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  • Could someone please give me a reading. My birth date is 13.01.89. I'd like to know if anyone could tell me anything please? thanks

  • MooMoo, according to your birthdate, your life purpose is to take your talent for structuring your ideas, work, and life and to extend it beyond mundane concerns and average thinking into the structuring of universal or spiritual ideas or inspirations. Moreover, it is your calling to teach your theories to others so that they can be put to practical use. To do this, you must learn to orient yourself to the metaphysical. No matter how practical or down-to-earth you may be, you must strive towards the higher realms of consciousness, transcending time and space to push your powers of discrimination to the max so that you may perceive a kind of order in the chaotic realms of spirituality, philosophical or political ideas, even conceptual systems. This may require a period of retreat or reflection to gather ideas, followed by a return to everyday life with an understanding of higher concepts in tow. Your core lesson is to overcome your propensity to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of daily life and to release your fear of what you can't control. Your goal is to structure metaphysical or theoretical ideas into a format that is easily understood and can be applied by others, using your gifts of devotion, practicality, and spirituality.

    In this lifetime you are here to confront internal challenges, tendencies and conflicts in areas of dependence/independence, responsibility, and honest expression of emotion. You are here to experience true freedom. the drive to experience and grow. Blessed with tremendous diligence and dedication, you can realize much personal expansion and higher awareness, provided you don't sucumb to your need to control your circumstances and those of the people around you through ironclad rules or inflexible standards of behaviour. Conversely, you have a tendency to sacrifice your own needs in service to others, and may find your energies drained and your strength sapped by overly needy friends and family members who claim to be unable to get by without your strong shoulders to lean on. You tend to give your all for someone, even letting go of your own identity and, chameleonlike, adapting to the values, interests and desires of your partner or friends. Then somewhere along the line, to the degree that you have ignored your own needs, you may withdraw emotionally or become resentful. At some point along the way, your sense of frustration may provide the springboard you need to open yourself up to enlightenment. Never get so lost in the details of life that you forget the bigger picture. If you can rise to the challenge, the resulting enlightenment will cause you to move beyond yourself and make necessary, if rather systematic, forays into the world of the infinite. Your life challenge will be to sacrifice your harsher judgments or standards for a higher cause and not rely entirely on mental routines and an intellectual orientation. Your fulfillment will come from expressing your more radical views. You must beware of being led astray by false doctrines, overly ambitious teachers, or illusory experiences in this lifetime. If you seek a full-blown religious or spiritual experience, remember to engage your practicality and healthy propensity for doubt.

    Your best companions will be like-minded people who strive for a broader or more spiritual experience in life. The steady love and support of a few close associates with strong boundaries who will not be dependent or needy is ideal for you. You must be free to experiment and to soar in the rarified atmosphere of your own highly personal visionary experience. In return, you will provide your friends with a whole new way of seeing things. Career crises may be a common occurrence on your lifepath so that you will be forced to confront your assumptions about the nature of fame, wealth and power. If you get too caught up in being artsy, rich or sex*y, you may turn away from real prosperity of spirit and happiness. Fear of not being loved must not be allowed to drive you to seek attention and affection to an unhealthy extent. Scaling back or even discarding your ambitions may be necessary for your continued spiritual growth. Eventually, you will reach a balance between the satisfaction of your material and spiritual needs. Participating in study or discussion groups is a good way for you to keep your thinking open to new ideas and concepts. Examining doctrines, weeding through theories and belief systems, and discarding useless concepts while integrating others are all necessary on an ongoing basis if you are to distill and perfect your hard-won vision or theories.

    A compulsive need for order may drive you to want to be right all the time and to be perfect in the sense that you - and everyone else - are following 'the plan' 100% of the time. You may want everyone to be in total, perfect alignment with 'the plan' that you think is right. But you will need to accept that you do not know what 'the plan' for each and every person is. You must turn away from rigid physical and material planning and refocus on the larger, spiritual vision. Through trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of a Higher Power (whatever you believe it to be) you can watch life's circumstances unfold with the deep conviction that they are indeed part of 'the plan'. Then your way becomes clear.

    Whatever work you choose to do, you will need to have your own private office or space and allow yourself ample time for solitude and reflection. You work well alone and such professions as research, library or computer work would suit. You may even enjoy joining a convent or religious retreat. You could be a fantastic artist, craftsperson, promoter, performer, or musician, bringing your private dream to others. Variety will be the spice of life for you in work, love and life so any occupation that allows you to explore many facets of experience - such as teaching, writing, politics, training, court reproting or sales work that involves travel and working with many different people can suit your talents and interests. You do appreciate a safe, secure home base - with a fireplace and comfy but elegant furnishings - but when you come into your full confidence, you will tend to trade security for adventure. Settling too early into marriage and a life in the suburbs will turn into a living hell for you - you need to have a whole lot of worldly experience under your belt before you consider that sort of lifestyle. With your quick wit, cleverness and love of fun, you will be able to find or create money whenever you need it.

  • **** = hel*l

  • hello the Caaptain, i would like to askyou,to do a reading for me birthday 3/21/79, in love with a gemini man 5/29/73, please tell me anything you can as i am just about done with this. he seem like a hard nut to crack and has a lot of walls and selfish,rigid behavior. tell mewhat u see

  • Sharlenerose29, this is MooMoo's personal thread. You have to create your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

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