Would anyone care to give me an opinion on this spread?

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    If this is in the wrong place please let me know and I will re-post in the correct forum.

    I threw this spread and I am afraid I am interpreting the cards as I want, not as they are. I would appreciate others opinions.

    The question was, "Tell me of my immediate future".

    I used the celtic cross spread and following cards appeared.

    1 . Emperor (reversed) - Present

    2. The Devil - Immediate obstacle

    3. Wheel of Fortune (reversed) - Goal

    4. Chariot (reversed) - Past Foundation

    5. The Star - Past Events

    6. Hanged Man (reversed) - Future Influence

    7. Judgement - Questioner

    8. The Moon (reversed) - Environmental Factors

    9. Lightning Stuck Tower (reversed) - Emotions

    10. Empress - Final Result

    I have just had a life changing event occur in my personal life and it seems the same is about to occur in my business life. What I read tells me to embrace the loss of the job and this will set in motion more favorable events that are waiting to take place but not until I leave where I am.

    I started to wonder about my interpretation when it started to be exactly what I wanted. That alone made me skeptical of my own reading.

    Any thoughts?

    Best of everything.


  • The Emporer Rx: This card represents an absent father, or a failed leader, possibly a boss or other male with whom you have a relationship, and most likely in which he has some authority over you. If this is your present, it probably means that you're trying to deal with this situation, but other things are preventing you from doing so.

    The Devil: In Tarot, the Devil does not mean a supernatural being residing in Hell and doing everything he can to bring you down. The Devil card actually means temptation, lust, unhealthy or excessive sexual behaviors, greed, a desire to control, and the list goes on. It all boils down to your inner devil, that side of yourself that you don't really want to acknowledge. In this situation, I think the Devil indicates a lust for power, and that your ability to deal with the authorative male figure represented in the Emperor Rx is being impeded by your own lust for power: perhaps you subconsciously want to bring him down so that you can take his place and be a better leader.

    Wheel of Fortune Rx: The Wheel of Fortune indicates change, and that seems to be what you want - change. However, since it's reversed, it probably means that there are some annoyances hindering this change (in this case, it probably involves waiting for your current job to end, or perhaps someone trying to get you to keep your job, despite not wanting to).

    Chariot Rx: This card tells the story of Oedipus, who became a king at the cost of killing his father and marrying his mother, all without realizing it. Essentially, it asks the question: victory at what cost? What price will you pay for overcoming an obstacle or discovering something? It's like asking a question, then thinking, "do I really want to know the answer?" Seeing as how this card is in the past, this has probably already happened: something occured which was plainly a victory in some way, but was also not worth it. This could be the event you spoke of occurring in your personal life, or perhaps even getting your current job or being placed under your current boss.

    The Star: The Star is a truly beautiful card. It indicates a time or situation of complete openness, where you can express your feelings, creativity, and talents without any negativity entering into them at all. This is probably the situation you used to be in, before the current events came up.

    Hanged Man Rx: The Hanged Man is a very complex card, and actually carries many of what we'd consider "reversed" meanings in its upright form. One of the most prominent aspects of the Hanged Man is the theme of sacrificing some material thing in exchange for a new, better spiritual perspective. Reversed, it may indicate unwillingness to make this sacrifice. As a future influence, I'd say that it means that at some point in the future, you're going to have to make a sacrifice (very likely a monetary one, as loss of a job often causes economic upset) you may not want to make. Relax: it'll be worth it.

    Judgment: This represents the questioner, in this case you. You've heard the call, and you know you have to do something in order to reach an end result, which will require serious effort and dedication to bring about - this is something you're willing to provide, at least at this point.

    The Moon Rx: The Moon is a kind of creative insanity: you need to listen to the wild creature inside of you and run with it for a time. The Moon Rx indicates ignoring your inner animal, and clinging to what you consider to be "reason," which can ultimately have detrimental effects. Since this card represents outside influences, I'd say it means the people around you think you're somewhat crazy for wanting to lose or end your job, and sometimes you're inclined to agree with them (though I warn you, this may not be the best choice).

    The Tower Rx: The Tower Rx has several meanings. One of them is narrowly averted disaster, something that would normally be considered disastrous ending up being exactly what you want, or getting away scot-free. Another meaning is a buildup of negative emotions without any kind of release. In your case, this is probably both. Losing a job would generally be considered disastrous, though it seems to be exactly what you're looking for in this situation; also, it may be the release you need for your negative emotions toward your boss.

    The Empress: The Empress, in my opinion, is very similar to the Wiccan figure of the Goddess. She's the Earth, the Mother, and the feminine aspect that exists in all things. That doesn't really pertain much to the present situation, but as a final outcome, I think she indicates general success: creativity, love, social success, comfort, and an appreciation for life and the world around you. I also find it interesting that your reading started with the Emperor, but ended with the Empress.

    All in all: I think you were basically right. You're trying to deal with something in your personal life (perhaps the male figure represented by the Emperor Rx), but your work life is stopping you from doing that. You want change, and have a history that would suggest the ability to meet it (the Chariot Rx and the Star), though you may have to make some sacrifices in order to get there (Hanged Man Rx). However, because of either your nature or simply your approach to this particular problem (Judgment), you're going to be willing to make these sacrifices when the time comes. The people around you may think you're crazy, but they just don't see things from your perspective. You have a buildup of negative emotions, and you firmly believe that change will relieve them, and it likely will, since the final outcome of the situation will be contentment.

    In other words, your own reading was spot on. If you're going to read cards, be ready for anything, because getting the answer you ARE looking for can be just as shocking as getting the answer you're NOT looking for. I agree, let things happen, make sacrifices when necessary, work on solving the problems in your personal life, specifically any male figures, and all will be well in the end.

    Blessed Be,


  • Thank you for analyzing my reading. I appreciate your time and energy.

    I enjoyed reading the information you gave regarding the chariot. I was unaware of the Oedipus connection.

    Again, thank you!

  • You're absolutely welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the new information. However, keep in mind that it really only applies to the Chariot Rx.

    If there's anything else I can do for you, let me know 🙂

    Blessed Be,


    PS: May I ask, did you use only Major Arcana cards in the reading, or did it just turn out that way? If you were using all 58 cards, then this is a truly remarkable reading indeed, as I've never seen a Celtic Cross spread come up as all Major Arcana. (More practically, you may wish to know that this indicates that the issues at hand have more to do with the spiritual and internal world than the external, physical world, and you will likely have to seek some answers within yourself).

  • I am am re-learning the tarot and I do not know the entire deck yet.

    A card a day is my goal, so I will move to the entire deck eventually but at this point I think I would spend so much time looking up the meaning of cards that I would lose the message.

  • I understand. I'm still studying the Tarot myself, though I'm looking up cards as they appear. I've found that it helps to write down relevant qualities of each card as you study it in context (in a reading), so that you can come back to them when you try to put the whole thing together and not lose any nuances of meaning.

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