Nee Advice Please..

  • Hello everyone,

    I come to you today cuz I need some help.

    As of recently ive been goin through lots of inner changing

    And transformation. I've found the peace within me and

    Contentment with myself. I am happier the before. As

    March came in im feeling a bit emotional but nothing I can't

    change with a positive actitude. Now that ive found peace

    new ppl started coming into my life with the intentions of

    having a relationship. I don't know if it's intuition,

    fear or just me who wants to push them away. I do feel

    like I dont need a person in my life to be happy but there's

    something else I cant seem to comprehend within me that

    rejects guys. Theres something that needs to be healed so I

    can move on in life.

    Also theres this guy his innitials are M.V.

    Could you tell me anything about him.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  • Im sorry the innitials are M.A

    Idk wat happened there.

  • Noo I mean M.V

    Im sorry I got the letters wrong lol!!

    Its M.V

  • Wat is wrong with this thing?

    He innitial are" M" and "V"

  • Its not lettin me write the letter lol!

    The last names is Villareal.

    I dont understand why wont it show the letter.

    It's not a bad word just.the leter ol

  • i can't believe i didn't get the last name right lol his last name is Villafranco and his first name starts with the "M" . Sorry about that lol

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