with a prevous reading I had done. I am at present living like a Hermit and I am slowly figuring out my life plan and getting out of my comfort zone. I have a lot of positivity around me. You are spot on.

    Now to your question - 'Will a female be playing a role on Sautrday' I used the tarot and pendulum.

    The 1st card - 2 swords, which represent a stalemate situation, a feeling of confusion.

    Wheel of fortune also known as the 'Destiny card', meaning what ever situation you are in will change for the better.

    6 Pentacles - represent material gain or sharing your time with others

    The last card is the 9 cups also known has the 'wish card'. It represent great achievement on an emotional level.

    Summary:You may feel a little despondent in regards to your love life at the moment but that will soon change as the Wheel of fortune represent a positive outcome and in regards to you sharing your time with someone, the 6 pentacles presents it self and to comfrim this the 9 cups popped up meaning that you will achieve your desire, which will lead to an emotional fulfilment. So Hockyplayer, it seems that you will be sharing your time with someone special on Saturday and having a great time. I wish you all the very best and I am looking forward to hearing how it went.

    Blessings to you


  • Okay, HockeyPlayer, here's your reading about what to expect on Saturday. This is a five-card spread.

    The first card is the present, and the general theme of the reading, and it's the Three of Swords. This card screams heartbreak, and the image in the Rider-Waite deck is of three sowrds piercing a heart. Since this is your present, I take it that your love life has seen some rough times lately, and you're still suffering over a break-up or other such event, but you're apparently willing to move on and find someone new.

    The next card is past influences, and it's the King of Cups Rx. The King of Cups Rx retreats into his emotions at any sign of trouble, and often for no reason at all. He might be socially awkward, but almost certainly doesn't handle the bad things in life all that well. He may drink too much, and might present a false congeniality to keep people from trying to help him. He often retreats into his thoughts, and passively drifts through life. These forces may have been acting on you at some time in your past, and effect the current situation. Maybe you handled your last breakup by becoming passive to everything around you, or maybe in the past you didn't take many steps to get a girlfriend, and simply waited for love to arrive at your doorstep. It's important to keep in mind that, while this card most likely represents something about yourself, the King of Cups Rx is no more permanent than any other Tarot card - it's not a be-all and end-all judgment of your character, but probably just a way you reacted at a pivotal moment in your love life, or at any moment that caused said reaction to have a bearing on the reading (this gels fairly well with the last reading).

    Now for the futre: Justice Rx. This card indicates something unfair, disorder and imbalance, or poetic justice. Something unfair may happen to you in the future, or you or someone else may receive their just desserts in an ironic but appropriate way. If this future is in regards to the party on Saturday, it may be as simple as someone playing a prank on you, or maybe you'll be having some great success, but the girl in the last reading will decide she doesn't want you talking to other women.

    Card number four is the reasong behind the reading, and it's the Five of Wands. This card appeared in your last reading, and it tells me that this reading stems from some of the same issues. You're locked in a power struggle or contest, almost certainly the one with the woman from the last reading. This struggle is causing you some strife, and that's why you asked for the reading (I'm also assuming that you're somewhat nervous about Saturday, and this would be why).

    The last card is the potential in the situation, and it's the Ace of Cups. This card indicates a party (which you're going to have), and a state of plenty, enjoyment, and contentment. Essentially, you have the potential to have a very good time at the party. It also can indicate a new relationship, so you may very well end up meeting someone special. Whether you do or not, you'll have a good time.

    Summary: Expect a very fun party, maybe with a playful prank or some slight injustice (probably of the 'hey, who took my beer!?' variety) invovled. Don't let it get you down. There was nothing that screamed 'NEW GIRLFRIEND!' to me, but all of the Cups, especially the Ace, have to do with relationship, so keep your eyes open and be ready if it does happen.

    I hope you enjoyed your reading,


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